Blue Apron Review

  • $60 off first 3 boxes
  • Quality, sustainable ingredients
  • Meals ready in 30 minutes
  • Choose from 8 weekly recipes
  • Vegetarian and other options
  • Skip or cancel anytime
  • $60 off first 3 boxes
  • Quality, sustainable ingredients
  • Meals ready in 30 minutes
  • Choose from 8 weekly recipes
  • Vegetarian and other options
  • Skip or cancel anytime

Blue Apron


Started in 2012 by three ambitious home chefs, Blue Apron has been a meal delivery service that has continued to grow and improve since the beginning. Their vision encompasses a world where sustainable, waste-free cooking is a possibility and accessible to as many people as possible. By sourcing their food directly from family-run farms and responsible meat suppliers, Blue Apron has taken strides to reach their overarching sustainable campaign of healthy, delicious food that can make a chef out of anyone.


  • Sustainably sourced food from family-run farms focused on animal welfare
  • FDA regulated food safety practices from the fulfillment center to your front door
  • Pre-portioned, pre-measured ingredients in every delivery
  • Flexible delivery schedules so you can plan your preferred delivery day and skip meals any time
  • Helpful resources, kitchen marketplace, online cookbooks, and more available 24/7
  • Monthly wine delivery pairs a bottle with your favorite recipes


  • While you can indicate your menu preferences, there is still a limited number of special diet plans
  • Price per serving is in the middle-to-high range when compared to other meal delivery services

Complete Review of Blue Apron

Blue Apron is committed to bringing their clients fresh, seasonal recipes that inspire the inner chef in all of us. They’ve collaborated with Weight Watchers to launch their newest plan that revolves around healthy living and moderate calories. Blue Apron is a company that never settles and searches for ways to improve their services. As a customer, this means Blue Apron will always be responsive to suggestions and open to making your experience all-around more enjoyable.

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We’ve taken a look at what makes Blue Apron special in comparison to other meal delivery services. While you’ll see exactly how valuable and convenient Blue Apron is when you order your first meal, it’s always good to know what’s going to arrive at your front door.

Where Blue Apron Stands in the World of Meal Delivery

Blue Apron on its own has quite a few recognizable pros when it comes to food safety, sustainability, customer responsiveness, and more. However, when you’re looking for meal delivery services, you’ll find a whole spectrum of products that are competing for your kitchen. How does Blue Apron look when compared to other top competitors?

Blue Apron vs. HelloFresh:

HelloFresh has followed Blue Apron closely on its heels recently, like launching a monthly wine delivery service, providing gift cards, and more. HelloFresh falls short in the variety of plans it offers, only giving customers the options of Classic, Family, and Veggie plans. Blue Apron has also cultivated a stronger online community to help chefs start cooking from a very beginning baseline, and its momentum is something that is hard to compete with.

Blue Apron vs. Sun Basket:

Sun Basket has Blue Apron beat when it comes to special diets and choosing themed plans. Whereas Blue Apron only has the four plans, Sun Basket has eleven. These are mostly centered around certain diet trends and health-conscious appetites, such as a Diabetes-Friendly meal plan and a Lean and Clean choice. Because of this variety, Sun Basket is priced $2 higher per serving, which can quickly add up.

Blue Apron vs. Home Chef:

Instead of offering certain meal plans, Home Chef allows the users to choose their recipes each week and customizing certain dishes, like adding more protein or removing some ingredients. Home Chef sits on the same tier of pricing as Blue Apron, but Blue Apron is more transparent in their food sourcing and offers a straight-to-supplier look at where each of their ingredients comes from. To dive into choosing recipes with Home Chef, you have to start the process by giving your shipping and billing information, which can be a pain to do for some consumers.

Blue Apron, Green Goals

Every ingredient that Blue Apron shares with its chefs can be traced back to a sustainable, responsible source. There’s no question about where your food comes from. Blue Apron has dedicated part of their website showcasing all of the family-run farms that help supply their produce and meat.

Blue Apron has taken visible steps to improving their food distribution, and since its creation, has worked toward reducing food waste in the kitchen.

Animal Welfare Policy in Action

Animal welfare is an obvious priority in Blue Apron’s food practices. All meat comes from farms that ensure that animals are happy, healthy, and free to act as animals should. To be a supplier for Blue Apron, farmers must confirm that animals are fed non-GMO ingredients, no hormones, and no animal byproduct as improvised supplements. In a strong move to highlight the sources their food comes from, Blue Apron has also given these farms a platform on their website to showcase the different small, local growers they depend on for ingredients.

Blue Apron has also partnered with Seafood Watch, a program created by the Monterey Bay Aquarium that recommends seafood that has been fished or farmed in ways that support a healthy ocean.

