Be Invisible Online with CyberGhost VPN

by Madi M.

Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2017

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Be Invisible Online with CyberGhost VPN

I’ll admit it. I’m not at all diligent when connecting to public wi-fi. Coffee shops, airports, public spaces – if there is a public network, I’ll be sure to hop on. Not only that, but I conduct some pretty personal things online like checking my bank account or shopping, as well as accessing my work’s platform where some pretty sensitive information can be exchanged.

So far, I’ve been super lucky. None of my credit card numbers have been stolen nor has there been any significant security breach when it comes to work. However, I know it’s just a matter of time. As hackers and malicious malware get more and more advanced, any unprotected connection is just another opportunity to put your online identity and personal information at risk.

Friends and co-workers alike insisted that I sign up for a virtual personal network or VPN when I use public wi-fi. By using a VPN, your connection is secure and allows you to be online anonymously. VPNs make it harder for hackers to get your personal information and put your devices at risk which in turn provides me (as well as friends and co-workers) a safer online experience.

While there are many VPN providers out there, I wanted to try CyberGhost because of their low price and their write-ups in Wired, The New York Times and Business Insider. As a new user of VPNs, I felt that CyberGhost would give me the most peace of mind while browsing online. They also offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all of their plans, plus, I could get total coverage for less than $3/month!

Signing up for an account was extremely easy. You can choose how many devices you’d like to cover under your subscription. Since I use both my computer and iPhone interchangeably (as much as I can any, anyway), I opted to cover both devices. After downloading the program for my computer and the app for my phone, CyberGhost instantly started to protecting me when I went on public wi-fi networks.

From that moment forward, CyberGhost is unseen, but you know it’s around. It checks in when you try to connect to an unfamiliar network and then sneaks away to do its job. Because of their multiple servers worldwide, you’re never waiting for a connection and the connection you do get is lightning fast.

If you are abroad, you can access content that might be geo-restricted to you. When I traveled to Toronto where Hulu was unavailable, I was able to connect to a US server through CyberGhost and catch the latest episodes of my favorite TV shows in real time. It’s a small, but convenient perk.

Using CyberGhost VPN has given me the peace of mind when I connect through unprotected public wi-fi networks. Now I can work wherever I want without the risk of my personal information getting into the hands of hackers or my devices getting infected with malicious viruses. Connections are reliable, fast, and stay out of your way while you take care of business on the Internet. It’s a spooky online world out there, and I’m happy that CyberGhost is on my side.

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