Unboxing the Allen Cognac Leather Tote from SUSU Handbags

by Madi M.

Posted on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

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The Allen Cognac Leather Tote with Dual Side Zippers from SUSU Handbags retails for only $298 - a steal for a high-quality, premium leather handbag. After placing the order, our much-anticipated handbag from SUSU arrived swiftly, in a standard UPS box.

When we opened the box, we saw the Packing List - which is key if you have any plans to return the item (we certainly don't!) - and below it the bag carefully wrapped in plastic, and a soft and shiny protective sack.

When we pulled the handbag out of the box it sat up perfectly well behaved. We felt a bit like we were being teased, since it was still "fully dressed" in its protective sack.

One step at a time, we enjoyed unwrapping our beautiful new handbag. Great care was clearly taken in the packing and storing of the bag prior to purchase, with protective plastic wrapping on the handle and the side tag.

Once we removed all of the plastic we could get a proper look at what the Allen Cognac Leather Tote with Dual Side Zippers really looked like.

We unzipped the main zipper, and of course the bag was appropriately stuffed with paper (straight to the recycling with that!) to maintain its shape.

If you'd like to make things a bit more streamlined and form fitting, you can keep the side zipper zipped up.

Or you can choose to give yourself a bit more room, and have the tote unzipped on the side. Whatever your preference - and need for space!

We turned on our brightest flash for a detailed look inside. The zipped pocket is great for keeping valuables that you don't want rolling around in your purse, and there are a few more open compartments sewn in, to provide handy access to things like phones, and compacts!

Now, time to fill this baby up with all of our daily use items and start showing off our new SUSU handbag around town.

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