Blue Apron Cost

As one of the meal delivery services at the forefront of food-to-your-door service, Blue Apron has stood in the middle ground of pricing. Their mix of value and affordability has many of their customers satisfied with the overall product, meaning that you’ll get farm-fresh ingredients for a reasonable price.

Blue Apron does not sit at the lowest tier of pricing for meal delivery services, but we couldn’t expect them to as they use locally run farms and continue to advocate for fair wages for their sustainable suppliers.

Blue Apron offers four pricing plans, and some of them are contingent on the amount of people that you want to serve.

Their 2-serving Signature Plan offers 2-3 recipes a week that involve a mix of meat, veggies, and signature recipes from Blue Apron chefs. The price per serving is $9.99, which when compared to a night out at a restaurant, will actually save you money in the long run. You can also choose the 4-serving Signature plan that is $8.99 per serving and can feed a small family with the same variety of proteins and produce. Shipping is free with both of these plans, so there is no surprise charge when you checkout.

The Freestyle Plan, a partnership with Weight Watchers, is Blue Apron’s most recent addition to their services. The plan offers healthy recipes designed for healthy weights. Instead of spending your time counting calories and eating tasteless meals, you can see the exact ingredients that go into your meals as you cook them. This is a great way to start your health journey, and Blue Apron is with you every step of the way without the overbearing dietitian consultants or weight loss counters. Each serving is $9.99 and shipping is free.

The 2-serving Vegetarian plan, which offers 2-3 recipes per week, offers meat-free meals with seasonal produce. Get inspired by meals that correspond to each season, ensuring that you’re always getting fresh veggies that grow naturally. Each serving is $9.99 and shipping is free.

Introducing: Blue Apron’s Low-Calorie Diet

As recently as late 2018, Blue Apron paired up with Weight Watchers to create meals that are delicious yet Weight Watchers-approved. With their new Freestyle Plan, you can cook up low-calorie meals that give you the protein you need to conquer big workouts. Stop sustaining yourself with just granola bars and fill up on home-cooked meals designed by Blue Apron chefs. This is a great way to get that Signature taste without worrying about a calorie count.

If you have certain preferences, like a pescatarian menu or gluten-free, you can choose your menu preferences as you sign up for each plan. Plans are able to be changed weekly, so you’re never locked into the Vegetarian plan if you suddenly feel a craving for meat.

Vegetarian Plan

While Blue Apron falls a bit short in terms of their variety of special diets, they do offer a Vegetarian Plan that is perfect for a couple or individual. There’s no Vegetarian Family Plan (yet), but with Blue Apron’s menu preference indicator, you can specify which kinds of meals you’d like (or dislike).

Since Blue Apron never settles, we’re going to take a wild guess that they’ll have more special diets lined up in the future. They’ve already added the Weight Watchers inspired Freestyle plan, so we can only imagine that they’ll keep leaning in that direction, especially as new diet trends bring out more specific meal requirements (keto, Paleo, etc.).

Blue Apron Monthly Wine Delivery

One fun way to spruce up your nightly meals is to pair a complimentary wine with the flavors you’re serving up. Whether you want to send your wine as a gift or include it with your own recipes, monthly wine delivery is a sure way to get your guests or partner excited about the evening. Each bottle is selected to complement certain recipes, and with each wine delivery, you’ll receive a description of flavor profiles, notes, and more. If you’ve wanted to learn more about wine but never knew where to start, this can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship between you and wine.

How-To’s, Online Cookbook, Kitchen Marketplace, and More

Blue Apron looks out for the blossoming chefs in the kitchen and understands the pitfalls that come with learning: Not understanding the difference between sautéing and broiling, only having one pot from 1978, and having no clue what a zester is. Their online community hosts resources such as video examples of how to execute certain cooking techniques, a kitchen marketplace where you can buy Blue Apron-verified utensils, spices, and more, and more. They also offer an app that you can take with you anywhere to moderate your deliveries, look up how-to videos while on-the-go, and more.

Take a look at the online cookbook where you can see every recipe you’ve ever dreamed of listed out in front of you. You can filter out the type of food you’re looking for, and you’ll get a handy, easy-to-follow list of steps to make your new favorite dish.

For the beginner chefs, Blue Apron serves as a delicious, healthy guide to becoming more confident in the kitchen.

Blue Apron Buyer’s Guide

To get similarly scrutinized ingredients that are both healthy and sustainable, you’d have to turn to the local Farmer’s Market or the expensive Whole Foods down the street. At this rate, you’ll be spending as much money, or more, for food that is not pre-portioned, pre-measured, and delivered directly to your door. From their FDA-regulated fulfillment centers to their fully trained team of food handlers, Blue Apron continues to raise the bar for meal delivery services.

Adding new menu plans to their services, offering cooking resources, and more, Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that you’ll be ecstatic to share with friends and family. All new sign-ups get an exclusive deal on their first order, and when there’s food delivered straight to your door, you can’t really go wrong with giving Blue Apron a try.