The Best Amazing Clubs Beer Shipment Yet

by Madi M.

Posted on Friday, August 18, 2017

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I have been a subscriber to Amazing Clubs’ monthly beer club for the past five months and have enjoyed receiving new craft beers. There’s good reason why we’ve ranked it our favorite beer club.

But, this month’s shipment has been the best yet!

This month featured beer from two breweries: Cooperstown Brewing Company in Milford, New York and Heavy Seas Beer out of Baltimore, Maryland.

Cooperstown Brewing Company was founded in 1995 and is known for small-batch, English-style ales, porters, and stouts. The brewery is located just six miles outside of Cooperstown, New York – home to the Baseball Hall of Fame. So their beers feature fun, baseball-inspired names including: Old Slugger Pale Ale, Nine-Man Golden Ale, and Bambino American Amber Ale.

Amazing Clubs featured both their Benchwarmer Porter and Backyard IPA. I enjoyed the IPA, but it didn’t stack up those I sampled in other months (see the reviews of my first and second months) – probably because of my west coast bias against English-style IPAs. It had a nice pour, but the flavor left something to be desired. The hops were lighter than expected and notes of butter were present throughout the taste.

I liked the Benchwarmer Porter more than expected (though, the name didn’t exactly inspire me to think of it as the best available). I’m not much of a porter fan, but this English one pours a deep brown with thick, long-lasting head. The flavor has notes of vanilla, caramel, and a bit of roasted coffee.

Heavy Seas Beers has been brewing for over 20 years focusing on English-style pale ales with an East Coast flavor. They currently produce 18 different styles of beer. Plus, it’s pirate themed.

I truly enjoyed the Powder Monkey Pale Ale! It’s a great alternative to heavier IPA, porter, and stouts. At 4.80% ABV, it was perfect for a day-in-the-sun without putting me over the edge. And, it earned a bronze medal at the World Beer Cup in 2010 and silver at the Great American Beer Festival in 2008. What can I say, I like a winner.

This pale ale poured a light, white head that disappeared pretty quickly. I could smell malt, yeast, and hops. Most importantly, I tasted strong malt flavors with notes of citrus and hops that complete the profile. Overall, the flavors were fairly light – and that’s what I really liked. I could have a few of these without being overwhelmed.

Add to that – their Vienna Lager rounded out this month’s award-winning selections (it took home silver or bronze at the Great American Beer from 2006 - 2010). Quite a selection!.After five months of reviewing Amazing Clubs’ beer of the month club, I still look forward to getting a new shipment each month. Even when I’m not a huge fan of a beer, it’s still fun to try something new and share them with friends. Plus, I’m consistently surprised by how much I enjoy the best beers of the bunch.

Are you ready to try some new beers? Want to discover microbrews from around the country? Join Amazing Clubs beer club today!

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