Legacy Food Storage Review

  • Lowest price per pound
  • 25-year shelf life
  • Free shipping
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free options
  • 30-day return policy
  • Lowest price per pound
  • 25-year shelf life
  • Free shipping
  • Non-GMO and gluten-free options
  • 30-day return policy

Legacy Food Storage


Why Legacy Food Storage?

Legacy Food Storage excels in the art of delivering the appropriate amount of calories that your body needs, even in the direst of situations. They've concentrated on providing you with the essential nutrition your body requires, all at a lower cost per 2,000 calories. With their wide variety of emergency gear and supplies, you can fill your supply closet with everything from food to pet emergency kits. Legacy Food Storage is your one-stop-shop for everything preparedness, and with their low price points per pound, you'll stock up without depleting your budget. Legacy Food Storage has combined value, quality, and taste into products that are sure to boost morale while keeping your family safe. 

Ready to save money while staying prepared? Take a look at everything Legacy Food Storage has to offer and start your preparedness journey today. 

Legacy Premium breakfast foods

Lowest Price Online, Guaranteed

Legacy Food Storage stands confidently by their prices, so much so that they offer to beat any online competitor in their prices. On any product that they offer, they offer to match the price of a competitor, ensuring that you'll get the lowest price on high-quality, high-performance foods and gear. And, unlike some competitors that consider less than a cup of food a serving, the meals you can purchase from Legacy Food Storage are serving sizes that will fill you up. Despite saving money on Legacy Food Storage, you won't be skimping on your portions. Instead, you are guaranteed delicious, filling food that is made in the USA and has a shelf life of 25 years.

Legacy Food Storage offers free shipping on absolutely every order within the U.S. There is no need to hit any minimums the first time you order from Legacy. You can even try sample packs that allow you to taste different meals from Legacy Premium before you commit to a long-term supply. This helps you prepare even more by completely understanding what you and your family will be eating under abnormal circumstances. 

Quality Control

Packs of Legacy Food Storage food

Legacy Food Storage has committed to a quality control process to give you foods that are properly packaged and long-lasting. Their partner, a tenured producer of bulk grains, baking ingredients, and food storage, has been a leader in the manufacturing industry for well over 30 years. With this kind of experience, Legacy has paired with the best to incorporate quality and durability into each and every product. 

Each manufacturing facility undergoes audits to ensure that their production methods are always following a high standard of compliance. In breaking down their packaging process, you can see why their products hold one of the longest shelf lives in the emergency food market: 

1. Food products undergo a dehumidification process to remove any unwanted moisture

2. A protective film is created, which becomes an almost impenetrable barrier against water and oxygen while holding in flavors and aromas. 

3. Legacy uses its proprietary process to remove oxygen from the package through the use of a nitrogen flush. An oxygen absorber is then added into the food pouch.

4. To maximize shelf life, Legacy Food Storage works with safety and quality food testing partners to ensure the lowest levels of moisture and oxygen inside each package.

Because of this tedious process, Legacy Food Storage is able to provide products that last up to 25 years on the shelf, letting you worry less about updating your food supply. 

What Legacy Food Storage Offers

The stringent methods that Legacy puts in place for their food orders also extends to their other supplies, making them a one-stop-shop for everything preparedness. Take a look at everything they have to offer: 

Legacy Food Maple Oatmeal and Brown Sugar recipe

Survival Gear

Your potential disaster scenarios may look different than someone else's, and that could be dependent on disaster zones, geography, relative hazards, family concerns, and more. Legacy doesn't create survival gear or kits that are one-size-fits-all, giving you the ability to either supplement your supplies or start building your kit from the ground up. They have everything from pet emergency kits for your loyal companion, ensuring that they don't get left behind in an emergency, to auto emergency and survival kit that keeps you safe in any breakdown. 

To decide what you might need in a worst-case scenario, determine where you live, whether you'll be sheltering in place or need to prepare a go-bag, and then analyze the risks that you might incur as a family. Whatever scenario you come up with, Legacy Food Storage can handle. Or, simply browse their large First Aid kits and other survival gear to see what their emergency preparedness list entails. 

Water Storage and Filtration

Accessing your water well is vital in a long-term emergency, and Legacy provides a well pump that you can purchase as a non-invasive, easy-to-use solution. They also have water filtration, storage tanks, and more water-centric products to give you a consistent source of potable water in any situation. 

Bucket of Legacy Food Storage food

Fuel and Energy

The last tenet of survival comes in the form of fuel and energy. Legacy offers cooking stoves, solar lights, gas canisters and more. Gas and fuel types give you control over your situation, giving you heat for your meals, lights in the dark, and warmth when you need it most. 

Emergency Food

Whether you're looking for preparedness supplies for just yourself or a large family, you'll find the right amount to fill your closet. You can prepare for short 72-hour windows of food all the way up to years of prep, giving your family the peace of mind that they'll always be safe at home. 

Be at Peace

The universal upside to being prepared is this: It does no harm. Providing your family with a plan, a mindful preparedness, and intentional foresight means that you don't have to improvise in any on-the-go scenario. Worrying about solutions, food sources, water, and survival in a time of crisis can take a toll on attitude and rationale when you need to be at the peak of your decision-making. Why not take the "what ifs" out of the equation and keep your family prepared to weather any storm? 

Start your preparedness checklist today with Legacy Food Storage and know that you're partnering with a company committed to high-quality emergency preparedness gear. From the initial production steps to their 100% satisfaction guarantee, Legacy Food Storage wants to give you a product that you won't second guess. 

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Get started today with Legacy Food Storage and save money on the essential gear that will get you through anything.