DreamCloud Review

  • $200 off any mattress + free gifts
  • Hybrid memory foam and coil
  • Medium firmness
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 365-night home trial
  • Everlong Warranty™
  • $200 off any mattress + free gifts
  • Hybrid memory foam and coil
  • Medium firmness
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 365-night home trial
  • Everlong Warranty™



A mattress that combines premium materials into a luxury hybrid mattress, DreamCloud is a strong competitor in the world of deep, dreamy sleep. Rather than leaning to an all-foam or innerspring construction, they’ve incorporated a mix of innovative materials that support, cool, and soothe you while you sleep. DreamCloud has accomplished the trifecta of mattresses with their model: dynamic comfort, affordable price, and high-quality construction. Since each person sleeps differently, we’ve taken a look at the key reasons the DreamCloud is reviewed as one of the best mattresses around.

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Introducing DreamCloud 2.0

With the help of expert revision and analysis, DreamCloud has been revamped and reintroduced as DreamCloud 2.0. What makes this new mattress so special? This new version of DreamCloud mattresses doesn't just have a new name — mattress makers have rebuilt the award-winning mattress by keeping the formula that works and removing components that could be improved. By changing some aspects of their product, DreamCloud 2.0 can tackle issues that consumers were previously experiencing, like shipping errors and delivery times. 

The New Layers of DreamCloud

Six different layers, each comprised of premium materials, are strategically combined to create a mattress that is durable, soft, and supportive. To get all three benefits in a mattress involves a special formula derived from gel memory foam, an innerspring coil unit, and specialized foams. 

DreamCloud makers have answered to the feedback that real users provided, and they've updated their mattress accordingly to positively address these points. Here are a few of the additions they've incorporated into their new-and-improved DreamCloud mattress: 

  • A more durable Euro Top Cover: With durability and a streamlined product, DreamCloud delivers a mattress that consumers won't have to wait too long to enjoy. DreamCloud changed their approach in order to address a previous issue with delivery time. This cover is more durable than the DreamCloud's first version, incorporating breathable fabric into a plush, comforting, quilted Euro Top. 

  • Softer Feel Gel Memory Foam: This gel-infused layer provides contour with a softer feel than before, not allowing for any compromise between structure and comfort. 

  • Support Layer: DreamCloud has incorporated a foam that offers more resistance to the sleeper, preventing too much sinkage "into" the bed.

  • Edge Support Layer: A feature of the new DreamCloud mattress that we're most excited to see, the fifth layer of DreamCloud 2.0 combats poor edge support with pocketed innerspring coils. This improved model also allows for better ventilation within the mattress and reduces any roll-off. The disconnected pocketed element, rather than the previous mattress's coil system, helps eliminate motion transfer between partners, which can be a setback in innerspring mattresses.

  • Base Support Layer: By engineering another support layer at the bottom of the mattress construction, this newest version of DreamCloud provides even more support, keeping the customer on top of the mattress. 

Does DreamCloud Have That “New Mattress Smell”?

Despite being compressed into a bag and vacuum sealed, DreamCloud users have noted a very faint smell that dissipates within 24 hours. This is a pleasant surprise, given that the DreamCloud mattress has several layers of foam that all vary in density.

Does DreamCloud 2.0 Need a Special Foundation?

You can purchase a DreamCloud foundation, which can be set up with your White Glove Delivery Service, but this isn’t required to sleep soundly on your DreamCloud. A basic box spring or foundation gives you the complementary support your bed needs. The DreamCloud mattress has a plush profile and expands to be 15 inches thick in 24 to 72 hours after opening, so make sure that your foundation can support this taller mattress height.

Which Sleeping Position and Body Type is Best for DreamCloud Mattresses?

Good news for back sleepers of any weight: DreamCloud is the mattress for you! Whether you weigh less than 130 pounds or over 250 pounds, you’ll discover that DreamCloud relieves stress imposed by misalignment on your shoulders, back, hips, and joints.

Heavier body types who sleep on their side or stomach will find more comfort on the DreamCloud than a lightweight side or stomach sleeper who prefers a softer feel. DreamCloud notes that their mattress does fall on the firmer end of the scale, barely tipping past the midpoint of the comfort level spectrum. For lightweight body types who prefer a firm feel, DreamCloud will be the ideal fit.

Does DreamCloud Relieve Back Pain?

Several reviewers note how their back pain dissipated after sleeping on the DreamCloud. Even those with chronic back pain and previous injuries rave about the feel of the DreamCloud. Rather than sinking into a memory foam mattress, which can worsen back pain, DreamCloud provides a solid, durable construction that maintains its shape over time. By reducing sag and preventing a hammock-like feel, your body can align properly.

