Confidently Connecting with NordVPN

by Madi M.

Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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My “office desk” never looks the same two days in a row. Some days it’s my neighborhood coffee shop, others it’s my dining room table, and most days it’s my lap, commuting from one meeting to the next. Because my Internet connection is also always changing, it’s importing to me (and my clients) that I have secure access to the Internet. I’ve found that using a VPN when using public networks gives me a peace of mind that my connection and information is safe.

Virtual private networks (VPN) are must these days when a typical office is no longer typical. Most of our lives are spent online these days and it’s not uncommon for us to take care everyday tasks like paying bills or shopping while we’re waiting in line for a cup of coffee. Each time we connect to an unprotected network is an opportunity for hackers and other malicious content to attack. Protect yourself and your private information by using a VPN when you connect to public Wi-Fi. While we don’t always have a choice in what network we connect to (I’m looking at you, Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi), we do have a choice in how to protect ourselves when we do connect.

NordVPN is a trusted, industry leader when it comes to Internet security and privacy. I work with sensitive information, so their military-grade encryption assures me that what I transmit is safe and is only meant for those I want. Their protection also extends to incoming threats like unwanted advertisements and malware. When I connect to the Internet through the VPN, I don’t worry about viruses finding their way onto my equipment and wreaking havoc in my daily life. Who wants to spend hours on the phone with technical support because of a computer virus?

But the best part about NordVPN is how easy it is to connect. You create an account and download the software on whatever devices (you can have up to 6) you want to protect. I downloaded the iOS protection for my Mac and my iPhone, clicked around and got the confirmation that it was working. It really was as easy as that.

NordVPN also has apps for all major operating systems including Android, Windows, Chrome and Firefox, so not matter what you use, you’ll enjoy the same protection and security NordVPN offers.

They also have over 3000 servers in 60 different countries, so you’re never waiting to connect and get protected. And, if you travel abroad like I do, you can still get access to all of your platforms despite your host country’s geo-location restrictions.

You also can’t beat the price of NordVPN. While they offer both a monthly and yearly plan, I locked in my rate for 2-years so I don’t have to worry about my Internet safety or security.

The question is no longer should I sign up for a VPN, but rather which VPN services should I subscribe to. NordVPN has the reputation of being the best; featured in Wired, The Huffington Post, Forbes and the BBC. You should go with a company you trust and I trust NordVPN.

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