Best Invisible Braces - 2020 Buyer's GuideUpdated February, 2020

Join the millions that have trusted to help them make smarter buying decisions. Let our independent expert reviews and data-driven shopping recommendations help you find the Invisible Braces that are right for you.

Best Invisible Braces - 2020 Buyer's Guide

Join the millions that have trusted to help them make smarter buying decisions. Let our independent expert reviews and data-driven shopping recommendations help you find the Invisible Braces that are right for you.

Join the millions that have trusted to help you find the Invisible Braces that are right for you.

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Invisible Braces Shopping Guide

Have you wanted straighter, whiter teeth but didn't want to deal with braces? As you get older and start prioritizing your smile, adult braces might seem a little too invasive for any professional or social lifestyle. Instead, you can get that bright white smile just with the help of clear retainers, minus the dentist appointments and x-rays.

Home delivery services have taken form in meal delivery, mattresses-in-a-bed, and even one-plant-a-month subscriptions. Now with the help of orthodontists, effective dental care can also arrive at your doorstep with little effort.

Direct-to-door retainers offer dental solutions that can change the way you show off your smile. And not only do we have the luxury of simple teeth straightening, but we also have different invisible braces services to choose from.

So, how do you narrow down the provider you want to choose from? If you're not sure how to pick your invisible braces, consider a few key points as you make your choice. 

Treatment Plan Time Frame

Each teeth straightening and alignment service sits around a similar 6-month estimate for their retainers to show results. Your case might be different depending on the dental care you need. If you're an eligible candidate for invisible braces, you'll receive a customized treatment plan designed specifically for your teeth.

Byte wins for the fastest potential treatment plan, and this is due to their high-frequency vibrations built into their HyberByte technology. While it's not guaranteed that you'll have a straighter smile in just 3 months, the vibrations in this device allow for your teeth to realign quicker.

No Doctor Visits

One of the biggest benefits behind these at-home dental straightener kits is that you can do everything in the comfort of your own home. You can cast a mold using an at-home impression kit, take photos of your teeth, and even FaceTime with orthodontists in some cases.

This takes the hassle out of waiting rooms, missed appointments, and even missing work just to head to the doctor.

Most invisible braces companies provide services that can all be done at home, but others require orthodontist visits, especially if your treatment plan is a little more complicated. In some cases, the warranty is only valid if you've checked in with an orthodontist to conclude that an aligner is not doing its job properly, so if you're far from a dentist's office, you might want to think carefully about these possible extenuating circumstances. 


Braces might have seen as a large financial chunk in years past, especially when you add in routine check-ups and band replacements. You could end up with a medical bill way past your means, giving you yet another excuse to put off straightening your teeth altogether.

Invisible braces, however, are eliminating the costs associated with individual doctor visits and medical exams, cutting the total costs down substantially.

Each invisible braces service offers a monthly payment plan, or you can pay for the service in full. With both of these options, you can tackle these expenses without risk, giving you access to a straighter, whiter smile. 

All of our top picks for invisible braces offer payment plans that are under $100 a month, but some may charge you for a starter kit or you may not qualify for month-to-month third-party financing. Affirm and CareCredit are both common financing options that are widely accepted with teeth straightening programs, so if you're having trouble with finances, look into the services that accept these payment plans.

Teeth Straightening Without Interfering With Your Daily Routine

You don't have to spend 1-2 years avoiding every office party photoshoot just because you're stuck with metal braces. As an adult, it's hard to go through that "awkward" phase again as you deal with metal braces, so why not skip the clunky wires and explore the possibilities of invisible aligners?

Don't put your social life on hold just so you can straighten your teeth. Get started with any one of our top picks for invisible braces, and start your journey to a wider smile today!