How to Celebrate a Dog on National Dog Day

by Madi M.

Posted on Monday, August 26, 2019

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How to Celebrate a Dog on National Dog Day

If it seems like your dog is being extra cute today, or their tails are wagging extra hard today, you might want to check the calendar to see why. We have a feeling your dog is feeling extra special this morning because it's their day: National Dog Day.

So, how do you celebrate such a beautiful holiday?

First, cancel all your evening or happy hour plans that will take you away from your dog. Today is their day, and you shouldn't be messing this up for them, Karen. If you're at work, it seems like you might have gotten a sudden stomach bug. Yes, you're definitely very sick and need to go home to be around family. For those who can't possibly leave their office, that's okay. You'll have your time for snuggles later in the day...maybe this will be a good opportunity for your dog to take a nap or save up some energy for your party later.

During the first step, you should have been petting your dog.

Once you're home with your pup, sit down with them and pet them even more. There is really no limit to the amount you can pet your dog, unless your dog decides they've had enough.

Now, you have one of two options: For the active pups, wait until it's cool enough outside for a nice walk through the park or neighborhood. This will absolutely make their national holiday. They might even see their friends, who are also all celebrating National Dog Day! For the less-active pups, set them up in a comfy spot and offer even more pets than before. If you feel like you're overbearing, don't worry, because they love you more than anything else in the world.

After the active pups have run around and the non-active pups have thoroughly lazed around, it's time for the main event: treats and toys! There's always one treat or toy that will really get the tail revved up for supersonic wagging. Make sure it's readily available and no further than 3 feet from your dog at all times today. Remember, it's National Dog Day, and no other day really compares.

After the treats and the toys, you are now equipped for more belly rubs, more head pats, and bigger snuggles as you watch a happy movie about dogs. Your dog loves you, no matter what day it is! National Dog Day just gives you an excuse to call out sick from work and really pamper your pup.

Think every month should have a National Dog Day?

Well, we completely agree. That's why we're completely on board with setting our own pups up with a monthly box loaded with treats, toys, and chews. With this option, you'll have those favorite treats ready to go as soon as the monthly National Dog Day comes around.

Whether it's BarkBox, SuperChewer,, PupBox, or Bullymake, our dogs line up at the door with a propeller for a tail as soon as their delivery arrives. Why only get bills in the mail? Sign up for something that you, and your pup, will actually get excited about.

Why believe us when these photos of BarkBox and SuperChewer doggy customers speak for themselves: 

Two very good dogs enjoying their BarkBox toys
One very happy pup about to tear into their SuperChewer pack

Pick out the subscription that works best for your pup, line up the treats and toys that you know your dog will love, and watch the magic unfold in the form of happy dogs. Need help deciding which box is best for your pet? We've got the rundown in our top pet subscription boxes — it's the closest thing to letting your dog get on the computer to pick out their own box. 

Our final advice: Maybe don't call in sick to work every month on National Dog Day. You need a job to get more treats for your pup.

Happy National Dog Day!

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