Why You Need a Onesie

by Madi M.

Posted on Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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It's pretty unlikely that you've gotten into a bar fight about the benefits of onesies, but regardless, we still want you to have the facts behind why a onesie is a great decision. With a proper onesie, you can make your dreams come true, even while you're completely awake. Places like LazyOne sell onesie pajama sets, along with other sleepwear, that can make you feel like you never even left your bed.

It's the power of a onesie, and we're all witnesses.

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No More Air On Your Derrière

Picture it: You're at game night with friends and you're sitting around a coffee table playing cards. You reach over to play your hand, and you feel a draft of cold air on your backside. You adjust your shirt to try and cover up your rear, but every time your turn comes around, you have to do the same thing over and over and over again. Even though you're in the warmth of good laughs and good friends, you still feel cold wind breeze past your back.

If you had a onesie, this wouldn't happen.

If your pants were connected to your shirt, there'd be no risk of exposing your backside to the frigid air around you. You might even be more focused on your game, giving you the winning edge you needed to finally beat the competition. A onesie just saved game night, and you didn't even realize it.

Less Laundry

Would you rather have to fold three articles of clothing or just one? Family laundry piles can be taller than your youngest child, so there's no reason to add to it. When you consolidate your night shirt, pajama pants, and socks all into one, you're cutting down on laundry time and giving you more time to just relax.

Plus, with high-quality onesie wear, like that from LazyOne, you get more time in your pajamas with less need to wash (always use sound judgement when rewearing your onesies). Polyester fleece lining allows for more breathable material to help air out the part of the pajama set that comes in contact with wearers, meaning less accumulation of funk in the long run.

Family Time

Our kids might not want to wear a pajama onesie with a butt flap on them forever, so it's time to take advantage while they're still young. Family pajama sets means a day devoted to just hanging out at home, eating breakfast together, playing games together, and simply enjoying the day.

Even if your kids feel like they're too cool for fun pajamas, they'll eventually get to the age again where it's fun and exciting. After all, don't you get more excited as an adult to find a matching pajama set with your dog? That childlike joy is in all of us, so the thrill of the onesie will have its time once again.

Match Your Decorations

You've put your Christmas tree up, you've lit the Menorah, and your house looks festive as can be. If you're wanting to take photos (why wouldn't you?), it would look a little out of place to be wearing your raggedy old black and white Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirt in front of the tinsel.

Know what would match the festivities? A onesie.

In fun prints including bears, moose, Christmas trees, and more, you can actually fit into the holiday decorations rather than clash with it. Make your grandma proud and opt for the onesies that will stand out in those holiday photos.

Makes for Simple Holiday Gifts 

Admit it: You haven't done any holiday shopping yet. You might think it's still "early,"" given that it's not the day before Christmas or Hanukkah. But you'll get through another workweek, go to a holiday party or two, and before you know it, you've run out of time for a thoughtful gift. Don't get caught trying to find a last-minute gift at a Walgreens. Instead, choose a thoughtful gift that you can also group together for everyone on your shopping list.

They're Comfortable

The best part of onesies? The comfort! With a onesie pajama set, you get ultimate coziness in 100% combed cotton sleepwear that is designed to make you feel like you're living cabin life. In a snoozy onesie, popcorn is more buttery, movies are better, and cocoa is warmer.

With winter, you can find yourself digging your car out of snow, struggling through traffic, or just dealing with icy sidewalks on your way to work. You can leave all that outside as soon as you step into a LazyOne onesie.

Sleepwear That's Made for Sleep

You might feel like you're all set for sleep in an old t-shirt and some hand-me-down sweatpants that you found in an old box. The t-shirt might be a little scratchy, but it's been reliable up until now. The sweatpants have a strange odor, but as soon as you're asleep, you can't smell it anymore.

Upgrade your sleepwear. Stop sleeping in clothes that are just on you for the sake of decency and start sleeping in cozy onesies that are made for cozy comfort. You'll wake up with a smile on your face knowing that even if you get out of bed, you'll still be warm, happy, and ready for coffee.

Onesies to Rule Them All

You might not have thought about real pajamas in a few years, especially since you're all outfitted with old college clothes that only come out of the dresser past 8pm. But with a fleece-lined LazyOne pajama onesie hugging you, there's really no competition. You can work from home without compromising comfort, cook breakfast while still being completely warm, and even do chores while feeling like you're still in bed.

You can make calls, change the world, have a productive afternoon, or opt in for a lazy weekend, all while snuggled in a LazyOne pajama onesie.

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