IdealFit Makes Protein Easy

by Madi M.

Posted on Saturday, June 01, 2019

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IdealFit Makes Protein Easy

For anyone that’s stepped foot into a gym, you know that strength training is only half the battle. The next step is changing up your time outside the gym: your diet. You simply can’t keep your energy up with sub-par foods. If your food is low in protein and devoid of the nutritional value you need for recovery, your workout will be mostly in vain. Don’t work harder when you’re already killing it with your strength routines. Instead, your food should be boosting your runs and lifts, complementing that monster WOD that you just tackled.

As you start adjusting your diet to fill in all the gaps, you realize that you only have 24 hours in a day. Somehow you need to pack in a day of exercise, work, and then dinner. So luckily, we have tasty, protein-filled foods from IdealFit to keep us moving.

Being an active athlete, I’ve been hard-pressed to find food items that hit every aspect of my gym diet. When I found IdealFit, their products checked all the boxes, and since they’re geared towards women athletes, I feel like my workout recovery, preparation, and overall performance are all enhanced with the help of IdealFit.

And no, these aren’t your normal protein bars that you get tired of after day two. I’m an extremely picky eater, much to my dismay, so it’s important that my post- and pre-workout protein taste good. Otherwise, I simply just will not eat them.

IdealFit packs so much variety and flavor into their options that you’ll want to work out just to taste the next choice. From powders to protein chips, IdealFit is changing the way you treat nutritional supplements.

Nutrition Designed for Women by Women

I picture good nutrition like I picture the gears of a bike. You can use your lowest, easiest gears to pedal on a level bike path, but you’ll be using a ton of rotations to get where you’re going. If you shift your gears up, giving each pedal stroke a little more power, you’ll use less rotations to get where you’re going. A good diet puts more power in your metaphorical pedal stroke.

IdealFit fuels athletes to help them propel those pedal strokes. Women designed IdealFit to target the areas where women need the most recovery while working out. They’ve incorporated unique flavors into an efficient formula that helps women, specifically, excel in their fitness journeys. You worked too hard to feel depleted, so it just wouldn’t be fair to yourself to limit your protein.

After you rack your final weight, complete your last bouldering project, or run your last sprint, your body needs protein to recover and build that strength. IdealFit helps your body work more efficiently, helps your muscles recover effectively, and adds more “umph” to your workouts.

Flavors for Athletes

To get an idea of how IdealFit stands out in the world of protein supplements, I added IdealFit to my workout regiment. I’m always looking to tackle a new trail, jump on my mountain bike, or just get a good gym session in. Along with that, I need food that can not only keep up with my goals, but also help me achieve them

So, I took along IdealFit for a hike in the woods and some lifting in the gym.

I was happy to find a huge assortment of pre-workout powders and post-workout shakes, all with flavors you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. IdealFit doesn’t just settle with vanilla and chocolate flavors, they take their flavors to a whole other level.

Take, for instance, the Pineapple Mango pre-workout formula. A sweet, fruity mix in your shaker prepped me to take on more sets, more laps, and more burpees. I have a huge sweet tooth, and this was just enough to give me a more moderate amount of sugar that kept me from drinking a soda or energy drink just to keep going.

As someone with food allergies, it was awesome to see that every nutritional fact is easy to access on each product, making it simple to check ingredients without delaying my workout. IdealFit utilizes the power of whey protein alongside a moderated balance of amino acids. They also offer some pea protein options that add in natural ingredients, all clearly written out for any user.

It’s a good day when I don’t have to spend half an hour deciphering the ingredients of my protein bar.

After finishing up my workout, I was still at the gym and nowhere near my shaker bottle. So I went ahead and enjoyed the IdealShape coconut-flavored protein bar that I had in my backpack. This kept me feeling full while I was on my commute back home.

It was awesome to have a portable IdealShape protein bar, a sister to the IdealFit products, to take with me on the go, especially when I didn’t have a protein scoop and water fountain handy to mix up my protein shake. IdealFit and IdealShape take every step of your gym visit into consideration — the arrival, the cool down, heading back home, then full recovery.

Once I got home, I was able to prepare a full protein shake with tons of options to choose from. Of course, if I had the foresight to prepare a protein shake before the gym, I wouldn’t have had this dilemma. But as we all know, nobody’s perfect when it comes to gym habits, and all athletes could use a little help getting into a healthy routine.

IdealFit fills in the gaps when you need that extra boost. Whether you’re just getting started in your new routine or you’re a veteran CrossFitter, IdealFit supplements your diet in a way that is unique and tailored to you as a female athlete.

Low-Maintenance Protein

As a newbie in the gym, just getting used to a new routine and busting out weird workout Spandex, I didn’t have to worry about the befores and afters of my workout. I just had to focus on getting through the movements and meeting my personal goals.

For someone that doesn’t cook very easily, IdealFit serves as an amazing solution. I’m thrilled to keep trying out all the different flavors that IdealFit has to offer, and I can only hope to see more women giving it a try in weight rooms all over the world.

If you take a look at reviews, every consumer has a different preference for taste. Some love it, others don’t — for this editor, I loved the flavor that IdealFit had to offer. Plus, with so many options, we could jump to another flavor if we weren’t exactly feeling Pineapple Mango.

A one-year guarantee gives you full assurance that you’re going to love IdealFit. You can easily hit your strength and weight-loss goals with IdealFit and IdealShape by your side. I’ve never been religious about protein powders; in fact, I’m sure I was pretty snarky about the hype behind pre-workout. But now that I’ve seen just how easy it is to supplement my protein intake as I workout, especially on a vegetarian diet, I think I’m a firm believer.

Check out IdealFit today and start mixing delicious, unique flavors into your workout routine!