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Toys and Treats that Grow with your Puppy

Have a new puppy who wants to chew on just about everything in the house? With PupBox, you can give them the supplies they need to enjoy puppyhood without destroying your favorite chair. As a product of Petco, PupBox suppliers understand the exact needs of your puppy and will adjust their box according to what your dog needs. Each box is different and given to you at different stages of your dog's puppyhood, planning ahead for razor-sharp puppy teeth to the potty training days. PupBox gives you what your pup need for a successful, happy progression into the world of dog parenthood. 

All About PupBox

PupBox is a unique pet subscription service birthed from Petco. Serving as an efficient way to address the needs of puppy pet parents, PupBox gives new pet owners the resources they need to successfully train and raise their new addition. PupBox has introduced the Puppy Profile, where you can give information specifically about your dog that changes as your dog changes. As your dog gets older, they'll get toys and treats that are adjusted to reflect their age. Need a training guide? PupBox will send over a training guide written by renowned dog trainer Andrea Arden. Each month, your box will include a guide that describes the changes to expect in your pup as they grow. Worried about some teething issues? You can refer to your training guide to see if this is a common stage in puppy development. PupBox has your back! 

PupBox offers four different subscription options, all dependent on how long you'd like to commit to the program. You can choose a monthly, three-month, six-month, and twelve-month plan, all which ship and bill you monthly. The longer the subscription you subscribe to, the cheaper your pricing plan will be per month. Since your puppy will keep growing throughout the year, it's not hard to see why the twelve-month plan will bring you the most value. Plus, since your puppy profile will be live, PupBox will gain more insight into your puppy's development and give you the tools you both need for a perfect puppy zone. 

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Why Customers Choose PupBox

For anyone with a puppy, PupBox is the perfect answer to the overwhelming feeling of ensuring that your puppy is getting the toys, treats, and attention they need for a healthy training progression. We love that PupBox is so focused on your pup's needs, especially as they grow month to month. PupBox doesn't just settle on a repeated box filled with the same toys. They take a look at your puppy's profile and give you a box designed for healthy growth. As PupBox expands, we're expecting great things from this service! Right now, their customer service is best reached through email, and they look to respond on a 24-hour basis. No phone calls are accepted at this time, but being such an up-and-coming program, we expect this to change in the near future. 

If you have a new puppy or are new to dog ownership, we highly recommend giving PupBox a try! Start out with the month-to-month, and we have a feeling you'll jump to the six or twelve-month subscription as soon as you see how beneficial PupBox can be for your dog. Most importantly, have fun with all these new dog toys and treats! 

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