WSJwine Review

  • Red, white, and mixed options
  • 15 bottles per shipment
  • 2 free Dartington glasses
  • First month ships free
  • Cancel or skip anytime
  • Just $5.83 per bottle
  • Red, white, and mixed options
  • 15 bottles per shipment
  • 2 free Dartington glasses
  • First month ships free
  • Cancel or skip anytime
  • Just $5.83 per bottle



How great would it be if you didn’t have to leave the house to pick up a bottle of wine? In a perfect world, you’d have a bottle of wine in your home at all times to pair with your perfect book. There’s no reason that doesn’t have to be a reality.

Every day, millions of Americans rely on The Wall Street Journal for informed market insights and news coverage. And a rapidly growing number rely on WSJwine to help them make smarter wine decisions – all with the convenience of home delivery. The Wall Street Journal name opens some serious cellar doors – and many of the wine world’s most talented, small-estate producers compete to get their wines into the glasses of WSJwine customers across the U.S.

Ready to try a glass of WSJwine goodness? Check out their selection and start sipping on your new favorites today! 

Join the Club

WSJwine offers memberships that depend on the kind of wine experience you’re looking for. WSJwine clubs have generous introductory offers to formally welcome you to a world of wine, as well as a flexible, cancel-anytime policy. With customer support on hand 7 days a week, WSJwine wants every bottle to be an enjoyable, guilt-free experience. Because of this, they offer a 100% happiness guarantee, meaning that even if you order a wine, drink it, and find out that you hate it, WSJwine will help make the situation right. 

Discovery Club

The Discovery Club gives you the option to select 12 top-rated reds, whites, or a mix of both, all based on your preferences. Each wine is expertly chosen from exclusive vineyards, and with rare finds, the Discovery Club stays true to their namesake: You will discover new wine from small production and boutique sites from all over the world.

For your first Discovery Club order, WSJwine offers two complimentary bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon along with two Dartington Crystal glasses. Once you have your new glasses, you’ll feel like a wine savant as your taste buds travel to vineyards from all over the world.

Perfectly aligning with The Wall Street Journal’s theme of knowledge and curiosity, WSJwine sends detailed notes on each bottle of wine. These notes will give you helpful information on how to serve each glass, what food to pair it with, what kind of flavor profiles you’re experiencing, and how to get the most out of each bottle. Not only will your guests enjoy your savvy overviews of each wine, but you’ll also start learning the characteristics of each wine region around the world.

Your Wine Cellar

One of our favorite aspects of WSJwine is your virtual profile of wines that you can make notes about. You can record the wines that you love, and then remind yourself of some that you don’t love. WSJwine understands that you might not be keeping track of every elegant wine name in your head, so the Your Wine Cellar feature takes the stress off you as you make future wine decisions.

Your Wine Cellar connects you to your previous wine orders and helps WSJwine track down similar wines they think you’d enjoy. As wine drinkers, we get to feel like we’re building a wine resume — technically, you’re drinking to help build rapport. Consider this the LinkedIn of wine tasting.

Shipping Information

Shipping a bottle of wine directly from a small estate in Argentina is a science – especially when this same bottle is mixed into a case with wines from southern France, Napa Valley, and beyond. It takes time to curate each collection, so a typical shipping and delivery window is 5-10 days. Each case ships for $19.99, though WSJwine often opts to welcome new members with free shipping on the very first case.

While wine advisors at WSJwine work hard to get you the bottles of wine you’re craving, some wine is available only in limited quantities. You’ll be advised if this happens, and WSJwine will make a curated replacement to give you a wine that is equally as unique, authentic, and delicious as its predecessor.

If you need your wine for a special occasion, call customer service, who is available by email or phone 7 days a week. This ensures that you know exactly what to expect and WSJwine’s responsive team can help guide you through the event process and make you a frontrunner for Host of the Year.

The WSJwine Experience

Solely for very professional reasons and not at all because we love wine, we tried out the WSJwine delivery and were impressed by every facet of the experience. First, it was simple and easy to filter out exactly what kinds of wine we wanted to order. We could filter out types of wine, budget preferences, regions, most popular picks, and more. Along with this, we could spot WSJwine’s special offers that frequently change up depending on seasonal picks, monthly specials, and more. The budget-savvy wine collector will especially be keen on this section.

After we made our selection on which bottles we wanted in our case, we placed our order and then patiently waited for our wine to arrive. The beauty of this wait was knowing that our case was in the mail and would be at our doorstep after a long day at work. Having this in the back of our minds got us through some especially difficult Monday meetings, and honestly, this feeling alone covered the small cost of shipping.

Unboxing New Flavors

We chose to try out some new flavors that we had never tried before. We took our food-pairing notes to the grocery store so we could find the perfect food to complement our wine. If we were going to go all-out on a charcuterie board, we were going to make sure it was the best charcuterie for the occasion. We had a detailed list of food that would go great for our bottles, which made grocery shopping so much easier and less wasteful than our normal “let’s just see how this works” selections.

We received a case of red wines from all over the world: Italy, Spain, France, and a couple of California wines. Thanks to our detailed pairing notes, we had our snacks and food pairings ready to go when the case arrived. Once we received our box, it was like Santa had dropped off our presents 8 months early. We invited our friends and family over to treat themselves to new wines and to test out their favorite flavors.

What surprised us was the variety of wines that was included in the case. This wasn’t just a “box of red wines,” but rather, this was a box of red wines that had a huge range of flavor profiles to enjoy. From Shroud Mountain’s woody and fruity tones to the full-bodied Diego de Almagro, everyone had a wine that they fell in love with.

At the end of the day, my family and I were able to sit down and enjoy a bottle of wine that we had never tried before. My mom ended up loving the Shroud Mountain, while I was surprised to fall in love with a Tempranillo. The wine-tasting experience that WSJwine set us up with gave us a chance to slow down and create a meaningful connection in the middle of a busy work week.

Start Discovering with the Discovery Club

We were lucky enough to enjoy the exclusive welcome offer to the Discovery Club for only $69.99, which gave us a warm, tasty welcome to the world of red wines. Along with the wines, we were all set up with our Dartington Crystal glasses, as well as two delightful bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon.

With our 14 bottles, plus the stemware that came with it, our case turned out to be around $11 per bottle of wine. With the top-quality wine we received this is really an unbeatable value. To even add more to the jackpot, we know that we can save at least 20% on future cases, which is absolutely on our radar. This offer helped bring my family and friends together for an evening, a priceless experience that we’ll be reliving soon.

Open Your Door to Wine with WSJwine

Wine to your door is the perfect reason to get your friends together. Opening a bottle of wine can be the start of a new book club, fantastic conversation, or just a good excuse to stay in. You can make your wine tasting into an adventure as you learn serving tips, flavor profiles, and more. Skip the lines at the store and open your front door to a case of wine that was hand-picked specifically for you.

Choose WSJwine and start living the good life of wine-to-your-door luxury today.