How to Stay Fit During the Holidays

by Madi M.

Posted on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

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Alright, let's picture the upcoming holidays and what our future diet might entail. There are folks who stay strict during this time of year, and honestly, kudos to you. But for the rest of us, myself included, there are a lot of cheat meals that sneak in.

Whether it's holiday potlucks, cookies, or whole deep-fried turkeys, we're not exactly on track with the world's healthiest diet. Add that to being less motivated to make it to the gym, and you've got a recipe for a holiday dip in your goals.

IdealRaw's protein powders and bars fill in the blanks for how to supplement your nutrition during the holiday months.

Plant Proteins Galore

IdealRaw has committed to organic plant proteins in their protein powders, giving you the essential nutrients you need to excel in the winter months.

There are plenty of reasons to choose plant-based proteins over animal products. You might want to avoid dairy (whey protein) because it's harder to digest. Or you just might want to take a break from animal products during this time of year.

Understanding that no single plant can bring you the essential amino acids your body needs for an ideal protein, IdealRaw has put together a whole slew of plant proteins that, when combined, give you the 9 essential amino acids. Their flavors range from Banana to Peanut Butter Chocolate, meaning you can still get your sweet-tooth fix even while enjoying a healthy meal.

Plus, adding IdealRaw protein bars and shakes into your diet can help hold you until your next big meal. Rather than jumping into the pantry for salty or sugary snacks, a cookie dough protein bar will calm the abominable snowman that is your hunger.

IdealRaw's guilt-free protein powder, consisting of plant-based protein, lets you indulge in a shake without adding to the unhealthy list of habits that winter brings with it.

Going to the Gym is a Holiday Miracle

Along with piles of homemade sweets and pastries, we also have to deal with the slowdown of gym time. It can be daunting to keep up your workout routine when the thought of walking outside is more than you can bear.

So, when you do make it to the gym, you want to make sure you're capitalizing on pre- and post-workout nutrition. I'm no gym buff, and I shudder when "gains" are mentioned, but I do want to make sure I'm putting my post-workout meal to good use. If I can do easy work outside of my workouts that helps me gain muscle, then yeah, I'll do that.

When all I have to do is add a little scoop of protein powder in with a smoothie or munch on a protein bar, then the opportunist in me will take advantage of that. This is one small, simple step I can take without leaving the warm, cozy house.

We Can Tackle That Holiday Lull

In an ideal world, we want to be hitting exercise goals year-round. On Christmas Day, we'd be squatting our PRs, running our longest distances, and conquering high-intensity workouts with our eyes closed.

But, we're not living in a whimsical wonderland. We're going to be traveling to see family, staying inside next to fireplaces, and binging on some shows that we haven't gotten to yet. These are all great ways to enjoy the winter, but they don't exactly coincide with our strongest, most fit selves.

IdealRaw can supplement your somewhat disruptive holiday habits with delicious, healthy protein powders and bars you can grab guilt-free.

We're not saying that you should cut out the things that give you joy in the winter, just make IdealRaw one more thing to be joyful about. 

Want to try IdealRaw? Check out their site today for protein powders, bars, and even recipes on how to incorporate IdealRaw into your favorite snacks. 

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