My Patriot Supply Review

  • Lowest price per 2000 calories
  • 25-year shelf life
  • Free shipping on orders $99+
  • Gluten-free and special diet options
  • 30-day no questions return policy
  • Lowest price per 2000 calories
  • 25-year shelf life
  • Free shipping on orders $99+
  • Gluten-free and special diet options
  • 30-day no questions return policy

My Patriot Supply


Prepare For Any Situation

Emergency preparedness isn't a scare tactic — it's a survival technique. Rather than find yourself unprepared with limited supplies, ready yourself now for the unexpected so you can focus on you and your family's safety. My Patriot Supply is the emergency gear closet that you'll want on your side in any situation.

There doesn't have to be a world-ending catastrophe to find the benefit of being prepared. Non-life threatening occurrences like power outages, water contamination, or a snowstorm can prevent you from accessing the supplies you need. By keeping a My Patriot Supply emergency preparedness kit, you're ensuring that you always have the food, water, and gear you need at the ready.

Want to start your emergency preparedness? My Patriot Supply has thought of it all — check out their inventory to see how you can better equip your household for any emergency. 

Self-Reliance Means Confidence

Emergency preparedness plans give you the freedom to worry less and appreciate the moment. Once you have your plan in place, you know that you can tackle just about anything. With this confidence, you can focus on the present and know that the future is secure.

The founders behind My Patriot Supply live the survivalist lifestyle, and they aim to share their knowledge with people who want to be prepared. Since its beginning in 2008, My Patriot Supply has expanded from emergency food to survival equipment, medical gear, and more. Anything that you might need in a stressful scenario can be found through My Patriot Supply.

The focus of My Patriot Supply? To be self-reliant. There's innate freedom when you can depend on you and only you, and My Patriot Supply hopes to help folks gain that independence.

You may be someone who only dines out at restaurants, whose pantry might only have an old bag of chips in it, or who just thinks about each meal moments before eating. In a crisis, this limited foresight will compromise your safety and you might end up short-handed. As you start strategizing an emergency survival plan, you'll start developing the new skill of Thinking Ahead

Be a family who can rely on one another. Once you know you can take care of yourself and your loved ones, you'll be surprised at how much more confidence you'll gain in making tough decisions and taking quick action.

25-Year Shelf Life

One of the biggest benefits to My Patriot Supply is its shelf life that persists long after your purchase. You don't need to restock your shelves every five years to maintain your provisions. You can count on your My Patriot Supply food lasting for 25 years, which is one of the longest shelf lives in the emergency food industry.

Who knows where you'll be in 25 years, but if you still have My Patriot Supply oatmeal in your pantry, you're set to enjoy a delicious breakfast while reminiscing on your youth. You can even share a bowl with your grandkids.

Why My Patriot Supply

As a company born on the idea of self-reliance, My Patriot Supply founders have pledged to offer the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices possible. They don't believe in fear-mongering or price gouging as you start preparing; in fact, many supplemental food items are at an affordable price, making it easy to start building up your ideal emergency kit.

My Patriot Supply firmly stands behind their reputable customer service line, offering guidance, resources, and answers to any questions or concerns you have. Need help understanding what your family might need in an emergency? The My Patriot Supply website provides articles, breakdowns, and calorie counts on everything that they offer. All emergency food kits list out their proposed lifespan — you can buy kits for a family of four for a month-long emergency or just get day packs to last through a minor storm. 

This is a one-stop shop for everything that you might need in times of crisis.

High-Quality Foods

Morale is one of the biggest tools for survival. Because of this, My Patriot Supply doesn't just offer food that can get you by. Instead, their dinners, lunches, and breakfasts are not only rich with nutrients, but also flavor. With each kit, you won't get the same gritty food that you might expect from an MRE. You get flavorful options such as pancakes, dried fruits and nuts, black bean burgers, and so much more. My Patriot Supply puts thought into their emergency food to give you a kit that you'll look forward to eating, even when you're stressed.

Even a cup of coffee can raise spirits, so My Patriot Supply has the world's first survival coffee that can last 25 years or more on the shelf. Imagine being able to brew a cup of coffee to straighten out your thoughts as you figure out your next steps. These quality food items add hope and optimism in any survival situation, adding an intangible layer of security to keeping your family safe.

Alexapure Products

Something that we love about My Patriot Supply is its versatility and range of products. When preparing for an emergency, you immediately think of food and water as two necessities, but what about air quality? Have you thought about water contamination? Have you considered the air that might be filtering through your vehicle as you drive out of a disaster zone? My Patriot Supply has planned these events out to a T, and they offer products that will keep contaminants out of your home or car.

My Patriot Supply offers Alexapure water filtration and air purification products that take care of the non-food level of a disaster. If the air around your home or car isn't safe to breathe, then it shouldn't be allowed to seep inside. Alexapure air filters keep the contaminants out of your family's lungs so you can still consider your home a safe zone.

For evacuation purposes, you might be planning to jump in the car and drive away. But if the air coming through the car's ventilation system isn't safe to breathe, then your plan can be compromised. Alexapure car filter secures your car ventilation, so you can focus on driving safely to the next destination.

Lastly, Alexapure water purification products range from a Pro Ultimate Flow Kit to water treatment tablets, depending on your budget or emergency strategy. For stay-in-place procedures, you might want to take a look at a comprehensive flow kit that takes care of purification from A to Z. For on-the-go preparedness, you can take a look at the popular personal filters or water treatment tablets that are portable. You can take these with you anywhere, making them the ideal addition to your go-bag.

Buy Now, Pay Later

My Patriot Supply prioritizes family and has made it their mission to equip families with self-reliance tools. They've made this clear with their financing options for families that want to be prepared but don't have a huge sum of money to invest in preparedness kits. When it comes to stocking up your pantry for a family of four or more, it can cost quite a bit to ensure that you have enough food to last through dire situations.

My Patriot Supply offers a financing plan through Affirm, which allows you to get an emergency preparedness loan. Apply for a loan amount, see how much you're approved for, and then shop for what you need. It's tough to prepare for the "what-ifs" when you have to worry about your current financials. Take this worry off the table with My Patriot Supply's easy-to-use financing.

Make Your Plan

The goal of emergency preparedness is not to elicit fear or stress when thinking about what could happen. Instead, it's intended to evoke power over circumstances, giving you more control over uncontrollable situations. Making your list, planning out your emergency strategy, and knowing the steps you'll take are all part of building the confidence to be self-reliant. Why not use the time and resources that you have now to prepare for a time when you don't?

Check out all My Patriot Supply has to offer, including Patriot Seeds, Gluten-Free Options, Bulk Cases, and so much more. You'll find that emergency preparedness and confident self-reliance is well within your reach.