Sun Basket Review

  • $35 off + 4 free gifts
  • Organic and sustainable ingredients
  • Meals ready in about 30 minutes
  • Choose from 18 recipes weekly
  • Paleo, gluten-free, and family options
  • Skip or cancel anytime
  • $35 off + 4 free gifts
  • Organic and sustainable ingredients
  • Meals ready in about 30 minutes
  • Choose from 18 recipes weekly
  • Paleo, gluten-free, and family options
  • Skip or cancel anytime

Sun Basket


Meal delivery plans all promise to reduce your time spent at the grocery store, but Sun Basket has taken that commitment even further by bringing health-conscious recipes to your doorstep. Not only will it be easier to prepare delicious meals, but you’ll also be enjoying healthier meals in their most convenient form. Sun Basket brings the organic section straight to your kitchen with their meal delivery plan. Stop scrolling through pages of lifestyle blogs just to find a healthy recipe — let Sun Basket do the chef-powered research while you enjoy the art of cooking.

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  • One of the few meal delivery services that is a Certified Organic Handler
  • 18 weekly recipes to choose from
  • Wide range of diet plans from Diabetes-Friendly to Quick and Easy
  • All seafood is sustainably sourced and meats are antibiotic- and hormone-free


  • Portions are on the smaller size
  • Price per serving rests on the higher end of the budget

Complete Review of Sun Basket

With delicious recipes like coriander-crusted tuna Niçoise and Thai turkey lettuce cups, it's no wonder Sun Basket is quickly becoming a favorite choice among the growing list of meal delivery services. Even with gourmet menu options and organic ingredients, Sun Basket still manages to offer their service at a very reasonable $11.99 per serving.

Signing up for Sun Basket service is easy and takes just a few minutes. Peruse their weekly recipes and filter your options to accommodate dietary needs like paleo, gluten-free or vegetarian as well as lean and clean and plans that are suitable for families. Just select whether you're cooking for 2 or 4 people, then choose your menu.

Sun Basket offers a 100% Mouthwatering Guarantee. Choose 3 recipes that you want to try out, and if you don't absolutely love your meal, just contact customer service within 7 days of delivery and they'll replace it for free or refund you the cost of that meal.

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  • Flexibility at the Heart of Sun Basket

    It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when deciding on which meal delivery plan works best for you. With Sun Basket, you can take the leap risk-free with their no-commitment meals. It’s simple to jump online, skip meals or cancel your plan at any time, all at the click of a button. Along with this, all users are guaranteed to love their meal or their money back.

    Sun Basket is committed to shining a spotlight on dinner tables across America, and if you’re just not feeling it, you can easily contact their customer service representatives for a refund.


    Whether you’re just starting out on a gluten-free diet or you’re a veteran of the diet, Sun Basket has created tasty recipes to bring out the best flavors in veggies, meats, and seafood. You might even forget that gluten exists thanks to chef-created gluten alternatives in these recipes.


    Just because it’s organic, doesn’t mean it’s a pushover. Sun Basket does not mess around when it comes to these high-protein recipes. Eliminate all the extras from your diet and stick to the greens and high-quality meats to fuel your day.

    Lean & Clean

    Each meal sits at around 550 calories per serving to help you manage your diet in a simple, non-stressful way. Sun Basket takes care of the calorie counting for you.


    Feast on pasture-raised eggs, responsibly-sourced dairy, and organic vegetables that will paint your plate with vibrant colors. If you’re looking to start cutting meat from your diet, make the transition easier with the help of Sun Basket.


    Indulge with Mediterranean recipes that are high in protein and fiber. Each meal is balanced and portioned to be 550-800 calories per serving. With their commitment to sustainably sourced seafood, Sun Basket delivers on their promise that their food will take your palate straight to the Mediterranean. U.S. News and World Report rated the Mediterranean Diet as the #1 overall diet for healthy eating thanks to its flavorful dishes paired with a smart balance of nutrition.


    These vegan dishes don’t stick to a boring routine of simple veggies and recipes. Sun Basket has incorporated flavors from cuisines served all over the world, meaning that each dish will take you to a new place. Each recipe is designed to give you plenty of protein without the use of animal products.


    The pescatarian dishes are plant-centric with an ideal serving of seafood. Sustainably sourced seafood is at the heart of these recipes, meaning every serving is filled with healthy bites of protein and flavor.


    All recipes in the Diabetes-Friendly category have been approved by the American Diabetes Association, giving you the green light to stop worrying and start enjoying. Each meal is balanced with high fiber, high protein, and is designated as “Carb Smart.” This option is perfect for busy professionals and anyone who is looking for an easy transition to diabetes management.

    Quick & Easy

    Have limited time in the kitchen? These recipes are designed to be simple, quick, and easy to clean up, without compromising flavor. You won’t find complicated five-pot recipes with this plan.

    Sun Basket Cost

    When compared to other meal delivery services, Sun Basket tends to sit on the higher end of cost per serving. However, their selection and dedication to sourcing high-quality ingredients make their price completely worth the cost. Plus, with different coupons and offers, you can find ways to cut that cost down. If you ordered similarly high-quality meals from restaurants, you’d be paying top dollar for your meal. Sun Basket gives you restaurant-grade meals at a lower rate.

    Ordering from Sun Basket comes with the peace of mind that you're getting seasonal, organic and sustainable ingredients. While $11.99 per serving is slightly higher than other services, we definitely think it's worth a couple of extra bucks to know that your food is fresh and free of pesticides, chemicals, hormones, and other questionable additives.

    Compare Sun Basket to Top Meal Delivery Competitors

    There are plenty of meal delivery services out there, but which one is right for you? Sun Basket stands high in the competitor field for several reasons, so we’ll point out some of the specifics why.

    Sun Basket vs. HelloFresh:

    Simply put: Sun Basket has way more meal plan options that span from “Quick and Easy” to Diabetes-Friendly and everything in between. Sun Basket has verified that all of their produce is certified organic and their seafood is sustainably sourced. As a trade-off, Sun Basket is considerably pricier per serving. Reviewers of both meal plans have also commented that HelloFresh’s portions stretch further.

    Sun Basket vs. Purple Carrot:

    Purple Carrot is another meal delivery service based on the idea of providing healthy, plant-centric diets. Purple Carrot is extremely creative with their veggies, however, they only offer plant-based meals. You will not get to choose the meat options for your dishes. The pricing of both Purple Carrot and Sun Basket is very similar.

    Sun Basket vs. Blue Apron:

    While both services offer extremely flexible plans, Sun Basket still reigns supreme when it comes to choosing meal categories. Blue Apron only offers 4 menus currently, so if you’re looking for more options, Sun Basket is your best bet. As was the case with HelloFresh, Blue Apron is priced considerably lower per serving.

    Sun Basket Buyer’s Guide

    Overall, Sun Basket is a great way to try new recipes that you might not otherwise be brave enough to cook at home while keeping your health and the environment in mind. For the price, it's a good value especially if you are trying to follow a special diet like Paleo, keto, vegan, or vegetarian. Their produce is fresh and the flavors are complex and fun. It's easy to change your order as well – reviewers report contacting Sun Basket customer service and being in touch with a representative within minutes.

    Sun Basket is a step in the right direction when it comes to your health. If you’re looking for an easy, delicious diet that you can stick to, you should check out Sun Basket.