The Beauty of bioClarity

by Madi M.

Posted on Monday, June 01, 2020

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As a teenager with relentless acne, I tried just about everything to get the pimples to go away. From robust and acidic face paste to ineffective home remedies like eggshells and lemon juice, my skin endured the worst of the worst. I remember the frustration I felt when the sharp, over-the-counter gels would just nuke my pores, leaving my skin dried out, peeling, and painful. Then, with the "holistic" efforts, I'd spend hours with eggshells paper-mâchéd to my face, only to end up with more pimples than what I started with.

The breaking point was when I followed a shady Yahoo! Answers trick: Hold your face over a pot of boiling water so the steam could open up my pores, and magically your zits would be gone. On that fruitless night, however, many years ago, as I sweated over a pot of boiling water in the middle of our family's kitchen, I wish that I had known about products like bioClarity.

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Three bioClarity bottles lined up on wood in outdoors

bioClarity is the Skincare Hero We Needed

bioClarity started as a way to heal skin while being green, all-natural, and cruelty-free. BioClarity founders discovered that most skincare products on the market used harsh synthetic chemicals to attack acne, which depletes the skin of moisture and vital nutrients to keep it healthy.

As an answer to this, bioClarity incorporates natural, powerful ingredients like Floralux into their products, alongside a potent dosage of salicylic acid. Combining these two components — Nature and strength — bioClarity has come up with a skincare routine that truly works without damaging your skin.

Plus, bioClarity utilizes natural methods to conquer severe skincare problems, like oat kernel, to keep your skin moisturized or green tea to detoxify. The creators of bioClarity have researched how our world's natural elements can contribute to a healthier result. 

What Does bioClarity Treatment Look Like?

Everyone's skin is different, so bioClarity asks you to take a quiz before beginning treatment to get the precise match of products that aligns with your complexion. If you deal with dry, flaky skin, you won't get matched with a product that can potentially dry your face up more.

By personalizing your skincare products, you'll find a useful combination that evens out your skin tone, mend any blemishes, and give you the healthy skin that you've been craving.

Bottles of bioClarity on bioClarity canvas pouch

So, I Gave bioClarity a Try

Back to the picturesque image of my head hovering over a steaming pot of water...while my acne has calmed down a bit, I can always benefit from a healthier skincare routine. When I heard about the vegan formula that bioClarity offers, along with its cruelty-free mission, I wanted to give it a try. After all, no matter how green or eco-friendly a bottle of face wash is, if it doesn't work, it just turns into a shelf ornament.

Step 1: Clean My Dirty Face

After taking the bioClarity skin quiz, I matched with the Clear Skin Routine, which is comprised of 3 different gels to remedy trouble spots. The 3-step process starts with a cleansing Cucumber Green Tea Chamomile mixture to wash any dirt away. I can't say that I'm the most stringent person about cleaning my face— even after long bike rides or a full day out in the yard, I still might end up falling asleep without a thorough face scrub. Having bioClarity as a cleanser that gets rid of all that dirt and grime on the first go was a refreshing find.

Step 2: Treat My Dirty Acne

The second step in the routine is to apply a thin layer of an acne treatment gel made from 2% salicylic acid and oat kernel, which felt like it was doing its job as soon as I applied it. While I've tried some pretty harsh face washes, all of which burned a little too much, this one just made my face perk up. It wasn't harsh, but I could definitely tell it was working. In my opinion, that's the perfect type of acne treatment gel that one can hope for. 

Step 3: The Power of Green

As the third step of the routine, I finished up with the Floralux finale of a restorative green cream to soothe any inflammation. The color is dark green in your palm, and you only need 1-2 pumps of the gel to apply to your whole face. This part gives you the moisture that your skin craves, sinking deep into the dermis to help address problem bacteria before it starts building a pimple empire. Apply it to your face, and then rub it in until the green color disappears. In my very professional analysis, I found it much easier to apply than your basic sunscreen lotion. In just a few seconds, the gel completely dissolved. 

Overall, the process was simple, and you only have to do it in the morning and night. I'm a complete sucker for low-maintenance solutions, so this routine was exactly what I was hoping for. With the treatment gel in step 2, I could feel the salicylic acid offering a little more kick, which isn't surprising given the strength of the application. Luckily, when it was followed up by the soothing Floralux restorative part of the process, I could feel my skin sucking up all the healing power of the green mask. 

Plus, to add a little levity to your day, the Floralux adds some green tint to your face before you rub it in entirely, so you really can't go to bed too angry after rubbing chlorophyll all over your face. (Don't worry, I promise you the green color is only visible before you thoroughly rub the gel into your skin). 

bioClarity Restore Floralux bottle on canvas pouch
The Floralux portion of the Clear Skin Routine

What is Floralux and Salicylic Acid?

As I've mentioned above, two of the essential ingredients in the bioClarity line-up are salicylic acid and Floralux. In their "Treat" portion of their skincare routine, they've packed their acne treatment gel with 2% salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is a powerful component that works to unclog pores, encourages exfoliation, and reduce acne. If you start experiencing some dryness, this is the part of the routine that you can cut back to once a day. You might have seen this ingredient in some of the other treatments you've tried in the past. It serves as a critical player in the reduction of acne, but it shouldn't be the only medicine that you rely on. 

Floralux, a form of plant-derived chlorophyll, is an antioxidant that nourishes your skin. Using it as the "Restore" portion of their skincare routine, Floralux protects against harmful bacteria by sinking into your skin and targets issues before they begin. Floralux is the literal "green" part of the Restore portion of bioClarity, and it's packed into the restorative gel to moisturize, heal, and fight for your skin. 

Floralux complements the salicylic acid in a way that only bioClarity has embraced. Thanks to these powerful ingredients, and supplemented with the added benefits of chamomile, green tea, cucumber, and more, bioClarity is designed to be a powerful acne fighter while also staying all-natural and vegan.

bioClarity has divvied up their powerful formulas into separate bottles and steps to help them interact as effectively as possible, allowing the hand-selected ingredients function to their full capability. Each bottle has its intended purpose, and no materials clash against each other just to cut corners or save space. So, you won't see all of their formulas packed into an acidic face cloth. Instead, all ingredients work together in their different steps to bring you the results you're after. 

Cleanse, Treat, Restore

Treat your skin with intention and choose the skincare company that uses Nature's chemistry to bring balance to your pores. Your skin doesn't deserve harsh, synthetic chemicals thrown at it. Rather than irritate your skin, work with it by giving it a formula that is designed to treat and restore with an all-natural approach. 

bioClarity bottles arranged on stump

Check out bioClarity today, learn more about healthy skin care, and discover why so many people love the results of bioClarity. Plus, when you use code BG15, you'll get 15% off orders of $50 or more!