You Can't Miss These Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

by Madi M.

Posted on Thursday, November 28, 2019

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The smartest thing you can do this Black Friday is stay home and avoid the long lines, cold nights, and icy roads to your local department store. Instead, savvy shoppers know they can find exclusive savings and big deals online while still in their pajamas. There's no need to run out the door and miss out on Thanksgiving seconds and thirds. We've kept our eye on exclusive savings that our partners are offering, as well as perfect gift ideas for everyone in the family.

For Teens

Headphones, earbuds, sound bars, and sound systems have been all the rage these last few months, and with how sound quality has been evolving, we don't see it slowing down. While you might think that the free iPhone earbuds work "well enough" for your teenager, you can make their overall music experience so much better with a quality set of headphones or earbuds. Since you're investing in a heftier pair of beats, you can trust that they'll last longer than a rinky-dink set of headphones that you might have found in the attic.

Check out these great offers on two of our favorite headphone picks:

Sennheiser PCX 550 Wireless with Noise-Cancelling Technology

Sennheiser PCX 550

Apple Airpods with Charging Case

Apple Air Pods

For Parents

Your parents deserve a great night's sleep, right? While you might not be able to gift them a brand-new mattress, you can give them a mattress topper that will help add to their current bed. Sleep Innovations has rolled out a 4-inch dual layer mattress topper that incorporates gel and memory foam. With cooling gel to cool off the top of the mattress, as well as 2 inches of quilted fiber fill, your parents will be sure to sleep better on their new mattress topper. Take a look at the Sleep Innovations Gel Memory 4-Inch Dual Layer mattress topper here. 

For Family

Do you have a family of hobbyists? Whether your cousin is getting really into sewing or your aunt has been out on the beaches of their retirement home scouting for gold, you can find a gift that's perfect for them. Brother's Sewing and Quilting Machine, the CS6000i, is simple-to-use and perfect for a budding seamstress.

Brother CS6000i

For the outdoor enthusiasts wanting a more leisurely, yet productive, day on the beach, Bounty Hunter is offering a great deal on their Discovery 3300. These are unique items that definitely beat the run-of-the-mill sweaters that you might send to your Aunt Jane every year.

For Pets

We all love getting a matching set of pajamas for our pets, but they could also use a holiday gift that keeps them safe and helps you worry less. An Invisible Fence might have seemed like it wasn't suitable for your small apartment a few years ago, but if you have a yard now, it's worth it to consider this safety device. Plus, with savings on the PetSafe Stay & Play Dog and Cat Wireless Fence, you can now give your pet the freedom to roam within the perimeter you set.

For the Home

Let's face it, a gift for the home will kind of mesh with a gift for yourself. But, for the sake of keeping the holiday magic alive, we've separated "For The Home" and "For Yourself" into two separate categories.

If you've found yourself wearing three layers of sweaters while watching TV, even with the central heating turned all the way on, it might be time to consider adding a space heater to the equation. These can keep you toasty and happy while being flexible enough to take with you from room to room. You can find a safe, affordable space heater with great savings this holiday season. For example, Dr Infrared Portable offers a great deal on their portable space heater. There's no need to spend a fortune on a comfortable home.

As winter drones on, it's not far-fetched to guess that your carpets and wood floors will have their fair share of muddy and snowy boots. Prepare your home now with a carpet cleaner that can handle chunks of dirty snow, especially brought in by paw prints and kids. Carpet cleaners now have their hold on great deals with Shark's Navigator Lift-Away, one of our most popular picks. With its power and Anti-Allergen Seal Technology, you can get a leg-up on flu season and get your floors back to their best shape possible.

Our final recommendation for the home comes in the form of self-care in the midst of flu season. A dehumidifier, especially in wetter climates, can help keep mold out of your home and allergens away from your family. Even if you're wanting to buy a dehumidifier in preparation for the spring, you can save big with hOmelabs 4,500 sq. ft. Energy Star dehumidifier.

hOmelabs Energy Star Dehumidifier

For Yourself

Finally, it's time to celebrate yourself as the gift-giver to, well, yourself. Of course, you might have a specific gift that is tailored perfectly to what you're wanting this year, but here are some gifts that you might not have thought about:

Sound Bar: Why should the kids have all the fun? When it's your home, you might as well have the sound system to really impress yourself and any friends that join you for movie night. With a sound bar, you can set up your sound the way you want it, without breaking the bank on a home theater. We hear you can get a great deal on Bose's Solo 5 TV sound bar.

Pressure Washer: Yes, a pressure washer. Why would you want a pressure washer? Well, just about every person on the internet who has a pressure washer has created a YouTube video just of them cleaning off their sidewalk. It's cathartic, satisfying, and very productive (unless you spend more time setting up your YouTube channel). After the grime of a snow winter leaves your home siding in dirty disarray, just imagine how freeing it will be to get that pressure washer out and wash it clean. There's a great deal on Powerhouse International if you feel like going down this route as a treat to yourself.

Air Fryer: Air fryers have been all the rage in 2019 kitchens, and we see why. You can fry just about anything without the guilt of soaking things in unhealthy oils. They're so easy to use, and they make your cheat meal just a bit healthier than before. Feeling like jumping on the air fryer bandwagon? We see a great deal on COSORI's huge 5.8 qt air fryer that you need to gobble up.

COSORI Max XL 5.8 qt Air Fryer

Exclusive Offers from Partners

Thanks to our partners, we're able to share great deals with our readers. Take a look at these exclusive savings and start gearing up for a wallet-friendly holiday season:

Abe's of Maine

Looking for the newest electronics for your home? No need to get into a tug-of-war for the biggest TV at your nearest Wal-mart. Abe's of Maine is offering 70% off all products through December 1st. This is a great way to get that new camera, TV, computer, appliances, and more at a discounted price.


Specializing in the cutest and comfiest sleepwear, LazyOne pajama sets will be the perfect way to spend your cozy winter mornings. You can choose from all themes to get the perfect matching set for you and your family. From November 28 until December 2, you can get 20% off LazyOne products site-wide.


GreatCall is the phone company that is giving seniors their independence and mobility back with accessible gadgets that are suitable for the digital age. From Jitterbug smartphones to a Lively mobile medical alert device, you can equip your loved ones with devices that make it easy to communicate. This award-winning health and safety service is offering 50% off their products from November 28 until December 5th.


Looking for great deals on women's, baby, and children's clothing, as well as accessories for the home? You can find chic, new outfits for nearly everyone in the family with PatPat's huge selection. From November 28 until December 2, you can receive 20% off with the exclusive code COUPONCO20.