Pool Prep Starts Now

by Madi M.

Posted on Friday, February 14, 2020

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Summer seems like a distant dream in these snow-filled months. It's hard to picture those warm, sunny days when we're still shoveling snow off our driveway. Swim trunks, jumping off diving boards, floaties...we'll be swimming before we know it, and it would be a shame to miss out on a good splash day just because your pool isn't ready for swimming yet.

The best way to start your pool season off on the right flipper is maintaining your pool before the days get warmer. By maintaining your pool throughout the winter, you won't be spending as much time waiting around for your pool to get back to swim-ready shape.

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From Winter to Springtime

Over the winter, you've hopefully worked to maintain your swimming pool chemical levels with pool chemical balancers, you've prevented frozen plumbing with pool antifreeze, and you've kept your pool algae-free with winter algaecide, water clarifier, and stain preventer.

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By taking these steps, you make it easier to prepare your pool for its opening day, preventing a week-long wait for a last-minute algae cleanse and chemical balance.

Now, it's time to stock up on the pool supplies that you'll need in just a few short months. There's no benefit to waiting until the last minute with pool maintenance — by doing this, you'll cost yourself time and money trying to get your pool up and running well into the summer.

These are the best pool items to start stocking up on now:

Three-Inch Chlorine Pool Tablets

If you've been keeping your pool healthy throughout the winter, you've likely kept an eye on the chemical levels with a pool test kit. For those who haven't quite taken those steps, it's not too late to start balancing out your pool chemicals.

Adding three-inch chlorine pool tablets to your shopping list can help ensure that your pool is sanitized and disinfected before your family jumps in. These slow-dissolving tablets work to improve consistent chlorination through a daily dose of chlorine to your water.

In The Swim chlorine pool tablets dissolve completely to remove contaminants, adding 5.5 ppm of chlorine per 10,000 gallons over several days. In The Swim recommends one 3-inch tablet for every 5,000 gallons of water and replacing the tablets every 5-7 days.

Pool Shock

Once your pH levels in your pool are balanced, pool shock can be added to your water as a sanitary treatment to disengage chloramines, kill bacteria, and more. Pool shock can be described as a powdered form of chlorine, and in one-pound bags, pool shock is a great bulk option that can save pool owners money in the long run.

What does pool shock do?

Does your pool smell like chlorine? Do swimmers have red eyes from swimming around in chlorine? A pool shock treatment can help break down the chloramines (bundled chlorine molecules), giving your pool a much less harsher effect on swimmers.

Pool shock is also useful in clearing out and killing bacteria, algae, and other contaminations. Think of it as a tool to really sanitize your pool water, even after a neighborhood party with kids who aren't yet potty-trained.

In The Swim advises shock treatments to take place every 3-4 weeks, so as you're knocking out your to-do list for your pool opening date, add pool shock to your shopping cart.

Super Pool Shock

Along those same lines of powerful sanitation, Super Pool Shock adds a little more "umph" to the pool sanitation party. Rather than the Pool Shock's 68% available chlorine formula, Super Pool Shock raises the bar to a 73% available chlorine shock formula.

This added power means quicker eradication of contaminants and more potency.

Have a problem with stubborn algae? Did you forget to maintain your pool during the winter? A spring opening with the added help of a Super Pool Shock treatment will help knock out those tricky contaminants.

Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorine Granules

As a way to limit shock treatments, or even as a treatment to use on a daily basis, you can sanitize your pool with Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorine Granules. With its strength in eliminating contaminants, reviewers are quick to note just how long these granules last.

This routine treatment to your spa or pool can make sure that your water is kept sparkling clean each time you take a dip.

One-Inch Pool Bromine Tablets

For the swimmers who are extra sensitive to chlorine, bromine can be your solution. Rather than deal with red eyes and irritated skin, pool bromine sanitizes your water seamlessly.

The trade-off? Bromine tablets will dissolve more slowly, and are therefore only available in one-inch tablets to help speed up the dissolution process.

Bromine tablets are a favorite for pool owners for many reasons, the biggest being the lack of harshness on skin and eyes. They're also pre-stabilized, so you can save money on chemical costs in the long run. As an added bonus, bromine tablets are CYA-free, meaning they have no cyanuric acid, an acid which can reduce the effectiveness of chlorine as a sanitizer. 

Choose Your Pool Tools

These top-selling items are popular for a reason — homeowners know that tablets, granules, and powders from In The Swim are going to ensure a clean, chemically balanced, enjoyable swimming pool.

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You don't want to jump into a swimming pool brimming with algae and bacteria from the winter season. Avoid the pond scum and start backstroking in clear, safe water that has been sanitized by the best of the best. It's never too soon to start daydreaming about summer pool parties, and the earlier you start planning out your opening, the better chance you have of not missing out on a single day of sun.

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