Purple Carrot Review

  • $20 off your first order
  • Delicious, 100% vegan recipes
  • Some meals ready in 30 minutes
  • Choose from 8 weekly dinner recipes
  • Plant-based meals
  • Skip or cancel anytime
  • $20 off your first order
  • Delicious, 100% vegan recipes
  • Some meals ready in 30 minutes
  • Choose from 8 weekly dinner recipes
  • Plant-based meals
  • Skip or cancel anytime

Purple Carrot


Derived from the belief that plants have the power to change you and the planet, Purple Carrot has introduced unique plant-based recipes to the world of meal-kit subscriptions. Rather than giving you a slab of tofu to replace your beef patties, they introduce you to new vegetables, cooking techniques, and recipes that will have you excited to cook. Purple Carrot originates from the hope that consumers will eat more vegetables rather than eat only vegetables, however, their meal plans make it possible to completely replace all of your meals with plant-based recipes. 

Want to start receiving plant-based meals every week? Sign up with Purple Carrot and get cooking tips, innovative recipes, and more in a convenient delivery to your doorstep. 


  • Plant-based recipes for vegans and vegetarians
  • Variety of nut-free and allergen-friendly recipes
  • Includes Extras like to-go breakfasts and lunches
  • Pick a plan or customize your meals weekly
  • Free shipping and flexible subscription


  • Dinner recipes can sometimes take more than 30 minutes
  • Not all ingredients are organic or non-GMO certified
  • Prices are higher than some competitors

The Recipes

With some meal delivery subscriptions, you can start getting tired of the recipes that come your way. With a small rotating menu, you get the same ol' meals that will probably end up sitting untouched in your fridge. Purple Carrot is different. They serve up recipes that are new and exciting, giving you the power to be more creative with fresh vegetables. Interested in what these look like? Take a look at these meals that are just one of the many weekly options you can choose from: 

Chickpea Courgette Stew: A high-protein recipe that is both gluten-free and soy-free that pairs up with mango chutney and radishes.  

Thai Skillet Eggplant: This hearty recipe dresses up a bed of jasmine rice with crispy tofu, eggplant, and other vegetables. 

Mini White Bean Burgers: Skip the tofu patties and mix up your burger game with white beans. Being soy-free and nut-free, this is a great vegetarian option for someone who can't eat soy. 

Refried Butternut Tacos: Grape salsa?! Cilantro cabbage slaw?! Who knew these could all combine for a delicious take on an easy-to-make veggie taco. 

For anyone with allergies, you have full access to ingredients and nutritional information to ensure that you can eat everything in your dinner. Plus, since Purple Carrot separates its ingredients into portion-sized packs, you can easily replace one ingredient for another. Purple Carrot also offers advice from their culinary experts to give you appropriate replacement recommendations for the meals you're cooking up. 


If you're still hungry after cooking up these delicious dishes, or if you want to add Purple Carrot to your mornings or afternoons, Purple Carrot now offers "Extras." These to-go breakfast and lunch recipes only take 5 minutes to prepare, giving you a healthy snack that you can take with you on your way out the door. 

Purple Carrot Extras are a great solution for anyone that simply doesn't have the time to cook. 

The Benefits of Purple Carrot

We can appreciate it when a meal-delivery company opens up access to their recipes for anyone to check out. Even if you're not a member of Purple Carrot, you can still see the breakdown of their most popular recipes so you can make them at home. To us, this proves that Purple Carrot is firm in their belief that plant-based diets can make a change in this world. 

So, why plants? Purple Carrot makes it clear that they're not "anti-animal," just "pro-plant." They don't shame users for modifying their recipes with meat, but rather, they help consumers add more plants to their diets. They rely on the research proving that plant-based diets can reduce the risk of heart disease, lower the risk of diabetes, and decrease the chance of high blood pressure. 

Purple Carrot not only keeps you healthy, but they also help you maintain a more eco-friendly, sustainable choice when it comes to dinnertime. With less water used to grow vegetables than to produce meat, plant-based recipes use fewer resources to create. Whether you're substituting your entire meat-centric diet for plants or just eating one plant-based meal per week, this can help you cut down on your resource dependence. 

Pricing Plans

In comparison to other meal delivery plans, Purple Carrot is transparent and upfront about their prices per serving size. You won't have to sign up for any email lists to get an estimate on prices, which is a huge plus if you're doing comparison shopping. While their prices per serving are not the lowest you'll find for meal delivery subscriptions, they offer free shipping with each meal to help you justify the cost. In the long run, this can largely cut out on the price you'll pay for this service.

You'll typically receive a discount for your first week with Purple Carrot, and you can cancel or skip your subscription anytime, potentially curing your worry of commitment. 

Purple Carrot offers a two- and four-serving plan, which you'd choose based on how many people are in your household or how much you want to eat. With the two-serving plan, you can ask for 3 or 4 dinners per week. With the four-serving plan, you get the option to choose between 3 or 4 dinners per week. 

After you checkout, you'll get the chance to add Extras to your order, in case you wanted to opt into breakfast and lunch with Purple Carrot. 

Each serving is priced similarly, or lower than a meal at a sit-down restaurant.

Picking Your Plan

There isn't as much of a variety with Purple Carrot plans as there are in competitive services, but that can also be attributed to the fact that Purple Carrot is already plant-centric. Because of this, there's less need for lower sodium or low-fat options. You can find calorie counts on every recipe, making it easy to narrow down your meal options if you're aiming to eat a meal with lower calories. 

Purple Carrot allows you to filter your meals according to whether they're High-Protein, Quick and Easy, Chef's Choice, or Gluten-Free (Purple Carrot does include a disclaimer that while the meals are created to be gluten-free, their facilities that process the meals are not certified to be gluten-free). 

Environmentally Conscious Packaging

It's not enough to send out more environmentally friendly vegetables — Purple Carrot wants to also back that up with responsible packaging and ways to easily recycle the deliveries you receive. They number each of their plastics for easier sorting, and their cardboard boxes are easy to break down. All of the plastics that are used are only accepted in some community recycling, so you have to do some research to ensure that your local recycling company accepts them. 

Purple Carrot also provides upcycling and tips on reusing all containers that you receive through them. 

Make an Easy Change

Purple Carrot gives you the ability to make a change to your diet that is convenient and feasible. You can start learning how to cook healthier recipes with fun ways to incorporate vegetables into your diet. Rather than revamping all of your habits, you just have to do one: Subscribe to Purple Carrot. Remember, if you're just not feeling it, you aren't committed to anything and there are no contracts to sign. You'll be able to give healthy eating a try without being locked into anything. 

Ready to start cooking up fun, delicious, plant-based recipes? Sign up with Purple Carrot and be proud of the plant gourmet that you can come up with at home.