Freshology Review

  • $80 off first 4 weeks
  • Fresh, nutritionally balanced meals
  • No cooking required
  • Completely customizable menus
  • Keto, diabetes-friendly, and vegetarian plans
  • Skip, pause, or cancel any time
  • $80 off first 4 weeks
  • Fresh, nutritionally balanced meals
  • No cooking required
  • Completely customizable menus
  • Keto, diabetes-friendly, and vegetarian plans
  • Skip, pause, or cancel any time



Why Choose Freshology?

Not only can diets be overwhelming, but without a support system, they can be downright unattainable. You might just want to add balanced nutrition to your everyday diet, or you could be looking to lose weight, but either way, it's a change that requires thoughtful planning as you transition. Meal planning, researching healthy and delicious recipes, and understanding caloric needs can all be a bigger project than you want to undertake. 

Freshology, a meal delivery service powered by Diet-to-Go, turns your diet into less of a job and more of an easy-to-follow routine. Freshology brings chef-prepared, pre-made meals straight to your door, so all you have to do is heat them up and enjoy. Extending past food, their informative, responsive community and free health coaching offer a network of support that can lift you up on those bad days and motivate you on those good days.

If you're looking to make a lifestyle change in terms of eating healthier, more balanced meals, Freshology is a simple, curated option that is guaranteed to help you meet your goals.

Plus, with our coupon, you'll receive a steep discount on your first five weeks as you dig into delicious meals. 

Chef-Prepared, Pre-Made Meals

We want to point out just how easy it is to eat these meals, so here are the steps you have to take — none of which require a pot or pan of any kind: 

  1. Register for an account at
  2. Choose your menu and recipes
  3. Apply this $100 coupon for the first five weeks
  4. Confirm your choices
  5. Relax as your food is delivered to your door
  6. Unpack and refrigerate your meals
  7. Heat your food up and eat! 

No recipes, no meal planning, and easy clean-up make this plan a non-chef's absolute dream. Even for those culinary masters out there, the flavor that comes with these dishes will make you want to write down their recipes and try to recreate them from scratch. Plus, with an online community full of recipes, you'll be inspired to create your own meal in between Freshology plates. 

To break it down, Freshology is one of the easiest, healthiest, and tastiest meal delivery services on the market.

Four Menus to Choose From

Freshology follows the same model as Diet-to-Go, incorporating four different menus that emphasize certain ingredients and eliminate others. You can easily customize your meals if you're wanting a slight tweak to your menu options. For someone with food allergies, you can easily contact the Freshology team to ensure that your recipes are appropriate for your dietary needs. Freshology uses four different menus as their baseline, each one tailored to what you're looking for in your diet. 

Balance: A simple menu that focuses on nutritionally balanced breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. The priority with the Balance Menu is to give you calorie-controlled and heart-healthy food that is easy to jump into at any stage of your diet. If you're just starting your new diet, Balance easily weans you off sugar or calorie overloads. For those looking for proper nutrition maintenance, Balance keeps you on a balanced plan that is constantly changing from week to week. Vegetarian and non-seafood options are also available with this choice. 

One of our favorite aspects of the Balance Menu is Freshology's rating as the #1 choice for Taste by Epicurious. As a pre-made meal service, this is an incredibly impressive achievement, meaning Freshology chefs have made no compromises when it comes to pre-preparing these meals. 

Balance-Diabetes: This menu is a slight change to the Balance, emphasizing the natural control of blood sugar through food. Balance-Diabetes focuses on heart-healthy options through balancing sodium, carbs, fat, and cholesterol. This is a great option for anyone who is diabetic, managing a pre-diabetes diagnosis, or working to prevent type-2 diabetes. 

Keto-Carb30: Looking at completing a keto-friendly diet? The Keto-Carb30 is a keto-friendly alternative that replaces carbohydrates with good fats. This menu reduces sugars and carbohydrates in a natural and healthy way to help you cut down on any excess fat retention. 

Vegetarian: This classic meal plan has the same tenure as Freshology's Balance Menu, as it's helped dieters for over 25 years now. With a veggie twist on the Balance option, you'll still get the protein you need while eating a plant-based diet. Freshology substitutes meat with eggs, beans, dairy, and some soy to give you the proper fuel you need for each day. This is a great option if you're a vegetarian looking to keep your diet balanced and calorie-controlled — for someone who needs more direction in their plant-based meals, this could be your solution. 

Your Diet Management

Freshology excels in providing you with the support and community you need to reach your goals. Their platform revolves around an ever-changing forum that offers new recipes, health tips, diet approaches, and more. Weekly blogs, helpful feedback, and coaching make you feel like you're part of a team as you work towards your health goals. Not only does Freshology focus on healthy eating, but they also help their clients substantiate their health with appropriate fitness routines. 

Once you register for Freshology, you'll be able to create your own profile. Here, you can work to customize your meal plans, talk with a health coach, and access a wealth of resources that will break you out of any sort of rut you might be in.

Flexible Scheduling

Since Freshology focuses on diet changes as a lifestyle, they understand that busy professionals might need a pause in deliveries or a rescheduling. Easily schedule your Freshology deliveries from your user profile, canceling or pausing your subscription at any time. You're not locked into a commitment, so you have the freedom to use your diet plan as you need. This no-pressure approach proves that Freshology is more concerned about your personal gains and goals than locking you into a contract. 

Eager to check out a new approach to dieting? You should be! Remember, they're rated #1 in Taste by Epicurious, a website that revolves entirely around food, so you'll be getting that double whammy of delicious food that also helps you lose weight.

Don't forget, you can get an unmatched $100 off the first five weeks as you try this meal delivery service.

Congratulations on taking these first few steps to a healthier lifestyle!