Is a DreamCloud Mattress Firm or Soft?

DreamCloud offers one firmness option, which works for most sleepers. Its mixture of durable foams, as well as its pocketed coil unit, make for a unique, high-density production that keeps you from sinking into the bed. As noted previously, the DreamCloud is Medium-Firm and walks the line between middle-of-the-road comfort and being on the firmer side.

Does the DreamCloud Mattress Keep Cool at Night?

While foam mattresses are notorious for their lack of airflow, DreamCloud fights back with its pocketed coil system and gel-infused memory foam. Despite having layers of different foams, their disconnected pocketed coil unit allows for air to move through the interior of the mattress, keeping the layers cool and ventilated throughout the night. Along with this, DreamCloud pairs this air movement with its quilted Euro Top. 

What to Expect with DreamCloud Delivery

To keep costs at its affordable price point, DreamCloud is an online-only shopping experience. They manufacture their beds once it’s ordered, so your bed is as fresh as possible when it arrives at your door. Despite the 8 layers of different materials in their mattress, DreamCloud is still able to deliver their mattress in a compressed, duffel-like bag.

DreamCloud uses FedEx to deliver their mattresses, and while they give a time frame of 1-5 delivery days, reviewers have noted that on some orders, the delivery has taken considerably longer. Most complaints about DreamCloud involve delivery expectations, and since a third party, FedEx, is used, it’s difficult to streamline the process and pinpoint an exact expected delivery time.

Before DreamCloud reintroduced their newest mattress, reviewers had experienced a longer delivery time, but still expressed that their mattress was completely worth the wait. Since DreamCloud has listened to this feedback, they've worked to improve the delivery process through streamlined manufacturing practices. Consumers might see these reviews that concern the former model, but we're predicting that DreamCloud 2.0 will be a redesigned and refreshing delivery experience. 

DreamCloud Highlights

The selection of DreamCloud’s premium materials has caught our attention for its high quality and dedication to keeping prices low. They've focused their attention on supportive layers to give sleepers the structure and conformity that some foam mattresses lack. Because of this, mattress durability and edge support is an improved feature in this newest version of DreamCloud. 

Notably, DreamCloud has developed several proprietary approaches to their mattress, which makes their mattress unique in its feel and comfort. Not only does DreamCloud infuse their beds with gel-infused memory foam and a quilted EuroTop, they have also added structural foams to the mix. By using a higher-resistance foam, they’ve added improved contouring that won't degrade over time. 

These 6 layers of different foams and pocketed springs add up to a plush 15” construction that truly feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud. The top-notch approach to selecting their materials, as well as their consumer-focused engineering, makes DreamCloud stand out among the rest, validating their placement in our top ten mattress picks. They've looked at the concerns that sleepers have had and they've integrated these improvements into a new-and-improved bed. 

Along with the materials that DreamCloud does use, it’s also important to note which things they don’t use in their mattresses. DreamCloud avoids adhesives in their mattress, adding to the longevity of the mattress and improving edge support. The breakdown of adhesives over time can lead to sagging and expedited wear on the mattress. Leaving adhesives out of the equation is another testament to the thought and care DreamCloud has invested in their mattress.

The mattress construction contributes to the many positive aspects of DreamCloud. Motion transfer is almost nonexistent, a surprising attribute to a mattress with coils inside of it. DreamCloud has also been praised for its durability, lasting well into the teen years of its life.

DreamCloud Lowlights

DreamCloud users will note that the regular Twin size is not available with this mattress, which can turn some shoppers away who just need a smaller bed. However, they still offer Twin XL, which is just a longer version of the traditional Twin mattress. 

A noted criticism which is based on personal sleeper preference is the firmness of the bed. Lightweight users will notice the firmness more than heavier body types, and this can be a no-go for some. Along with this, users who want more of that “memory foam feel” will likely not get that out of this mattress. Thanks to its sturdy, high-density materials, this bed keeps you on top of it rather than having its sleepers sink into it.

DreamCloud Return Policy

Since the DreamCloud mattress isn’t available in any brick-and-mortar showroom or store, the company understands that customers may have misgivings about purchasing a mattress they’ve never even touched. That’s why they offer a generous 365-night trial on any mattress. This stands as one of the longest trial periods for a deliver-to-your-door mattress company. DreamCloud offers a full refund and free returns if you decide the mattress isn’t for you, without any hidden transportation or return fees.

