My Patriot Supply Review

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Top 10 Emergency Food Supply 2019

DIY Survival Supplies

If you have a passion for self-sufficiency and emergency preparedness, check out the survival equipment and supplies offered by My Patriot Supply. In addition to emergency food supplies, they also have home canning supplies, survival seeds, water filtration devices and other self-reliance products. They believe in offering quality products at fair prices, plus the offer free shipping on orders over $79. They also boast the lowest cost per 2000 calories, so you know you're getting your money's worth with their emergency food products.

All About My Patriot Supply

My Patriot Supply was founded in 2008 by people who believe in the importance of self-reliance and self-sustainable living before, during and after emergency situations. Instead of relying on scare tactics to convince people to buy their emergency supplies, they decided to offer quality goods at affordable prices, and let customers decide for themselves where to buy their emergency preparedness products.

The original focus of My Patriot Supply was on heirloom seed supplies. They still offer a wide array of 100% GMO-free heirloom vegetable and fruit seeds that are sealed in special Mylar packages to ensure longevity and freshness. Most cost just $1.79 per package.

If you're looking for a comprehensive selection of seeds, their Survival Seed Vault includes 20 varieties of seeds that can be stored for years or planted right away! One container is $29.95, or you can stock up and buy 3 for just $79.95. Their emergency food products have a 25 year shelf life and are offered by length of food supply. You can purchase a 72-Hour Kit that contains a 16 serving sample pack of entrees for $24.95.

Once you've tried their easy-to-prepare freeze dried meals, you can upgrade to a full year food supply that contains 1,800 servings of healthy and delicious food, drinks and snacks for $1797.

Why Customers Choose My Patriot Supply

Customers trust My Patriot Supply because they back all of their 25-year food products with a quality assurance guarantee, and will honor a refund on any unopened items within 45 days. They also offer free shipping on orders over $79, so you're not getting gouged with extra shipping or handling fees when you order.