499Inks Order & Delivery Review

by Madi M.

Posted on Thursday, April 16, 2015

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Shopping Experience:

499Inks is all about one thing: selling printer ink for $4.99. With serious cost savings like that going on, it's no surprise that they run a no-frills website. They offer remanufactured and compatible ink cartridges for eight of the most popular printer brands: Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, HP, Kodak, Lexmark and Xerox. This list does leave out some printer brands that other discount ink websites include, but for $4.99 a cartridge, 499Inks prices are generally lower than their competitors. Within those brands you'll find hundreds of cartridge models available, so it's likely that your printer will be listed if you own one of the aforementioned printer brands. They also have a link advertising printers for only $49.99 if you need to start from scratch with your printing set up, but there are currently no printers in stock. Narrowing down your ink selection is a simple process. Once you select your brand of printer, just use their convenient drop down menu to select the specific printer model or cartridge model if you have that info handy.

After that, you're given a list of all of the different types of printer ink available for the model you selected. For most printers you can choose from regular document ink, photo ink, black ink and color ink. Simply choose what cartridges you need for your printer, enter the quantity you'd like to purchase, and click buy. It's that easy!

Purchase & Checkout:

Once I selected the printer ink I wanted to buy, I was taken to the 499Inks shopping cart and checkout page. Here it provides a recap of the inks that have been selected, shipping charges (also $4.99!), and gives shoppers the option of entering a coupon or discount code. I always check TheCoupon.co for the latest coupon codes and shipping discounts before I make any online purchase. This time they had a discount for half off shipping – thank you very much!

I also saw that the checkout page used a "https" link, and there was a link to verify the security certificate on the page where credit card info is entered, so I felt safe knowing my personal information was encrypted and secured. They also accept PayPal and check or money order, so shoppers don't have to enter a credit card if they would prefer a different method of payment; however, orders paid for with checks will take longer to get to you because they don't process your order until they receive your check. Regardless of the payment method you select, standard shipping takes "4-10 working days," so make sure you're not in a rush if you select the standard (a.k.a. cheapest) shipping.

Delivery & Unboxing:

My ink arrived four business days after I placed my order, which was on the early end of their delivery window. The cartridge came in a padded envelope that was appropriately sized for what was inside. No wasted shipping materials here!

Inside of the mailing envelope I found a box labeled with the same cartridge model that I selected online (always nice to see), and it stated that it was compatible with the printer model I needed. Two for two! Inside of the box was the actual printer cartridge, protected from the elements by a thin, recyclable plastic packaging. Despite the incredibly low prices, I didn't feel as if I was getting a cheap product, and I would definitely try ordering from them again in the future when I need more printer ink.

Final Score:

499Inks earned 3.7 out of 5 stars overall. Offering ink for additional printer brands and keeping advertised printers in stock would be nice improvements to their website. Other than that, the purchase and delivery experience were satisfactory, and their products work as advertised. For only $4.99, I can now print up a storm with my remanufactured printer ink.

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