Happy Holidays from Hickory Farms

by Felice T.

Posted on Monday, October 29, 2018

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With the holidays coming up it’s never too early to start thinking about gift giving. And with Hickory Farms, they make it easy and convenient to send arrangements to the nice people on your list. Growing up, I remember my parents receiving Hickory Farms baskets around the holidays. My sister and I would look for the candy hidden among the summer sausages, cheese and mixed nuts. While their gift options have changed since I was young, receiving a package from Hickory Farms still invokes the same feeling of giddiness, warmth and togetherness from before. And I’m excited to share that with my friends and family around the world.

Best to Bring to a Party

As holiday calendars start to fill up, I used to worry about what I was going to bring to holiday parties or other festive get togethers. Instead of rushing to grocery shop at the last minute or cooking right up until party time, I simply order a gift box as soon as I get an invite so I know that I’ll have it when I need it.

My go-to order with Hickory Farms is their Signature Party Planning Box. It’s a tasty blend of summer sausages, cheese, nuts and mustards that can satisfy any party goer. All you need to do is grab a sleeve of crackers or a baguette and it’s the perfect party treat.

Best to Send to Friends and Family

In my opinion, the best gift you can send to friends and family is something they can enjoy. And what better than a gift that is also delicious.

With Hickory Farms All Day Celebration Gift Box, your loved ones will get just that. Not only does it include a great selection of summer sausages and cheeses, but it also comes with crackers, nuts, mustards and sweet things to round out the gift out. It’s perfect for snacking all day long, while you hang out and watch movies or whatever your holiday traditions may be. While I’m not able to spend the holidays with everyone I love, I’m able to do the next best thing – send them my love with a Hickory Farms gift box.

Best for Your Favorite Sweet Tooth

I’ll be honest. I have love sweets; and starting with Halloween all the way to New Year’s Day, my holidays aren’t complete unless I have something fruity, sour or chocolatey to snack on.

If you have friend or relative like me, think about sending them the Hickory Farms Birthday Sweets Basket. Don’t let the name fool you, the candies and other sweet treats included in this box is perfect no matter what’s your celebrating. They’ll get sours, gummies, sea salt caramels, popcorn and so much more. It’s perfect for the sweet tooth in your life.

Love, Hickory Farms

I can’t explain the joy I experience when I receive a package from Hickory Farms. I know that whatever is wrapped up in that recognizable red box is something delicious and most importantly sent with love. As you start thinking about holidays and gift-giving, don’t forget about sending Hickory Farms. While it’s not you spending time with your loved ones over the holiday, it’s the next best and sweetest thing.

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