Emergency Essentials Review

  • Balanced calories and protein sources
  • 25-year+ shelf life
  • Servings based on nutritional content
  • Provides 2,000 calories a day
  • 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee
  • Balanced calories and protein sources
  • 25-year+ shelf life
  • Servings based on nutritional content
  • Provides 2,000 calories a day
  • 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee

Emergency Essentials


Why Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials is one of the first in the industry to assess the serving size of a product based on protein and calorie count rather than sheer quantity. By using Quality Survival Standards, they've established a baseline of nutritional goals that all emergency foods should abide by.

Why do this? To ensure that consumers have enough nutrition to fuel their energy in an emergency situation, keeping them active and alert as they navigate a crisis. Emergency Essentials goes above and beyond when it comes to the content of their products, making them a top contender in our emergency food picks.

Ready to start preparing with a leader in the emergency preparedness market? Start building your supply of trusted Emergency Essentials food and gear today. 

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  • One-stop-shop for all essentials like food, gear, storage, and more
  • Affordable pricing to make emergency prep more accessible for everyone
  • Strong focus on nutritional value in every product
  • High shelf life so you're never worried about expiration
  • Offer certified gluten-free dinners


  • Some fulfillment issues reported by reviewers
  • Products are not certified to be non-GMO due to sourcing

How Does Emergency Essentials Stand Out?

Compared to other emergency preparedness kits in the market, Emergency Essentials pays strong attention to the number of calories and protein that you find in their survival foods. They've developed the Quality Survival Standards (QSS) certification to give you a better sense of just how long each product will last you — it's not enough to count servings as "quantity," but rather how much energy through calories and protein you'll get out of each food pack.

With each QSS-certified product, you'll get a minimum of 1,800 calories and 40 grams of protein per day. As soon as you see a QSS or QSS+ seal on an Emergency Essentials product, you'll know that your food will keep your energy levels up. This emphasis on standards is just one of the many reasons Emergency Essentials is a trusted, beloved emergency food brand.

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What Else Does Emergency Essentials Sell?

Emergency Essentials has made it their mission to make emergency preparedness accessible to all, so whether you're an expert prepper or someone just beginning to stockpile supplies, Emergency Essentials has the resources and helpful insight to get you exactly what your household needs. 

On their site, you'll find everything from nutritional guides to water filtration tools. Here are a few of the items that make Emergency Essentials a one-stop-shop for all things emergency preparedness:

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Bulk Foods

The food offered by Emergency Essentials is all easy to prepare, even in situations where resources are limited. They're intended to taste good while still offering the nutrition you need to thrive.

Alongside their bulk foods, you'll find gluten-free options that are certified to be free of cross-contamination. In an emergency scenario, you need to be sure that anyone with gluten intolerances won't be endangered by the food they eat.

The food products you'll find have shelf lives up to 25 years, giving you the reassurance that whatever you buy today will last you until you need it.

Survival Kits

If you want to start your stockpile off with long-term supplies, you can find 1-, 3-, 6-, and 12-month survival kits. These make it easy for you to select your kit and be done with your shopping. Thanks to financing options, you can purchase your kits, have them on-hand in case of any crisis, and pay them off at a pace that meets your financial needs.

Water Supplies

Don't overlook water filtration as you begin to plan — without access to clean, safe water, you'll be unable to stay hydrated, cook your food, clean wounds, or simply make a good cup of sanity-saving coffee. It goes without saying that water will keep you alive, so make sure you have access to it. 

Emergency Essentials offers several products to ensure that you'll always have clean, potable water on hand, including water cans, filtration systems, and other accessories. The variety in their products means that you can rely on multiple sources, providing a backup plan in case one source is compromised. 

Air Filtration

As we've discovered with COVID-19, air filtration is vital in times of pandemics. It can be a necessity for anyone with compromised breathing, unsafe air conditions, and more. Contaminants in the air can be a terrifying prospect that can seem like an unbeatable villain. Fortunately, HEPA purifiers and air filtration can eliminate this fear, keeping your mind at ease if you find yourself hunkered down at home. 

Having an air filter or masks on hand can keep you safe in times when you can't trust the air quality. From Alexapure air filters to HEPA air purifiers, Emergency Essentials adds more confidence in the air you're breathing and ultimately keeps your family safe.

Cover All the Bases

Protecting the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the food you eat is what Emergency Essentials does best. They inspire you to start a contingency plan by giving you the resources to have a plan in place in case the unthinkable happens. Because they don't just provide you with the bare minimum of servings and nutrition in their bulk foods, they've earned a much-deserved spot in our picks for emergency food preparedness. So, while you have the ability now, why not start preparing in the case of any emergency?

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Start thinking ahead with Emergency Essentials and feel confident that your family will be safe in any scenario.