Worried About Your Health? Start Focusing On Your Water

by Madi M.

Posted on Wednesday, November 27, 2019

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You don't go to a public swimming pool to feel cleaner. In fact, after spending all day in the water, you'll probably feel like jumping in the shower. Your skin might feel a little drier, your hair is a little more stiff, and you're usually extremely thirsty because you've been avoiding drinking any of that public pool water.

Sure, we appreciate the cleaning chemicals that pool owners use to disinfect the water, but we don't necessarily want those same harsh contaminants living on our skin or in our bodies. And we definitely don't want to turn on our taps and have that same chlorine-filled water pour straight into our glass.

If your home's water contains contaminants and chemicals, you could feel like you're showering with pool water. Even if you don't feel the difference, you can sometimes see it; you'll find water stains in your pet's water dishes, coffeemaker, expensive appliances, or on the shower doors, making your "clean" bathroom look filmy and dingy.

Whether your water is sourced from city pipes or a well, you could be drinking sediment, microorganisms, chemicals, and other contaminants without knowing it. You might have been proactive in using a small, gallon-sized water filter that you use before pouring a glass of water, making your water taste a smidgeon better before you drink it. But, that small water pitches can't handle the challenges of contaminated water in the shower or several gallons of water at a time. 

Whole-House Filtration System

Rather than filter your water cup by cup, turn to a whole-house filtration system that works from the port of entry. Pelican Water whole-house filtration systems clean water straight from the source, so you can stop dripping water into the same gallon-sized filter that you've been using for the last three years. Instead, upgrade your filtration to truly get large-scale water quality that is safe for your family.

Pelican Water uses a four-stage filtration system to thoroughly clear the contaminants out your household's water. They start by eliminating organic debris in your system with a 5-Micron Pre-Filter System, which removes silt, sediment, and more down to 5 microns in size.

Wondering what 5 microns compares to? An average human red blood cell measures out to be 5 microns wide...and this is just the first (of four) steps in filtration.

The second and third stages of filtration use activated carbon filters to draw out chemicals to remove chlorine, pesticides, industrial solvents, pharmaceuticals and hundreds of other chemicals. By using carbon filtration, they can specifically target chemicals in their methods.

So what's left to remove from your home's water? Bacteria. The fourth stage of filtration prevents and attacks bacteria growth while also preventing algae formation. These additions to any body of water are naturally occurring and difficult to manage, so Pelican Water has assigned its last stage solely to removing these. Pelican Water does this with their "bacteriostatic copper-zinc reduction oxidation media," which attracts these water invaders, effectively taking them away from your sinks.

To complement these four stages of thorough filtration, Pelican Water also includes a UV system that destroys 99.9% of pathogens and microorganisms, keeping your family safe in the event of boil water notices. You can choose to add a UV protection combo for an added layer of security, or you can choose a system without this option. 

Have you ever used high heat to boil your water to stay safe? UV treatment takes care of this within the filtration system to damage the DNA of micro-organisms and render them ineffective in their mission to spread and infect. By combining chemistry and physics, this filtration system is able to prepare your household with an arsenal of defense against any intruders that try to get into your drinking water.

Eco-Friendly and Cost Effective

If having cleaner, safer water doesn't convince you to take a closer look at your water filtration, then maybe Pelican Water's eco-friendliness and cost-effective strategies will. No electricity is required to use the Pelican Water filtration system, so you won't see any spikes to your utilities bill. No salt is used, so no run-off is needed in the overall process. Along with this, no water is wasted or drained, and the chemical discharge is contained within the Pelican Water system.

The carbon filtration media only needs replacement every 5 years or every 600,000 to 1 million gallons, and rather than having to replace the entire filtration system, you'll only need to switch out the carbon media within the system. This requires no plumber and no associated costs for someone to come out and change it.

Other Pelican Water Products

Are you wanting to take a smaller step to better filtration without setting up a whole-house system? Even though installation is easy and painless, you might want to just address one shower head rather than your entire setup.

Pelican Water offers individual attachments that protect your showers, sinks, and other water sources. You don't have to overhaul your entire water system just to experience a better bath — you can focus solely on singular attachments until you're ready for a whole-house filtration setup.

These Point-Of-Use systems use similar technology as the Point-Of-Entry units, but at a scaled-down version. They target a specific drinking faucet or sink so you can have fresh, clean water at that specific outlet.

Just like whole-house filtration, Point-Of-Use components reduce scaly build-up on pipes and appliances, giving new life to those expensive dishwashers and espresso machines. They come with the same benefits as the whole-house system, just at a more compact approach. 

The Perks of Pelican

For anyone who wants a new type of filtration change, you'll want to know that the system is doing its job and giving you the clean water that you expect. Because of this, Pelican Water offers a 90-day Money Back Guarantee on their Pelican Water Systems, as well as free shipping and a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

This company wants you to see the good changes in your water after you've installed their system, and they stand by that with a generous return policy as well as a responsive customer service team. To back this up, users from the beaches of Florida to the Texas Hill Country have noted how convenient and helpful Pelican Water was when installing their new filtration system.

Your health starts with clean water free from irritants and contaminants. It won't matter how much sleep you get, how much exercise you do a week, or how many vegetables you add to your dinners — with polluted water, you'll still be exposed to health risks.

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Don't compromise your health or your home by drinking unchecked water. Make your bathroom spa a true oasis with pure, filtered water with a system that works hard for your family, the environment, and your wallet.