Hey Dad, Want a Beer?

by Madi M.

Posted on Saturday, June 08, 2019

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Yes, Your Dad Wants Beer

The age-old mystery will always stop you in your tracks when it comes to Father’s Day: What do I get Dad? He’s received enough wallets, belts, and dress socks to last him the rest of his life, so maybe it’s time for something a little more unique this time around. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a gift that he’ll actually use, enjoy, and want to get again?

Introducing: Beer of the Month. Leave the case of Coors in the convenience store freezer — he’s hoping for substantial beer, not just something to fill up those red Solo cups. Instead, reach for the high-quality, ever-changing selection of a Beer of the Month Club.

Membership into a beer club is like gaining access to an exclusive beer fest where the bottles are delivered directly to your door. This gives your dad the perfect reason to invite his friends over for a barbecue where they can “experience different taste profiles”...otherwise known as a sophisticated keg party.

What Exactly is Beer of the Month Club?

Gone are the days of doing beer runs just because you’re low on stock. A Beer of the Month Club brings bottles of beer to your door with home delivery, providing a mix of beers every month that you can pair with your favorite foods.

To not leave you in the dark, each beer comes with handy guides and flavor notes to give you the ultimate beer-tasting experience. Pair your bottle up with fruit, meat, or whatever else your notes suggest. This is the perfect tool to get your dad started on his world-renowned beer-guiding experience in his own garage. 

It’s easy to picture him explaining his favorite beer and why it’s brewed the way it is. For Father’s Day, you can give your dad the gift of being an evil genius stocked with beer puns and ultimate dad jokes all about brewing.

International Variety for an All-American Dad

Father’s Day is all about celebrating your dad and the pops-like knowledge he brings to the table. We raise a glass to the guy who insists on changing the oil in your car, even when there's a trusted mechanic just down the road. We raise a glass to the guy who somehow knows how to patch up just about anything and whose lifeblood consists of WD-40. Let's toast to the guy who entrusts his arch support to those infamous white, "Dad" New Balance shoes that nearly every dad has. 

With Beer of the Month, you can toast with beers from all around the world, as well as domestic breweries and microbreweries from the U.S. International choices bring a new twist to the beer-drinking experience, adding some new elements to the world of a cold one. These aren't just beers you can pick up at the store on a whim. These are quality beers that have made a long journey to your glasses, and you're lucky enough to share them with your dad on Father's Day. The craftsmanship that goes into the making of these beers would be approved by Dad himself if he was on site to check out the brewing process. 

Beers are grouped based on their style, flavor, country of origin, and more. This is perfect for the dads that are a little pickier about the beers they drink, allowing you to have control over the beers you receive. Does your dad love some lagers? Load him up with some new lagers to try out! Thinking he might love some new IPAs? Well, you’re in luck, because The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club has an IPA-Inspired Hopshead Beer Club for you to check out.

Each beer club sources beer from top-notch brewers that spend individualized attention on each batch. Beer of the Month Clubs are designed for you to give new beers a try and find a new favorite, so it would be pointless if those beers don’t taste as they should.

Father’s Day Beer of the Month Promotions

Beer of the Month Clubs are currently offering special promotions for your dad to try out, so they’ve got a ton of discounts and special deals going on until Father’s Day. Take advantage of some savings so that you can splurge for the holiday and give your dad that special gift. Plus, it’s beneficial for you because you’ll be cracking open a cold one with him as soon as the box arrives.

We’ve narrowed down our favorite Beer of the Month Clubs into a list of ten. Our fan favorite, the Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club offers Father's Day deliveries that have been highly reviewed by past users who have raved about their Beer of the Month. Their IPA-Inspired Hopshead Beer Club is just one of their beer box options, but it’s the gold standard of IPA choices for those who love a little IPA in their glass. 

Even if you’re just wanting some beer for yourself, this is an awesome option to buy beer in bulk without paying hefty prices. You can become a beer connoisseur for your own personal Father’s Day, regardless of being a dad or not.

We suggest checking out some of the deals that Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club is offering, like their $10 discount off any shipping order of 4 boxes with the coupon code FD10. This is just one of the many promotions they’re offering on multiple box orders, giving you a little more free reign over your bulk selection.

If you’re going to be spending time with your dad this Father’s Day drinking a few cold beers, what better way to incorporate some personality into those drinks than setting your dad up with a Beer of the Month Club. Each beer serves as a conversation starter and a reason to just get together and spend time chatting.

Say goodbye to the belts and the Fossil wallets. It’s time for a gift that brings you and your dad together with good conversation, fun drinks, and delicious taste. Take a look at our top picks for Beer Clubs so you can take care of Father’s Day with just the click of a button.

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