McAfee Identity Theft Protection Review

  • 3-bureau credit monitoring
  • $1M identity fraud reimbursement
  • $10K stolen funds reimbursement
  • Social security number trace
  • 24/7/365 agents available
  • Trusted leader in cybersecurity
  • 3-bureau credit monitoring
  • $1M identity fraud reimbursement
  • $10K stolen funds reimbursement
  • Social security number trace
  • 24/7/365 agents available
  • Trusted leader in cybersecurity

McAfee Identity Theft Protection


Always Working For You

Identity thieves don't work on a 9 to 5 schedule, so your identity theft protection shouldn't either. McAfee, a trusted leader in cybersecurity since 1987, understands this and has dedicated agents available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to protect your identity. One of the latest additions to their top-tier suite of cybersecurity products, identity theft protection ties the McAfee line together to create an evolving defense system that is equipped to handle threats from all angles. 

Want to add McAfee identity theft protection to your cyber-defense lineup? Sign up today and interact with the online world in peace, knowing that you're backed up by the high-level security of McAfee. 

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How McAfee Protects

Through Cyber Monitoring, Credit Monitoring, and Social Security Number Trace, McAfee enacts dynamics strategies to protecting your identity. With each monitoring approach, McAfee patrols your sensitive information as it appears in the dark web, on credit reports, and more. 

Cyber Monitoring

For the last 30 years, McAfee has been growing and strengthening its cybersecurity intelligence network to understand and predict threats before they occur. By acknowledging their patterns and areas of vulnerability, McAfee is able to pinpoint threats more effectively.

Because of this, they have strong monitoring capabilities over the Dark Web and digital black markets, keeping your data out of the hands of criminals. You don't want your personal information being sold on nefarious online marketplaces, and McAfee works to help prevent that. 

Credit Monitoring

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Your credit score impacts big purchases, determining your monthly APR on a new car, your creditworthiness for a new mortgage, and more. You work hard to improve your credit score, which can include saving money, prioritizing bill payments, and keeping track of your credit applications. When someone compromises your credit score by using your identity, all of that hard work might be in vain. 

Depending on the plan you choose, McAfee monitors your credit on one or three credit bureaus, keeping your credit score safe from unwanted activity. With McAfee credit monitoring, you won't be blindsided when applying for a loan — know where your credit stands and keep it protected.  

Social Security Number Trace

A social security number is a vital piece of data that is used to identify who you are. Lenders use your social security number to look at your credit history, employers use it to verify your background checks and more. Such an essential data point deserves extra attention, and McAfee has committed itself to keep your SSN secure.

If someone uses your SSN and ties false information to it, McAfee will alert you so you can catch it early. Rather than wait for criminal activity to occur with a fraudulent application, these alerts will help you shut down any falsified records and keep you many steps ahead of the thieves. 

McAfee Identity Theft Protection Plans

Depending on your budget and financial needs, McAfee offers three different plans for you to choose from. 

Identity Theft Protection Standard

The most affordable option of the three, the Standard plan provides vigilant monitoring and cuts out the things you might not need. With the included features, you can stay smart and alert alongside McAfee with their key metrics, which highlight threat statistics in your city. Along with this, your credit will be monitored across a single bureau, your social security number will be reviewed for any fictitious accounts, and you'll have renowned McAfee specialists available every hour of every day. 

This package is perfect for any professional who wants to stay on top of the use of their identities. Are you prone to losing your wallet? Worried someone might use your license? You'll find yourself protected by easy ID restoration, wallet recovery, identity theft insurance, and stolen funds reimbursement in the case of unauthorized electronic transfers. 

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Identity Theft Protection Plus 

A tier above the Standard plan, McAfee provides all services in the Standard plan plus additional services. You'll receive your credit score from one bureau so you can help keep track of any changes and stay aware of your current score status. The Plus package includes Court and Criminal Records monitoring and Non-Credit Loan Monitoring.

Non-Credit Loan Monitoring alerts you to any payday loans opened in your name since these won't trigger any automatic credit monitoring alerts, while the Court and Criminal Records monitors public records to ensure that your identity isn't being used by someone trying to get out of a crime.

For those who might be working hard towards a new profession or career, and would like to ensure their personal information isn't jeopardized by criminals, the Identity Theft Protection Plus plan is a must. With the added security against your name wrongfully appearing on public records, this can help your background checks stay clean. 

Identity Theft Protection Premium 

The Premium plan covers all bases and gives you a more robust approach to identity protection by adding in layers of security. With the tools included in the Premium plan, you'll find all the services included in the Plus and Standard, but you'll also receive credit monitoring from all three credit bureaus, a distinct coverage between the three plans. Your bank account information will be monitored, even in seemingly innocent cases of edits to your user information. You'll receive an alert for applications for a new credit card, and Sex Offender Monitoring will also be added to your Premium plan to keep you alert on anyone in the community who has once been included on an offender registry. 

The Premium plan is ideal for someone with a family and/or who is a little more established with their finances and wants to keep their assets secure. The added function of three-bureau monitoring helps ensures that your finances don't become a target, while the Sex Offender Monitoring alerts your family to any potential threats nearby.  

Security From Every Angle

With the tenure and experience of McAfee, they have advanced their technology and monitoring strategies to ensure that you and your family are safe. Starting out as an antivirus company, they understand the intricacies of incoming threats and vulnerabilities, and that same comprehensive stance translates into robust identity theft protection.

Their security is backed by their $10K reimbursement for stolen funds and up to $1 million for stolen identity, indicating their strong confidence in what they do.  McAfee means business when it comes to keeping you and your information safe.

Ready to take the next step in protecting your information? Be proactive with your finances, data, and reputation and start learning more about McAfee today.