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Top 10 Emergency Food Supply 2019

Best Value in Food Storage

You'll find the lowest cost per pound for each day's meal at Legacy Food Storage. Unlike some competitors that consider less than a cup of food a serving, the meals you can purchase from Legacy Food Storage are real serving sizes that will fill you up. Here you are guaranteed high-quality food that is made in the USA, tastes great, and has a shelf life of 25 years.

All About Legacy Food Storage

Legacy Food Storage offers free shipping on absolutely every order within the U.S. There is no need to hit any minimums the first time you order from Legacy. You are able to try sample packs that allow you to taste different meals from Legacy Premium before you commit to a long-term supply.

You are also able to shop for water storage products, fuel, and survival kits at Legacy Food Storage to complete your emergency preparedness kit. We suggest considering the "60 Serving Entree Bucket" if you're ever in a disaster situation. For $160, you get 15 different meal packs that each contain 4 servings of food. That works out to just $2.67 per serving.

You will be pleasantly surprised by how tasty all of the entrees are. Just because you're facing an emergency doesn't mean you need to sacrifice quality, nutritious food that is delicious. Legacy Premium has done all of the work for you by creating freeze-dried meals that contain real ingredients. Just add boiling water to turn them back into delicious, ready-to-eat meals like Italian pasta with marinara, enchilada with beans and rice and white bean chili.

In the event of an emergency or other disaster, chances are you'll need more than just food to get by. Buy Emergency Foods has you covered with all-in-one survival kits. You can start small with an Emergency Survival Bottle that contains first aid gear, a flashlight, waterproof matches and much more inside a durable water bottle for just $29.99. If you want to go big, the Premium Family Survival Kit has all of the resources you need to protect your family if disaster strikes. Priced at just $229.99, it's an investment you shouldn't pass up. From tube tents and reflective sleeping bags to duct tape and water purification tablets, everything your family needs is packed in two heavy-duty backpacks.

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Why Customers Choose Legacy Food Storage

Customers love the large serving sizes and fresh-prepared taste of Legacy Premium foods. Some customers even report eating emergency foods on a regular basis as a quick alternative to cooking dinner. They also have gluten-free options for people with dietary restrictions. Throw in the 100% free shipping and stellar customer service, and it's not hard to see why people keep coming back to order from Buy Emergency Foods again and again.