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  • Protects Windows devices
  • Free PC health check
  • Detect system vulnerabilities
  • Automatically clean up digital clutter
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Protects Windows devices
  • Free PC health check
  • Detect system vulnerabilities
  • Automatically clean up digital clutter
  • 24/7 customer support



Your computer can be the source of your livelihood — the space where you create, research, and communicate. A lag in performance can break your concentration, interrupt your business, or just throw off your favorite podcast. A slowing computer can also indicate malware or viruses that have taken up residence in your device, putting your business transactions at risk. Stop putting up with a sluggish computer and start safeguarding against cyberthreats that can put your hard work at risk. 

With a large range of products designed to protect and improve your digital life, iolo technologies works to detect threats, secure your computer, and more. If your livelihood, social life, or entertainment depends on your computer, then you should be doing everything you can to make sure it's performing to the best of its abilities. 

Ready to start improving your PC's performance? Take a look at iolo technology's products and get started today!

System Mechanic® Ultimate Defense

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense, a new product rolled out by iolo technologies, offers a comprehensive protection package that spans from online privacy to effectively removing malware. This robust product builds on System Mechanic and System Mechanic Pro to bring a well-rounded service to an already highly-rated suite of services.

With an easy-to-use interface, System Mechanic Ultimate Defense combines the PC performance of System Mechanic with the data protection features of System Mechanic Pro, adding malware removal, password and credit card management, and secure web browsing to the mix. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense serves as an all-in-one force that will bring your PC back up to proper speed. 

Privacy Guardian™

As a unique feature of the System Mechanic Ultimate Defense suite, you'll be part of a system that keeps your online activities private. Because of this, you'll be protected against sophisticated digital tracking methods, keeping your information safe. From annoying ad targeting to more complex fraudulent activity, masking your browsing history, personal information, and more is key to a safer online experience. 

Malware Killer™

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense doesn't just block malware, but it also works to remove it from your computer. Using proprietary Scan Cloud™-based scanning and analysis, iolo technologies has introduced a service that can detect a threat early and resolve it faster. Would you rather find out about malware after it's attacked your personal data or before it reaches your system?

Malware Killer not only provides advanced detection, but it also removes malware that has already taken hold of infected computers.

Other Features

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is, quite literally, the ultimate defense for your PC. Along with Privacy Guardian and Malware Killer, it adds the following processes to its arsenal of protection: 

System Shield™: Certified by VB100, a certification that recognizes a product's ability to detect at least 99.5% of the organization's standards of malware samples, SystemShield reactively and proactively detects harmful malware. System Shield both reads behavior patterns to predict and stop hazards before they reach your PC and also uses signature detection to seek out viruses. 

ByePassA simple password manager that works to declutter your digital life. Credit card numbers and passwords are encrypted and locally stored so that you can make online purchases securely and effortlessly.

System Mechanic®: System Mechanic has won PC Mag's Editors' Choice seven different times for its PC optimization protocols. Its automated maintenance runs behind-the-scenes, decluttering your computer and tuning up settings via defragmentation and other strategies. 

Search and Recover™: How many times have you accidentally erased a report that you spent hours, even days, working on? Search and Recover can help rescue critical work that other recovery products overlook. This advanced software helps you save valuable time and effort, using complex technology to look more closely at your computer than competing recovery services. 

DriveScrubber™: Thinking about buying, selling, or recycling your computer? DriveScrubber safely removes all sensitive data from your hardware, erasing sections of data that you might miss on a casual look-over. Don't let a second-hand gain access to your information — DriveScrubber is military-grade, meaning that once your computer is out of your hands, it's out of mind as well. 

iolo technologies Products

System Mechanic Ultimate Defense is just one of the in-depth products that iolo technologies has to offer to PC users. Even at its baseline product, System Mechanic, iolo still deploys advanced technology to optimize your PC.

Interested in iolo technologies products? Want faster processing speeds and better performing internet? Take a look at iolo technologies products today and start experiencing a faster computer that you never thought possible.