The Best Gifts for a Perfect Valentine's Day

by Madi M.

Posted on Sunday, February 02, 2020

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How to Stand Out this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day isn't the only day that you show your love for your partner, but it is the perfect excuse to go all out for that special someone. Even if you're just celebrating yourself, February 14th is a day of expressing love. If you've never fully leaned into the idea of Valentine's Day, hopefully we can inspire you to go all out this year. Who knows, you might even start loving this heart-filled holiday. 

Flowers, jewelry, and more recently, gift baskets, top the charts for Valentine's Day gifts, and for good reason. Flowers and jewelry serve as reminders of the love you hold, whereas gift baskets mix it up, making it possible to add in a little personality to your delivery. For those that want to go into Valentine's Day with a fail-safe show of affection, we have a few recommendations that will get the heart a-flutter.

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Best Valentine's Day Jewelry

Helzberg's Diamonds

Helzberg's Diamonds has been a household name since 1915, creating and selling timeless pieces that stand out in a crowd for over one hundred years. Inspired by the feeling of being loved, the founder of Helzberg's Diamonds has made it their mission to ensure that everyone can capture that same feeling, whether it's through a shining diamond or a simple lapel.

We don't have to convince you of Helzberg's trustworthiness, knowledge, or high-quality pieces — we'll let their hundred-year history speak for itself. However, we can nudge you in the right direction with their 40% off sale on certain items. Now's your chance to be a part of the Helzberg history with a price that won't break your bank.

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Charles & Colvard

Another renowned name in the jewelry world, Charles & Colvard has been creating and improving moissanite for over 20 years. By pursuing moissanite, Charles & Colvard has made it possible to wear and enjoy eye-catching jewelry without contributing to the environmental and ethic issues that can come from other mining tactics. Moissanite gives a Charles & Colvard a unique edge through ethical creation mixed with competitive brilliance, hardness, and craft.

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Golden NYC Jewelry

Thinking of colorful gemstones and creative pieces this Valentine's Day? Do you really connect with bright colors and want to show off a hue that connects you? Golden NYC Jewelry shows up to the jewelry game with pieces from all over the ROYGBIV spectrum.

Golden NYC stands by the mantra that jewelry should be fun and tailored to your personality and how you feel in the moment. Their pieces reflect this in ways that fall outside the norm. Show your significant other (or yourself) a fun way to connect with Golden NYC Jewelry. Plus, with their offers and deals, you're sure to find something that's perfect for your love and budget.

With one of the biggest discounts they can offer, Golden NYC Jewelry is giving clients 90% off their entire order with the code Love50. With these huge savings, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better deal on jewelry in time for Valentine's Day. 

Best Valentine's Day Flowers

1 Stop Florists

Want an easy yet thoughtful way to celebrate Valentine's Day? 1 Stop Florists makes it quick and convenient to pick out flowers or other gifts. You can pick out a dramatic bouquet to make a bold statement or go with a classic monochromatic ensemble. Along with your flower selection, you can add treats and goodies such as wine, chocolate, fruit, and more. With the versatility of 1 Stop Florists, as well as its convenience, you're sure to find the perfect gift to complement your romantic evening.

If you want the flowery flair of your dreams, visit and schedule your delivery date now. You can get $10 off fresh fruit with the code AFF1SFRUIT2010.

Have a loved one who is far away? Want to send flowers to international family? can send your flower delivery to someone thousands of miles away, making it possible to connect regardless of location. assures on-time international delivery, 24/7 customer support assistance, and a 30-day return policy in case something goes wrong.

From beautiful bouquets to delicious chocolate cakes, your Valentine's Day surprise knows no borders. Check out their Valentine's Day offers on and start planning a delightful delivery today.

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Bloomist, Inc.

Looking for a gift idea that will add a sense of home to someone's apartment? Want to add year-round greenery to your partner's living room? Bloomist is the Martha Stewart-approved lifestyles and home company that brings Nature indoors. Using eco-friendly materials and intentional design, Bloomist can be a thoughtful gift that shows your love through natural home-warming. Add a touch of warmth to a friend's couch with a new throw pillow, decorate a gloomy corner with ecofaux botanicals, or connect with someone via a unique stylish vase.

Bloomist has the green gifts that are friendly to the earth and intentional in their meaning. To check out all that Bloomist has to offer, visit their site and see the profound ways you can connect this Valentine's Day.

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Best Valentine's Day Gift Baskets

Can't decide on just one gift for that special someone? You're not alone. When it comes to relationships, one bouquet just doesn't cut it. comes to the rescue of your uncertainty with a huge variety of gift baskets. Ranging from baked goods to bagels, you can send just about anything through This site is perfect for someone who knows their partner will turn their nose up at the traditional V-Day gift.

Instead, opt for a perfectly timed delivery filled with all the goodies that someone has been pining after day after day. Is your loved one constantly fixated on coffee? Do they choose hotels based solely on continental breakfasts? You can send a basket full of coffee or a country inn gift basket directly to their door to celebrate St. Valentine the best way you know how.

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Finally, we come to one of the most sought-after gifts for any day of the year: wine. While GiftsnIdeas has plenty of other choices to offer, one of their most notable gift ideas is wine. opens up a whole slew of possibilities when it comes to bottle deliveries. You can pick from red and white wines, wine gift baskets, champagnes, and even whiskey options to appease that liquor aficionado.

Pair your new wine favorites up with GiftsnIdeas chocolates, and you have yourself the perfect date idea for Valentine's Day. Or, you can get a whole wine basket and spend time together trying out new flavors and finding a consensus on the house favorite. However you choose to celebrate, check out all the deals on to make 2020 the best Valentine's Day yet.

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Valentine's Day Should Be a Good Day

Whether you're enamored with your loved one or single and thriving this Valentine's Day, make February 14th a good day. There's no reason to not go all out on loving yourself, so take these gift ideas and turn them into surprises for yourself if you need to. For the lovebirds out there, Valentine's Day might not be your anniversary, but it can be the perfect excuse to show each other how much you care.

With these gift ideas, you have the perfect starting point to plan how your day is going to go. From unique gift baskets to elegant jewelry, you can scale your Valentine's Day to however your budget is feeling. Whatever gift you choose, you're sure to make your significant other smile from ear to ear.