Bitdefender Review

  • $54 off Total Security 2020
  • Protects Windows, Mac, and Android
  • Parental controls included
  • PCMag Editors’ Choice award-winner
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • $54 off Total Security 2020
  • Protects Windows, Mac, and Android
  • Parental controls included
  • PCMag Editors’ Choice award-winner
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support



In 2001, before "social media" was even a recognizable term, Bitdefender was already hard at work identifying and preventing the average internet surfer from potential threats. Founded by a CEO who is still working with the company, Bitdefender works with a versatile set of tools to pinpoint security breaches from every angle. Bitdefender doesn't just work in one arena of security — they've analyzed dynamic threats and have evolved as the threats become more elaborate and advanced.

From endpoint security software to Hypervisor-Based Introspection, Bitdefender has invested the data and cyber-engineering into a product that defends your digital life from even the most nuanced of attacks. Bitdefender's versatility is also apparent in their suite of products, fit for any household and any device.

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Bitdefender Solutions

Each internet user is different, and their security needs are all based on device management, digital activity, and budget. A toddler's Paw Patrol app won't need the same antivirus protection as a 100-person office, but both connections need to be safe and secure.

Bitdefender offers home, business, and partner solutions. From the basic antivirus protection on a single laptop to machine-learning algorithms in their MSP Program, Bitdefender is a multi-teneted security program.

Home Solutions

Bitdefender offers robust protection at a scalable, user-friendly pace for internet users who just need a simple, easy-to-use antivirus software. From basic antivirus software to comprehensive strategies, you can choose the right protection for your household and budget.

Their basic antivirus software, Antivirus Plus 2020, protects from one to three PCs for one year. Bitdefender antivirus software ranges from Basic to Total Security, then extends into the new Bitdefender BOX. The higher tier of security you choose, the more devices you can protect with more services.

The Total Security plan includes 24/7 support, so you've always got someone there to answer your questions. Easily manage all of your devices with a central console and surf freely knowing you're protected from online threats, hackers and bogus websites.

The new Bitdefender BOX is perfect for a multi-platform home with a variety of users. As one of its key features, Bitdefender BOX comes with more tenacious parental controls than its predecessors. Bitdefender BOX detects suspicious online conversations between your kids and social media, allows for device time management, provides location services, and also gives kids the ability to text their parents as a safe check-in. Bitdefender BOX is a new tool in the arsenal of home solutions, covering an unlimited number of devices while assessing your current network security. This external hardware is protected from any virtual threats since it's separated from any digitized highways. 

A premium VPN protects your network no matter where you are, protecting your passwords and bank account information even when you're on the sketchiest of public Wi-Fi connections. Add unlimited encrypted traffic to the mix, and you're an anonymous, protected internet user, even outside of your home network.

Business Solutions

Bitdefender solutions for businesses are categorized according to the size of the office needing security: home office, small business, and enterprise.

Small and Home Office Security

For small and home office needs, Bitdefender's Small Office Security is an easy commitment. It takes less than 5 minutes to install with little to no IT expertise needed, meaning you don't need to hire administrative help just for the setup.

You can protect up to 10 devices on this plan, and the security will make a sweep of your computers to ensure no threats are already lurking on a previously vulnerable system. Whether you want to commit monthly or up to 3 years, you have the freedom to choose your length of Bitdefender security.

Enterprise Security

You could have a workplace where employees work remotely, in-office, working in a digital Cloud, or in a hard-wired file transfer space. For whatever scenario, Bitdefender identifies a business's needs and keeps them protected with next-gen level security.

By using a GravityZone Control Center console, businesses can focus more on productivity and less on looming cybersecurity threats. GravityZone protects any number of endpoints from vulnerabilities without interfering with user performance. In fact, GravityZone has proven that rather than the average 3-month time frame between a breach and discovery, zero-day interference is now possible. In layman's terms, you can catch a threat before it occurs rather than catch it after 3 months of scanning your systems. 

Since the console is installed completely outside of any software, it's nearly impossible to compromise. GravityZone complements existing security tools, so your administrative team won't have to spend hours uninstalling and stripping your computer of security tools.

What we've mentioned is just a small snippet of the capabilities GravityZone has for your business, and with a free trial, there is really no reason to skim over this service to keep your business protected.

How to Choose

There's a whole slew of Bitdefender products that will get the job done — each one is more than capable of handling digital security. When you're choosing which Bitdefender product is right for you, the biggest parameters to keep in mind are:

  1. The type of devices you have
  2. The number of devices you have
  3. Your budget

Bitdefender will guide you through your choices, even offering a "Help me Choose" tool that recommends the right product for you. Certain products work best for PC, mobile devices, Mac, etc., so you'll want to choose the one that is optimal for the devices you already have. As you scroll through and select your devices, even if it's more than one, Bitdefender will guide you to the right choices.  

Who Should Use Bitdefender?

If you're online, you should be using an antivirus software to protect your information. Even if you're just watching cooking videos or sharing your tablet with kids, cyber-thieves don't use discretion when targeting their victims. You can be subject to malware or ransomware, risking loss of information or complete compromise of your devices. 

With its simple interface and highly-rated user performance, Bitdefender won't jam up your connection as it works in the background. You can set it up in minutes and have premium protection as soon as it's installed. If you just want to try it out and see, you should take advantage of the 30-day trial. Offered with any of their plans, including business and small home office, your 30-day trial will give you a hefty window into the sense of security you'll be seeing with Bitdefender. 

Bitdefender Awards

Bitdefender has been proven extremely effective against malware and ransomware, and you don't just have to take our word for it. It has won PC Mag's Editors' Choice for Web Security, has tested higher than Kaspersky in its user performance according to, and it continues to dominate the competition when it comes to lightweight functionality.

AV-Comparatives has deemed it as an "Outstanding Product" just last year, and we look forward to seeing which awards Bitdefender will take home as they roll out more innovative solutions, such as Bitdefender BOX. 

Bitdefender Will Keep You Secure

If you're on the fence about upgrading from a free antivirus software to a strong, useful one, you should give Bitdefender's free trial a try.

You can see exactly where your system is vulnerable, how Bitdefender can protect it, and then from there, it works on its own. You won't know it's there protecting you and your family, which is just one of the many huge benefits behind this premium software.

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