How to Make Car Repairs Less Terrible

by Madi M.

Posted on Friday, February 21, 2020

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Let's Face It, Car Problems Suck

Car repairs have never been synonymous with "convenient." There's a collective understanding that dealing with vehicles is just flat-out frustrating, and as soon as you have your first repair shop visit, you know why.

Why is this a universal truth?

To start, cars never break down in an opportune moment. They usually sputter their last cough when you're late for work, picking up the kids from school, starving for food, or just already having a bad day.

Then, you have to deal with the aftermath. The search for a tow truck driver, browsing reviews for local repair shops, and scheduling a car appointment that aligns with your daily plans.

Plus, in the back of our minds, we're all worried about being scammed by a mechanic. We've heard the horror stories and the Dateline investigations about repairmen "making up" repairs that need to be made. If we don't know the difference between washer fluid and radiator fluid, we have to be on high alert that no charge for "brake light fluid" shows up on our repair bill.

When scheduling an appointment at a repair shop, you either plan to stay there for hours or you leave your car there. For those who are brave enough to wait it out at the shop, you hope their Wi-Fi is decent enough to get some work done, or that they have a coffee shop within walking distance.

Without proper planning, you can be stuck watching Jerry Springer for hours in the repair shop waiting room. If you end up leaving your car, you have to make another plan to come pick it up, which usually involves paying for a Lyft.

To put it bluntly, car repairs are inconvenient.

Why haven't we solved this problem yet? Why do we still put ourselves through this tiring process, especially when we know our cars will need repairs at some point?

Luckily, one company took on this challenge and started making car repairs convenient, affordable, and trustworthy.

Car Repairs Done at Your Home

Getting your car fixed isn't something that should ruin your day. You shouldn't have to spend hours getting to and from an auto shop, let alone waiting there and being forced to watch their one TV channel.

YourMechanic is an auto service that revolves around you and your schedule by sending a mechanic directly to your driveway based on the time that you pick.

Whether you decide to stay at home while a YourMechanic repairs your car or you leave your keys and head to work, you have the flexibility and freedom to still have control over your day.

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How YourMechanic Works

It takes less than 2 minutes to pick a service, get a quote, and schedule an appointment with a certified mechanic via YourMechanic using your computer or phone. As soon as you visit, you can start the scheduling process where you'll take the following steps: 

1. Tell YourMechanic what you think is wrong with your vehicle, provide the year, make, and model of your car, then provide your contact info such as name, phone, zip code, and email.

2. You'll receive a quote for the parts and service required for your vehicle.

3. YourMechanic sends over the credentials of the mechanic that will be sent to your vehicle. From there, you can read reviews, work history, credentials, and more so that you can better understand who is coming to work on your vehicle.

4. Schedule the appointment and provide payment information in order to finalize the booking. You won't get charged until the service is done, and if the mechanic finds that you need less work than originally thought, those estimates will be removed from your bill as needed.

What's Needed From You?

The best part of all this is that you can get your car repaired while you wait in the comfort of your own home, or while you're in your office. As long as a YourMechanic has a safe spot to work on your car (parking space, driveway, etc.), then they can meet you at your home or workplace.

If you want to just leave your car at home while the mechanic works on your vehicle, you can leave your keys for the mechanic. It's really as simple as that.

Anthony Rodio, YourMechanic President and CEO, sums it up: "Getting your car repaired at home is game-changing because you're in complete control of the experience – we give you a transparent quote upfront, we come to your house at a time you choose, and then you get a detailed digital report of your car's condition and recommended services."

YourMechanic operates on your schedule, even opening up their service hours from 7am to 9pm all seven days of the week. Plus, without the overhead costs of a repair shop, you'll receive better pricing.

Don't Be Stranded Again

You might have already had to deal with a car breaking down on the side of the road. Why make it worse by getting stranded at an auto repair shop?

Auto repairs shouldn't be something that you dread and they shouldn't take up your precious time. There's no reason that you have to miss out on a day of work, or a beautiful Saturday, just to sit in a waiting room.

The More Convenient, The Better

To top it all off, the process that YourMechanic uses to process and track your vehicle's records makes you feel like you're finally in the year 2020. No more paper receipts that you have to jam into your glovebox. No more service records that get lost in your filing cabinet.

Instead, YourMechanic saves everything online, giving you complete access to your vehicle's history whenever you need it. This will come in handy any time you're looking to sell your vehicle, checking service dates, or submitting insurance paperwork.

Each time that a mechanic services your vehicle, they'll finish up their time with a full 50-point inspection, so you can have peace of mind that your car is ready to roll.

Car Care You'll Care About

Backed by a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty (whichever comes first), YourMechanic services are designed with the consumer in mind. As Rodio puts it, "The customer is in full control of their car repair experience every step of the way with YourMechanic."

Upfront prices, fair quotes, and trustworthy services are all integrated into a convenient, online, mobile-mechanic experience.

Take advantage of this simple, hassle-free way to get your next car repair. With everything at your fingertips, you can schedule your next car repair or routine maintenance today.

Stop living in the stone ages of auto repair shops — have your vehicle repaired by trusted mechanics while you enjoy your day. 

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