BoxDog Review

  • Toys, treats, and gear for dogs
  • Handmade treats and premium items
  • Seasonal themes
  • 15-day replacement policy
  • Customizable boxes
  • Toys, treats, and gear for dogs
  • Handmade treats and premium items
  • Seasonal themes
  • 15-day replacement policy
  • Customizable boxes



Why Choose BoxDog?

As seasons change, your love for your dog doesn't. So, why not start off your new season of adventures with premium toys and treats from BoxDog? Instead of monthly boxes that start piling up before your dog is ready for more, BoxDog serves up thoughtful, handmade goodies four times a year. This means you get excited to see a new BoxDog almost as much as your dog will! BoxDog offers special treats, unique goodies, and premium items that you get to customize based on you and your dog. 

Treats Made by Hand

Don't just settle for processed treats that are hard as a work and filled with unknown ingredients and preservatives. Instead, offer up some homemade goodies from BoxDog, each one baked and created by BoxDog chefs. These treats are such high-quality that reviewers even report eating some themselves just to try them out (go for it, if you want). With as much attention to detail given to these treats, it's no wonder that pet owners are jumping for joy for their BoxDog subscriptions. 

Seasonal Themes

Not only does BoxDog fine-tune the premium items that go into each box, but they also spruce up their collection according to seasonal themes. You could find yourself choosing between Pet Paint for Halloween or Glitter Tattoo Stickers that are safe for you pup. In every box, you'll receive 4 bins of homemade cookies, chews, and other delectable goodies sourced from U.S. kitchens. Along with this, BoxDog also includes at least 1 specialty or wellness item such as vegan and cruelty-free skincare lotion for your dog's nose — perfect for any future boops. 

At the end of the day, you'll be getting a huge box at your door filled with exciting gear, toys, and more for your pup. This isn't just a box for your dog to wag about, but you'll also be getting items that care for your dog's health.

What's the BoxDog Process?

If your pup knew how to use a computer, they could select and customize their BoxDog in no time. The steps are so simple, and as soon as you select your option, the box will ship immediately.

Step 1: Create your pet's profile

Step 2: Customize your dog's seasonal BoxDog

Step 3: Wait a few days for delivery

Step 4: Cry with joy as your dog enjoys their new products from BoxDog!

The Details

BoxDog allows you to skip any future deliveries, as long as you take care of the process before the next billing cycle. BoxDog writes out the billing dates in their FAQ section so that you know exactly when to expect any charges for deliveries. Whenever you choose ongoing orders, you'll be charged four times a year, ahead of the seasonal deliveries. You can replace any defective product as long as you reach out to the BoxDog team within 15 days of your items being delivered.


BoxDog sits a little higher on the price scale as other treat and toy delivery products, but their approach and conscious ingredients help them earn their price point. Since each treat is homemade, your dog will be chomping on goodies that are designed specifically to make them happy. Along with this, you'll also have the option to include premium add-ons with any box of your choosing — these are items that you didn't know you needed until you see them on the BoxDog website. 

Each box includes a wide variety of edible treats along with wellness items and toys — individually, these all add up to a value that is much higher than the price of a BoxDog delivery. With free shipping within the continental U.S., this is all the more reason to spoil your pup that much more with a subscription to BoxDog. 

Set Your Dog Up for Happiness

You'll see nothing but wide smiles and big tail wags from doggy customers, meaning that BoxDog gets the ultimate approval from our canine friends. If that's not the reassurance you need to try out BoxDog, then we don't know what is.

Give it a try
, and you could even receive a discount just for trying out this pup-approved service! Your dog is a big supporter of this decision — don't let them down.