The Sweet, Sweet Subscription Service Called Candy Club

by Madi M.

Posted on Wednesday, January 15, 2020

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Coming out of the holidays, you might be in sugar recovery mode. You're back to work, typing away at your office computer, gnawing away on the vegetables you promised yourself you'd eat. Not to break your healthy streak, but we're here to declare that it is ok to still enjoy some sweet treats every now and then.

How do you limit yourself and still stay true to your health goals? Get your candy in monthly orders.

Think of this as a strategy similar to budgeting: You've allotted some money for groceries, gas, and entertainment. You can still have your entertainment, but you're splurging once a month rather than every day. Applying this to your health, you can allot a certain amount of sugar intake each month to sweet, sour, and delicious candies. This can still keep you on course for your health goals, while keeping your sweet tooth happy.

If you're limiting your sweets, make sure that when you do indulge, it's on the good stuff. Candy Club can keep your candy goals in line, while serving up artisanal goodness with each delivery.

A Club Devoted to Candy

Candy Club delivers artisanal candies to your doorstep once a month for you to try out and enjoy. You'll get a wide range of flavors ranging from very sweet to very sour, making it even more fun to try out new candy. Candy Club picks out their selection from local candy shops all over the world, so you'll get gummy strawberries made in Spain, chewy confetti bites from Finland, and so on.

With Candy Club, you're not getting the run-of-the-mill bulk candy you find at the corner store. Instead, you're getting to experience a variety of chews, chocolates, and more that are hand-picked by candy experts.

The Sweet

So what makes Candy Club so sugary sweet? Take a look at all the great things you can expect with a Candy Club membership: 

The Convenience: Sometimes, you just need your candy right by your side. When a craving hits, you don't want to find yourself making a rushed trip to the grocery store just for a bite of taffy. For the busy professionals, you might not even have the time to go to the grocery store, or you'd rather just be surprised with new flavors of goodness each month. A candy delivery can take any inconvenience out of your hunt for sweets.

A Good Cause: For every purchase made with Candy Club, 2% of the profit goes toward The Birthday Party Project, a non-profit that hosts monthly birthday parties for children at homeless and transitional living facilities across the country. Not only are the goodies sweet, but their impact is even sweeter.

The Variety: While you don't get to choose your candy each month (a common point of feedback with Candy Club users), you do get to expand your taste buds with new flavors each month. You can pick your flavor profile, deciding between Mostly Sweet and Mostly Sour candies, and from there the Candy Club curators will devise a delightful box just for you. Each candy container is designed to be shared, so if you're not feeling one flavor, you can easily share it and spread the joy with your friends, coworkers, and whoever else is nearby. 

Gifting Sweets: One of the funnest aspects about Candy Club is the ability to send sweets to your friends, family, and/or partners! You can choose a gift box of candies that you think they'll love, and then you can easily send it to their home or office. Candy Club makes gift-giving sweet and simple. Want to just brighten someone's day? Send over containers of candy to get them over that midday slump (Just make sure to plan for the delivery a couple weeks in advance).

Flexible Subscription: Candy Club has made it easier than ever to subscribe to a flexible candy subscription. If you're taking a break from candy, or just want to cancel altogether, you can easily email or chat with the Candy Club team. This beats other subscription cancellation policies which require you to call and be placed on hold. As long as you cancel at least two days before your billing date, you'll be able to quit your Candy Club subscription.

For gifts, you can opt into a one-month, three-month, or six-month subscription to send to your special somebody. Once that period is over, the subscription will end and the giftee will have to start their own subscription to continue receiving delicious candy.

The Sour

Since candy is edible, you can't cancel or refund your Candy Club box once you receive it. You can, however, reach out to the Candy Club team to replace your candy if you're not satisfied with your order. This is all part of Candy Club's "Love Your Candy" Guarantee.

Another thing to be aware of is that you'll be paying for each box's shipping cost. This can add nearly $10 more to the cost of each box.

You'll be paying more for Candy Club boxes than you would for bulk candy at your local grocery store, but what you get in return is a unique selection, fun gift ideas, delicious candy quality, and an exciting mail delivery each month to improve your day.

What's In The Box

In each box, you'll get six containers filled to the brim with delicious goodies. If you choose the Party Box, each container will be 13 ounces (measuring volume, not weight). The Fun Box still holds six containers, but these are about half the size at 6 ounces each.

If you go the Party Box route, you'll be saving money per ounce. The Party Box sits at less than double the price of a Fun Box with a little more than twice the amount of candy included. This can be a great option for office parties, big families, or just single candy enthusiasts.

Each delivery brings description cards detailing the origins of the candy that you receive, telling you exactly what flavors to expect and where the candy came from. You'll also get nutritional information on each container of candy, helping you share your goodies with anyone who might have allergies or certain dietary restrictions.

Surprise Yourself

Getting candy delivered to your door is a fun way to surprise yourself each month. There's no better way to end your workday than coming home to new goodies that you or someone else sent you. With shareable containers, you can try out new tastes and flavors with your household, starting up the new tradition of candy taste tests.

Ready to start adding a little sweetness to your month with a Candy Club subscriptionOrder by February 10, 2020 and you can receive $20 off your first Candy Club box with the code WICKFIRE20.