How to Safely Shop for a Mattress this Memorial Day

by Madi M.

Posted on Tuesday, May 19, 2020

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As Memorial Day approaches, you might have been looking forward to buying a new bed during the traditional big Memorial Day Weekend sales. But in this now contactless world, you'll want to take advantage of those savings in the safest way possible. Lying on sample mattresses while surrounded by other shoppers is less than ideal, if not impossible, right now. Even if you can go out with your mask on, you'll have to make sure the mattress store is open, safe, and ready for business.

Photo of empty mattress store

Or, instead of dealing with the worry and anxiety of stepping into a mattress store, you can shop online and avoid the masks and gloves altogether.

Even before COVID-19 became a household name, online shopping had already made its debut as the easiest way to buy everything from new shoes to a new car. Now, with a pandemic keeping you inside more than usual, online retail therapy has evolved into a safe stress reliever as you sit at home. If mattress sales are any indication, beds are one therapeutic thing that people are buying during their time in self-isolation.

Since we know that the internet connects you to just about any product on the market, there's no reason to risk your safety simply because you need a new mattress. If you've found yourself tossing and turning lately, a new mattress could help take on your extra restlessness. And with Memorial Day discounts translating into the virtual world, you won't be missing out on any of the big deals.

Choosing the Right Mattress from Home

While we don't like to admit it, people brave the big-box mattress stores because there is an inherent benefit in testing out different beds — lying on each one, you at least get a sense of how soft or how squishy a mattress is. Plus, it can be overwhelming to start the process of mattress shopping online. At least in a mattress store, a salesperson will point you in the right direction of where to start. With internet searching, it can seem like you're going down an endless rabbit hole of reviews, mattress unboxing videos, or countless brand advertisements.

When you shop online, you shouldn't feel like you're compromising anything.

Online mattress companies are getting smarter about how they approach the customer experience. These businesses have been fine-tuning their online buying process over the last few years, making transactions and deliveries as easy as possible for all shoppers. You're not getting the rough draft of what online mattress shopping might look like — you're getting a refined, streamlined shopping experience that makes getting a new bed seamless and headache-free. With personalized tools and better resources, you can hone in on the mattress that will best suit your sleeping style, all while in the safety of your own home.

Woman sits in bed and uses computer while drinking coffee

Take a Sleep Quiz

Companies are savvier than ever on what it takes to be hassle-free — after all, if you like your bed the first time around, you're more likely to stick with that brand. So, with that in mind, companies have started coming out with smart, innovative tools to help match you to the right comfort level, mattress material, construction, and more.

You'll see some of this in the form of sleep quizzes.

Brands that offer a range of mattresses in different comfort levels also provide a helpful sleep quiz to figure out which version of their mattress is right for you. Once you receive your answers, you'll be shown the bed that seems most suitable for you, specifically. With these results, you can also start getting a better feel for what type of mattress you're looking for — side sleepers will start seeing results for softer feels, warmer sleepers leaning towards innersprings, and so on.

You probably don't have the space to order three different mattresses and try them all out at home. So, take a sleep quiz to see which bed you're naturally a better fit for. Quiz results will increase your chances that the first bed you get is the ultimate winner.

Two top brands that have their sleep quizzes to help you with your research are Saatva and Helix. Both match you with the style of their mattresses that best fit your profile.

Screenshot of Saatva sleep quiz
Part of Saatva's Sleep quiz

Long At-Home Trials

There's nothing that can make you more confident that a mattress is The One other than actually sleeping on the bed. Most mattress companies insist that you spend at least 30 nights on your mattress before deciding whether or not it's the right fit. This allows your body to get used to your bed and gives the mattress some time to conform to your sleeping patterns.

Online mattresses frequently offer hefty home trials, so you can test your bed out for months just to make sure it feels great. Decide that it's just not doing the trick? Home trials give you the leeway you need to return a mattress even if you end up sleeping on it for half a year.

If you're reluctant about committing to a new bed, look for mattress companies that offer more extended at-home trial periods. Some of the best in the industry are Nectar's 365-night trial and Cocoon by Sealy's 100-night trial. The longest trial period we've come across is Idle Sleep's 18-month home trial, while the average is around 100 nights.

With this cushion around the 30-day "acclimation" period, you'll have plenty of time to try your new bed out without worrying about a deadline.

Nectar mattress in modern bedroom
Nectar offers a 365-day home trial period, one of the longest in the industry

Free Shipping and Returns

You don't want to pay big bucks just to have a mattress shipped to you, especially if you have no idea how it'll feel. Online mattress companies usually throw free shipping into the mix, and some also provide free returns.

Notable stand-outs in this field? Saatva, Cocoon by Sealy, Nectar, Casper, and Puffy, all fighting it out as top contenders in the mattress industry, offer free shipping and returns and/or mattress removal. As reputable brands, these top names give you a little more leniency when it comes to purchasing their mattresses, making a bed purchase as hassle-free as possible.

On top of this, free, easy shipping also means that you don't have to ask a friend with a pick-up truck to meet you at the mattress store. No bungee cords involved, no strapped-down mattress flapping on top of a minivan, and no hauling an awkward mattress from the store to your house. 

For Beds-in-a-Box, you don't even have to be home to receive your delivery (although for now, this likely won't be a problem). Your mattress will arrive at your doorstep — all you have to do is open the box and let the bed decompress. 

Cocoon by Sealy mattress next to box it delivered in
Mattresses in a box make for easy deliveries and set up

Shop for a Bed...From Bed

You've decided that you want a new mattress, so make it easy on yourself and shop online. In the most painless process possible, you can have a new bed on its way to your house in a matter of days. There's no reason that you can't be comfortable and rested while you practice the art of staying home and safe.  

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