Start Loving Dinner Again with HelloFresh

by Madi M.

Posted on Tuesday, June 16, 2020

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If you weren't a big fan of grocery shopping before, 2020 probably didn't help. Between social distancing, toilet paper shortages, and loads of face masks, you might be making every effort to stay away from grocery stores right now.

Unfortunately, avoiding the grocery store means coming up with strange recipes from the hodgepodge of ingredients you have in your pantry. You can find yourself wondering what to do with the combination of old Ramen noodles and the banana that is going bad on your counter. Or, you might be stuck with the same meal that you know how to cook, meaning you've been eating spaghetti for three weeks straight.

For someone who doesn't just naturally know which ingredients go well together, or if a PB & J is the only recipe you know by heart, we highly recommend you consider HelloFresh.

HelloFresh box and bag of recipes with ingredients and recipe card
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No Thinking Required

To put it simply: We don't want to think about grocery store runs. In fact, the last few months have made a typical grocery store run feel like an expedition.

Even if you find a recipe that you actually want to try, the odds of a grocery store having all of those ingredients is pretty slim. To add to this, standing in the middle of a one-way aisle and reading out portion sizes seems like an extreme measure in this day and age.

All of this considered, it's easy to see why we're prone to just eat two-ingredient sandwiches instead of trying new recipes.

With HelloFresh, you basically get a full grocery store order delivered to your door. A HelloFresh delivery is complete with the ingredients, instructions, and portion sizes you need for up to 4 dinners a week, meaning you don't have to devote another thought to dinner other than following the steps on the recipe cards. You don't have to think about where your mask is, where your hand sanitizer is, or how you're going to stay 6 feet apart from other shoppers while trying to find cilantro. 

HelloFresh recipe including chickpeas and fresh vegetables
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You have 20+ weekly recipes to choose from, so you're never stuck with the same dinner twice in a row. Read that again: You're never stuck with the same dinner twice in a row.

Yes, it's possible for amateur chefs to eat something different without ordering delivery from a restaurant.

So in this time of stress, chaos, and scrounging up pantry oddities...HelloFresh gives you the freedom to just not think about dinner. Instead, you follow a big, colorful recipe card and let your mind wander. We'd even venture to say that HelloFresh is like the soothing feel of an adult coloring book, but for your kitchen. The best part? You can eat the final result.

Be Happy in Your Kitchen Again

With HelloFresh, you get all the delicious flavors and nutritionally balanced meals without planning out an excursion to the store. It's a stress relief that you can actually feel good about, and in 2020, we could definitely use more of those stress-free moments.

Your kitchen can start being a happy place again, where you come up with new favorite dishes that HelloFresh guides you through. You don't have to experiment with old spices that you found in the back of the shelf — you can start loving your dinner and cooking up flavors that you're actually proud of.

Stop opening up your fridge and staring longingly at the expired tomatoes. Instead, fill it with perfectly portioned, delicious ingredients that are ready to be cooked up. Choose HelloFresh and start smiling at the thought of dinner again.   

Start loving your meals again with HelloFresh. Try HelloFresh now, and you'll get $80 off, including free shipping for the 1st box!

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