How to Stick to Your 2020 New Year's Resolution

by Madi M.

Posted on Sunday, January 05, 2020

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For the new year, it's one thing to set a resolution and another to thoughtfully plan it out. Sure, we can tell ourselves that we'll be healthier and fitter in 2020, but how do we transition from our current lifestyle to a new one? Even though the calendar year switches, we're not just going to wake up and be more in shape.

The best thing you can do to stick to your fitness goals for next year is to understand the steps you'll need to take. Rather than overwhelm yourself with a lofty goal of "Start an abnormally healthy lifestyle," start with smaller habits that will culminate into an overall healthier pattern.

What does that look like? Use what's out there. You can combine the "fundamentals" of good health, along with helpful gadgets and services, to give you the perfect cocktail of resources to reach those 2020 goals.

Eat Healthier Even When You Hate Cooking

A healthier lifestyle involves clean and balanced diets that don't just come from a drive-thru lane. Let's think about what that entails: Planning recipes, listing out ingredients, grocery shopping, and then cooking.

For anyone who hardly cooked in 2019, you'll probably need an easy transition into making cooking a daily habit. If you start your new year off cooking every night, yet you aren't in the natural habit of whipping up some home-cooked meals, you're likely going to burn out by the fourth week of 2020.

Instead of throwing too much at yourself at once, ease into the art of cooking with a meal delivery service like Hello Fresh, or even opt-in for pre-made meals like those from Freshly.

With Hello Fresh, you're given pre-portioned meats and veggies, so you can take the recipe research and ingredient shopping out of the equation. All you do is receive the delivery at your doorstep and then cook when you're ready to.

Anyone who thinks that's just a little too much work can even pick out pre-made meals from a meal delivery service like Freshly. With services like this, all you have to do is heat up some chef-prepared meals that are designed to be balanced and nutritious.

Both of these options help you better plan your nutrition and give you control over what you eat. You can choose your meals beforehand and decide which recipes are right for your diet.

Plus, in most instances, you're still saving money (which could also be another goal of yours). To get as fresh a meal, that's also nutritious, you'd be spending more money per meal at a sit-down restaurant. If you're prone to eating fast food every day, this might not be cheaper than a $2 burrito, but you'll see the trade-off being a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

Get More, Better Sleep

You might not be getting as much sleep as you want, and that could be from stress, workloads, social lives, or any other reason. For whatever crazy work assignments come your way, you'll want a mattress where you can rest up, restore, and wake up with improved energy.

Even if you're getting less than 8 hours of sleep per night, make those hours work harder for you on a mattress that actually makes you feel alert rather than groggy.

Our pick? We're looking at the Casper mattress as an affordable, well-rated option for your new mattress. With whichever bed you choose, make sure it's the right fit for your sleeping style — 2020 is the year you find the bed that feels like it's made specifically for you.

Make Workouts Tolerable

Once you're waking up with more vigor for life and eating food that will properly fuel you up, you can start thinking about those exercise goals.

There's no point to start tackling this goal if you're completely sleep-deprived and running on fumes from an inconsistent diet. Get those things working properly, then you can turn toward fitness (We're not personal trainers, so you do you).

Jumping into a workout routine can be pretty jarring, especially if you haven't moved very much in the past few months. If this is the case, start small and make your gym visits more enjoyable with good music, fun progress trackers, and better equipment that makes your workout tolerable.

Get the Tunes Going

Don't just listen to music on some cruddy earbuds that you found in your basement. Instead, treat yourself to some workout earbuds, like the Bose SoundSport earbuds, to really amplify your favorite music or a podcast you can get lost in. This way, you're listening less to the guy grunting while weightlifting and more to that chilling unsolved murder mystery.

With Bose SoundSport earbuds or similar sport-oriented earbuds, you get a better fit that won't fall out of your ears when you're jogging. These also tend to be sweat-resistant, so you can go all out and not worry about destroying your favorite set of buds. Look for earbuds that are rated IPX4 or higher, which rates their overall resistance to dirt, sweat, grit, and more.

Track Your Progress

One of the most satisfying things about hitting your goals is seeing real-time results and even sharing them with friends if you'd like. With a fitness tracker, looking at you Garmin Forerunner 235, you can track your runs, workouts, and more without having to mess with large smartphones.

Fitness watches can help you make goals, see results, and keep you going, even when you feel like avoiding a run at all costs. And if you're into social media, you can share your stats with friends so they can keep encouraging you on your journey too.

Good Equipment Matters

Finally, invest in good workout equipment if you plan to work out from home. A quality treadmill can be the difference between completing a workout and giving up exercise altogether.

Check out all these fantastic deals from LifeFitness on all types of workout equipment: ellipticals, barbells, indoor bikes, and more.

Don't want to start out buying a new treadmill? Start small with resistance bands, exercise balls, dumbbells, and more. With our coupon at LifeFitness, you can get all of these things and more at a great price.

The more you can save money on home equipment, the more likely you'll be to start your home gym collection, ultimately giving you more flexibility and control on your gym schedule. Can't make it to the gym? Simply go downstairs and roll out the exercise mat.

To Get Anywhere, Just Start

Getting started is usually the toughest step. Then, once you're starting your routine, the next biggest hurdle is sticking with it. Don't force yourself to go all cylinders the first few weeks of your new, healthier routine. Instead, start more sustainable initiatives that you can build on over time. It's easy to feel like you're "not doing enough" because you see the #fitfam and bodybuilders on Instagram, but we have a sneaking suspicion that those people aren't are.