Unboxing Cartridges from Supplies Outlet

by Madi M.

Posted on Thursday, November 12, 2015

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Who doesn't love a package? Even if it contains something as functional as an order of toner cartridges from Supplies Outlet, there's always excitement in getting something new, something fresh, and in this case, something colorful -- especially when you've been printing the ads attached to your online boarding passes in black and white for several months! Our office printer was all out of ink, so we ordered a value bundle to get us back into printing mode, and it arrived on Monday morning.

It's easy to forget how large cartridges can be for laser printers - especially those that are at least a decade old.

When you open up the box you'll see your packing slip, so you can double check that you are indeed unpacking what you had ordered.

Inside there were four boxes - one black, one yellow, one red, and one blue, all of them labeled as "Premium Compatible Laser Toner Cartridge".

When unpacking each individual cartridge you get a sense for how fragile they really are, and how sophisticated the packaging is, both to protect leakage but also to protect any damage. Each cartridge was in a sealed, thick black plastic bag, which was slipped inside a custom-sized sleeve of air bubbles.

Once you remove all of the packaging you'll have one more layer to go through, which includes instructions on how to install your cartridges.

These are useful as a refresher, because depending on how much you print around the office, it can be a while between refills. The steps are clearly depicted with images, which match the Samsung CLP-510 to a tee. Don't forget to give the toner a little bit of a side-to-side shake before installing.

We opened up the side of the printer. Thankfully, even if we had removed everything in a big hurry, there's a label alongside the right hand side of the printer so you can remember what color goes in what slot.

We took all of the old cartridges out and piled them off to the side.

It was easy to install the new ones, as they slide in smoothly to their appropriate spots.

The pairs of old and new cartridges may look a little different, but that's because the old cartridges were OEM, and the new ones are remanufactured toner.

We printed a test page, a color photograph of one of our co-worker's kids, and it came out in perfect color, looking much like the image itself on their phone. We haven't run into a single issue with subsequent printing of documents and images. So what was missing from the whole experience? We were left with four empty toner cartridges with no place to go. We can throw them in the trash, but that isn't recommended for the environment. We can also load them up in our car (and pray they don't leak) on our way to Office Depot or Office Max. The ideal scenario would have been a paid return shipping label inside the box, so we could simply package them up and send them back.

All in all, Supplies Outlet gets two thumbs up for an easy order process, quick delivery, and quality product. Now all they need to do is help us feel good about our eco-consciousness by offering an easy way for us to recycle our old cartridges!

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