Mondly Languages Review

  • iOS, Android, and web compatible
  • 33 languages available
  • 24/7 support
  • World-class speech recognition
  • Get started for free
$1999 Lifetime Access
$99.99 Lifetime Access

  • iOS, Android, and web compatible
  • 33 languages available
  • 24/7 support
  • World-class speech recognition
  • Get started for free

Mondly Languages


Why Choose Mondly

Learning a new language doesn't have to be hard and with Mondly, it isn't. In fact, Mondly makes it fun and exciting for its users by earning points for every completed lesson and unlocking bonus material through weekly quizzes.

Mondly works because you learn the language in context; whether it's going shopping, asking for directions or daily pleasantries, you get to practice using phrases and words you'll need the most.

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How Mondly Works 

Unlike other language learning software, Mondly has 33 native languages to choose from when you start the program. Studies have shown that when learning a new language, it's best to use your original language as a foundation. Other language learning programs are designed around native English speakers, which means that anyone growing up with a different language is at a disadvantage when following lessons. Without being able to use your foundational language to learn a new one, users can lose the nuances that are built into structure, syntax, and more.

Mondly is different. They have built this diversity into their software by customizing lessons based on your native language and the goal language you wish to master. This variety gives both native English speakers and non-native English speakers the same advantage when it comes to learning a new language. Whether you're going from English to Hindi or Spanish to Hindi, Mondly's spectrum of native languages gives more users a better chance to digest new languages properly. 

When starting your Mondly journey, there are only a few short steps between visiting and learning new phrases. 

  • Step 1: Choose both your native language and the language you wish to speak
  • Step 2: Get a small preview of how the Mondly lessons are structured 
  • Step 3: Sign up to build your learning profile 
  • Step 4: Learn free lessons before signing up
  • Step 5: Sign up for Premium to access more content and learning tools

Foundational and In-Depth Lessons

When you sign up with Mondly, it's like being transported back to the classroom but with more engaging content that works with your brain. You'll work through the foundations of any language like vocabulary and move on to more conversational lessons. Mondly works with games, quizzes, visual learning, and more compelling content to help a new language stick. Overall, you'll receive in-depth lessons that cover over 20 topics like animals, travel, and shopping.

Mondly keeps its users engaged. With daily lessons that cover bonus material or new words that come with conjugation charts that you can study, Mondly makes sure you have a user-rich experience.

You get to learn the language in a real-life context like ordering at a restaurant, checking into a hotel or hostel or dealing with emergencies. Mondly also uses Chatbot so you have the opportunity to participate in conversations in a foreign language right from day one.

Subscription Plans

Mondly offers three different types of subscription plans. Once you subscribe to the Premium plan, you'll have several unique bonus features that Mondly provides.

Mondly Premium includes access to Mondly for Kids Premium, where your kids can learn a new language through fun activities and games. With Mondly for Kids, they'll be too busy playing virtual games to notice the vocabulary they're building. 

As another fun feature, if you buy a premium subscription for Mondly Languages, you also get access to Mondly AR, which is an app for learning in Augmented Reality. This sets you up in real-life situations to help practice your conversational skills. 

Monthly Plan: You can choose a month-to-month plan for only a few dollars a month, but you'll only have the option to choose one language as your goal. You'll still have access to Mondly's lesson plans, but you will be paying more on a monthly basis than you would with an annual plan.  

Annual Plan: If you plan to continue your learning for a longer period of time, which is essential for practice and review, then you'll save more money by choosing the annual plan. Added up over time, the annual plan will save you money when compared to a month-to-month subscription. So much so, that when calculated monthly, the first annual plan equates to less than half the price of the monthly plan. Once again, you only have the option to choose one language as your communication goal, so if you're aiming to learn multiple languages, you'll want to take a look at the Lifetime Access plan. 

Lifetime Access: With Lifetime Access, you only pay a one-time fee to access everything Mondly has to offer. The most popular of the three, you now have the opportunity to unlock innovative learning tools at a 94% discount. You'll have the option to choose from native languages from which you'll use as your baseline language, and from there you'll have the ability to learn any of 33 new languages. This plan removes the limitations of monthly costs so you can focus on practicing your conversations and learning new phrases.  

 Whichever plan you choose, you'll be expertly guided through in-depth lessons that aim to increase your knowledge of languages with the aid of visuals, award-winning chatbots, and more. 

Working with Mondly is the closest thing you'll get to actual immersion. Receive a 94% discount on lifetime access and see what you've been missing in language acquisition. Visit Mondly today!