The only cost you cannot refund is the White Glove Delivery service if you had chosen this option. Since you’re paying for the cost of time and labor, this simply cannot be returned.

DreamCloud is committed to giving you a mattress that you will love, so they offer an Everlong lifetime warranty. Their Full Comfort Guarantee is more reassurance that you should try out this mattress.

Caring for your DreamCloud Mattress

The DreamCloud mattress is designed to be layered in a specific way that supports the user’s body as they sleep. Because of this, it is not designed to be flipped to its other side. You can rotate the DreamCloud once every few months to help evenly distribute the weight among the mattress, but this isn’t required.

Since the DreamCloud uses a quilted top layer, cleaning requires a little more care than just submerging the layer in water. In fact, if you do this, you will damage the foam and compromise the mattress. It will help you to abide by cleaning instructions that don't completely saturate the mattress. You can find special cleaning formulas on the market, or you can use water and vinegar to spot clean the stained area. You can also try a mild detergent and spot clean, but use it diligently and ensure that the wet area is able to dry completely.

The best option is to directly follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to clean the DreamCloud mattress without damaging the materials. While it’s easy to maintain the DreamCloud, you do have to make sure that any stains are treated with caution.

DreamCloud Mattress Against the Competition

DreamCloud has been introduced as a luxury bed-in-a-box that mixes all the best ingredients into a bed. Whereas some beds will just use memory foam and others will only use innersprings, DreamCloud has combined both. 

As with all mattresses, every sleeper prefers a certain feel, construction, and price, so here’s how DreamCloud stacks up against other mattresses. As you’ll see, we’ve chosen to only compare DreamCloud with beds that have similar hybrid constructions instead of highlighting DreamCloud against all-foam mattresses. Since all-foam and innerspring mattresses have such distinct feels, it simply would not be useful to compare apples to oranges.

DreamCloud vs. Saatva

These two are fairly well matched when it comes to hybrid mattresses. Incorporating both high-quality foam and innerspring construction into their beds, DreamCloud and Saatva have conquered the field of luxury mattresses at an affordable price. Users have noted that DreamCloud is a bit more breathable and cooler to sleep on due to its pocketed coils. While DreamCloud only has one comfort level to choose from, Saatva offers three, giving users a little more versatility when it comes to choosing their firmness or softness options.

DreamCloud is delivered in a box, which might be convenient for anyone who can’t be home for that 4-hour delivery window that Saatva requires. While both mattresses work for all body types, DreamCloud has been reported to have a firmer feel than Saatva, especially if sleepers choose the Plush Soft option with Saatva.

DreamCloud vs. Leesa Hybrid Mattress

Leesa offers both an all-foam mattress as well as their hybrid mattress, formerly known as Sapira. As far as profile goes, DreamCloud sits about 4” taller than a Leesa, which can either be a pro or con, depending on your needs in terms of physical space. DreamCloud’s 365-night trial is difficult to beat, but Leesa falls way short at just 100 nights. Considering the premium materials in DreamCloud, you’d expect the price of DreamCloud to be higher. However, DreamCloud is comparable, if not less expensive, than Leesa’s price for their hybrid option. DreamCloud has been noted to be a bit firmer than Leesa, so if you are a petite side sleeper, you might lean to Leesa as a comparable option in the mattress arena.

DreamCloud vs. Keetsa Hybrid Mattresses

Keetsa has introduced a hybrid option to its lineup, incorporating iCoil® into their mattress’s construction. Sleepers have noted that the support of Keetsa has not lived up to their expectations, and this can be boiled down to heavier body types not getting the spinal support they wanted. For this reason, DreamCloud’s firmer characteristics will definitely appease these same critics and give them the sleep they deserve. Both mattresses ship free and are delivered in a box, making their arrivals painless and simple to set up.

DreamCloud’s Dreamy Construction

As you can tell, we’re excited by the lengths taken by DreamCloud manufacturers to ensure that their mattresses are designed for the consumer. By listening to their real-life customers, DreamCloud has taken big steps to improving their mattress. Simply by refusing to settle with materials that aren’t top-notch, they’ve created a mattress that is breathable, supportive, durable, and simply a dream. Their deep discounts, generous trial period, and free shipping* are proof that they’re proud of their product.

If DreamCloud sounds like the mattress for you, or if you just want to give it a try (why not, right?), then check out our coupons and find the DreamCloud you’ve been waiting for!

*Free shipping within the contiguous U.S. Shipping fee may apply for orders being delivered to AK, HI, Guam, etc.