Rosetta Stone Review

  • iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows compatible
    • 24 languages available
    • TruAccent speech recognition
    • Online or offline lessons
    • 30-day money-back guarantee
    Per Month
    • iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows compatible
      • 24 languages available
      • TruAccent speech recognition
      • Online or offline lessons
      • 30-day money-back guarantee

      Rosetta Stone


      Jump right into a new language as soon as you download Rosetta Stone to whatever device you desire. With its quick dive into a new language, you'll start digesting new phrases in a matter of minutes. In fact, with Rosetta Stone's quick 10-minute lessons, you can pick new pronunciation up on your commute to work, on a lunch break, or just while you're waiting for a friend.

      Can language learning be as simple as scrolling through Instagram? Rosetta Stone is here to prove that yes, it can be.

      Learning Through Immersion

      Forget the adage that you can't learn a new language unless you're completely immersed in it. With that fallacy, you'll excuse yourself for not knowing Spanish because you've never lived in Chile, or you can't learn French because you never had that study abroad experience that your friend Susan can't stop talking about. Rosetta Stone, PC Mag's Best Language Learning Software for 7 years in a row, is here to debunk that myth. You CAN learn a new language, even in the comfort of your birth country.

      How does Rosetta Stone accomplish this? Their first lesson is completely in the new language you'll be learning, meaning you can't use your native language as a crutch. But, they don't just leave you in the dark. They allow you to connect patterns with the new language, associating real-world examples with grammatical patterns. You'll find yourself treating language learning as a game as you mix and match phrases, search for new patterns, and aim for that green checkmark on your lesson.

      Even if you're sitting at a coffee shop and can't speak into the microphone during a specific lesson, you can still work on listening and reading in a productive and intuitive way. You'll start trusting your knowledge because Rosetta Stone builds up your confidence in ways that written language exams just will never compete with.

      How Does Rosetta Stone Work?

      Have you ever tried to learn something new only to get bored with a lengthy introduction into the "essence" of that subject? Rosetta Stone gets you to the meat of a language as soon as you log in. No intro lectures, no wordy blog posts about someone's journey into their language learning, and no ads to distract you from your mission.

      Rosetta Stone gives you the flexibility to choose how you want to learn and for how long you want to subscribe. First, pick your subscription period (the longer the commitment, the more inexpensive your monthly cost). Then, decide which communication avenues you want to prioritize. Need to just know some key speaking phrases for an upcoming trip? You can skip the writing and reading sections and mainly focus on speaking and pronunciation instead.

      A Mix of Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking

      Rosetta Stone does understand the value of fully immersing yourself into a language, so they've incorporated an entire mix of communication methods into each lesson. You'll find yourself improving each skill simultaneously, rather than excelling at reading while losing out on speaking skills. Their Dynamic Immersion technique truly involves every component of your communication in a fun and compelling way.

      Freedom to Excel at Your Pace

      Because you can learn a language at any hour of any day, Rosetta Stone gives you the flexibility to learn without depending on the hours of a live tutor or classroom. While online chat support is always available, and you can schedule hours with a live tutor, you don't have to wait for their hours to sync with yours in order to continue with your lessons. If you've felt restricted by your schedule, especially when coordinating evening classes, Rosetta Stone is the perfect solution.

      Along with hours at your will, Rosetta Stone's award-winning app and offline capability give you the freedom to take your new language lessons everywhere you go. Headed to the mountains for a weekend camping trip? Train your ear while relaxing in a hammock. Preparing for a road trip? Connect your phone to your car speaker and learn new vocabulary as you tackle those highway miles.

      On the flip side of this, you won't have the one-on-one feedback from a mentor or teacher, so if you need more intensive language molding or speech practice, Rosetta Stone might not meet your needs. While this isn't the same as a cafe conversation, you'll get the foundation you need to really jumpstart your new language. Consider this when you're shopping for language learning programs — for fluent students needing conversational practice, it's typically more valuable to sit down with a native speaker to learn real-life cues.

      Learning for All Levels

      Since Rosetta Stone develops lessons based on your progression, you'll get a language program that reflects your needs and goals. If you need to improve a certain segment, your lesson will adapt accordingly. Rosetta Stone can save you thousands on university courses and textbooks, and the software pays for itself in just a matter of months.

      Find yourself not loving the software? Rosetta Stone has your back with its 30-day money-back guarantee. Being the only timeline that you really need to be concerned about, give the lessons a try so you can test out whether you love digital learning or not. Rosetta Stone has worked with millions of learners over the years, and their support staff works hard to improve your experience.

      Interested in giving Rosetta Stone a try? We don't blame you. Try out their software with a free trial and get started on your language-learning journey today!