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Picked by 19836 people this month!
Brondell Swash Elongated

  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Postional stainless steel nozzle
  • Elongated design
  • Control panel
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Picked by 19836 people this month!

TOTO S350e Elongated

  • 5 water pressure settings
  • 5 water temperature settings
  • 5 spray settings
  • Elongated design
  • Remote control operated


  • Adjustable soft to strong spray
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Dual nozzles
  • Toilet attachment
  • Non-electric

Our Top Choice

Picked by 19836 people this month!
Brondell Swash Elongated

  • Adjustable water pressure
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Postional stainless steel nozzle
  • Elongated design
  • Control panel
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Picked by 19836 people this month!
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Bidet Shopping Guide

There’s nothing like feeling clean, especially after a potty break. You don’t need to use a whole roll of toilet paper to get that thoroughly clean. With water-saving modes along with power washes and drying, a bidet will help you be more eco-friendly and clean on a daily basis.

Individuals have noted using up to 2.8 miles of toilet paper per year.

Not only will a bidet eliminate the need for toilet paper, but it’s also a cleaner, more hygienic option. Bacteria can easily build-up over multiple bathroom trips, especially if the toilet paper is unreliable or insufficient. With a bidet, you’re promising your body cleaner coverage and a more powerful rinse that toilet paper just can’t compete with.

To Work, the Bidet Needs to Fit your Toilet

Finding the perfect bidet can be a refreshing, yet complicated, science. First, your priority is understanding the shape of your toilet and how the bidet will fit it. Most bidet products have “for elongated” or “for round” toilets in their name.

How do you find out if your toilet bowl is elongated or round? Most of the time, you can tell just by the shape. If that’s not the case, you never thought the day would come when you’d be measuring your toilet bowl’s dimensions; however, today’s that day!

On most two-piece toilets (these are toilets that have a tank that is bolted to the seat — most toilets are two-piece), you’ll find two bolts located at the back of the toilet seat. If you drew a straight line from one bolt to the other, you’d be parallel with the long side of your tank. From the point of the two bolts, you’ll measure to the very front of the toilet bowl. For reference, take a look at this toilet measurement guide provided by one of our top picks, the Brondell Swash.

Hang on to your toilet seat, because this is where it gets exciting!

If you have a measurement of 16.5 inches, you’re the proud owner of a round toilet bowl. With a measurement of 18.5 inches, your toilet bowl is a happy elongated one. Congrats on your toilet shape reveal party!

I just Measured my Toilet Seat, Now What?

Now, the fun begins. You can shop for all the cutting-edge features that bidets have to offer while also keeping an eye on your budget. This may be your first bidet, so it’s vital to understand what makes each bidet unique.

Mechanical vs. Electronic

When comparing bidets, you’ll see a big price difference between one model and the next. Depending on your budget, you can find options that reach $800 and other bidet attachments for just under $40.

Typically, the price revolves around whether the bidet is electronic or mechanical. When electronic, you’ll find customizable features like how much water pressure you prefer, the water temperature that most suits you, oscillation settings, and more.

For electronic bidets, don’t be surprised that you’ll need a power cord, so make sure that your bathroom has outlets that are within reach of the toilet.

Nozzle Positions

You’ll see notes about nozzle positions, such as posterior or feminine options. The right position for your bidet depends on the people in your household.

When the bidet in your home is just for a singular person, you don’t need to look at a nozzle that can adjust positions. For a bigger family, consider which toilets have dual nozzle positions rather than a fixed position that cannot be customized.


A big reason for buying a bidet is keeping yourself clean. Another important factor to throw into the bidet-shopping experience is how well a bidet keeps itself clean.

Some bidets have self-cleaning nozzles that will keep the cleaning feature more hygienic and safer from debris. However, this will also result in a price increase.

For instance, at the top of the affordability spectrum sits the Toto Washlet S350e. This bidet keeps its bowl clean thanks to electrolyzed water (they call it “eWater+”). This bidet spritzes the toilet both before and after use to reduce build-up. With a bidet like this, you won’t have to constantly worry about toilet maintenance before social gatherings. The bidet has it covered.

Customizable Settings

One of the more exciting factors of buying a bidet is looking at the different features that each unit has to offer. Sitting around the range of $250-$300, you can find a bidet that you can adjust to your preferences. You’ll be able to adjust the water temperature, water pressure, and nozzle positions exactly as you wish.

You don’t need to be royal to use a toilet like royalty. Whether you’re looking to save money on toilet paper or you’re looking for a luxurious alternative, you’ll find the perfect bidet for your budget. Upgrade your toilet for as little as $40, or find your throne for $800.

Now, you’re ready to find the bidet of your dreams. 

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