Laithwaite's Wine Review

  • Red, white, and mixed options
  • 15 bottles per shipment
  • Expert tasting notes with every bottle
  • First month ships free
  • Cancel or skip anytime
  • Just $5.84 per bottle
  • Red, white, and mixed options
  • 15 bottles per shipment
  • Expert tasting notes with every bottle
  • First month ships free
  • Cancel or skip anytime
  • Just $5.84 per bottle

Laithwaite's Wine


Rather than hunting down unique bottles of wine at the bodega down the street, Laithwaite's delivers them straight to your doorstep. For someone looking to truly dip into the world of wine, you'll be trying out wine from all parts of the world — each bottle hand-selected for its distinct representation of a certain region.

Laithwaite's Wine has been in the wine business for 50 years, meaning they know what they're doing. Keeping up with modern changes in delivery methods, as well as changing tides in how people shop, Laithwaite branched out into the Wine of the Month Club approach early on. Because of this, they've been able to perfect and fine-tune their methods, connecting traditional, quaint wine production with today's families.

Laithwaite’s features one of the best introductory offers of any wine club that we’ve reviewed. 


  • Quarterly shipments of a case of wine
  • Tasting notes included for each bottle
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Cancel or skip at any time


  • Delivery unavailable for some states

Ordering Laithwaite's Wine Club

As someone who's new to wine, you might not know exactly what you like yet. Laithwaite's will start tailoring your recommendations only after you've indicated which wines you love (and which ones you'd rather not try again). 

They have flexible shipping policies, so if you want to delay a quarterly shipment, or skip one entirely, they make it easy for the customer to control when their next case of wine arrives. Rather than overwhelm you with a monthly order, a quarterly shipment keeps costs low and gives you plenty of time between orders to really hone in on which flavors are your favorites. 

A Range of Wines

Want to try a whole spectrum of red wines? Thinking of just sticking to champagnes? It's your case of wine, so you should have complete say over which wines you receive. You can mix and match, get a whole box of one type of wine, or even choose from the different Mixed Case options that Laithwaite's provides. For example, they've chosen a mix of wines that would be perfect for a special occasion, meaning you don't have to worry about deciding on the perfect drink. 

You can sort your wine via Wine Type, Mixed Collections, Regions, Wine Style, Price, and more. By choosing the category you want your wine to fall in, you can avoid the overwhelming task of walking down aisles and aisles of wine choices.   

Wine at Your Door

If you order a case of wine, the flavor profiles shouldn't be a mystery. For anyone that wants to host a dinner party with friends, you want to know exactly how to pair certain foods and where each bottle comes from. To be even more entertaining, you can host a wine-tasting party with your new case of wine bottles. Honestly, we know of a few things that will make you more popular than a wine-tasting party. 

So how easy is it? 

We're not going to lie — it's really easy. 

Step 1: Choose which state you live in. Laithwaite's searches local wine sellers to connect you with an accessible, quick delivery option.
Step 2: Register a free profile
Step 3: Choose your wine using whatever filters you prefer.
Step 4: Check out.
Step 5 (the hardest step): Wait for your wine to arrive!

Once you register your profile with Laithwaite's, the website will create a profile specifically for your likes and dislikes. You'll even receive advice and recommendations based on the choices you've made. By doing this, you can have simple access to all your wine notes without having to break out a pen and notepad with each glass. 

By doing this, Laithwaite's curates a completely personal experience for each wine drinker. You won't be guessing which wine you should try next. Just like having a personal vineyard farmer by your side, Laithwaite's will be the voice of reason in your next wine decision. 

Pricing and Wine Selection

Laithwaite’s Wine rotates the wines they feature in their shipments based on new deals with wineries, fan favorites, and availability. You can sort your wines based on special offers to receive the best deals, or you can singularly pick each bottle according to your tastes. 

As just a highlight of Laithwaite's deep discounts, you could score a case of wine, worth $179.99, for only $39.99 just because it's their 50th Anniversary. Did you catch Laithwaite's on a holiday? That means some stellar prices are coming your way. 

Focused less on the price and more on the "rare and fine wines"? Thanks to Laithwaite's scrutiny on their wine selection, they travel the world looking for the best wines in all regions of the world. They'll find the rare and fine wines for you, so all you have to do is opt in to receive them. Whether you feel like drinking a glass of wine with your pinky up for the night or you're wanting to impress a guest, rare and fine wines are an eccentric talking point. 

Laithwaite's Customer Service

Laithwaite's Wine grows from traditional, hard-working roots, meaning you'll have exceptional customer service at your back. You can reach Laithwaite’s Wine customer service on weekdays and weekends, or you can send them an email 24/7. The Laithwaite's Wine customer service team can help you with any issues that arise from your order. They'll refund you for any bottle that you didn't completely love, replace any broken bottles, cancel or skip your order, or answer any other questions or concerns that you have. 

Their team is responsive, helpful, and responsive in all things wine. The only downside? They'll work to keep you subscribed, even after you look to cancel. Just be prepared to really say no to quarterly wine, because they have a compelling reason for you to stay: alcohol.

Commitment to Small Wineries

Laithwaites’ wine club is one of the best wine clubs available. Their simple, no-fuss approach and commitment to small-batch wineries set them apart from other big-name clubs. By signing up for Laithwaite's, you're connecting to vineyards from around the world. Ever been curious how wine from Spain tastes? Laithwaite's will take your taste buds on an international flight, all without leaving your couch. 

We recommend this club as a gift or for casual wine drinkers that want to learn more about wines from around the world. You could be planning just a simple night in with Netflix and a glass of wine, or you could be planning a unique dinner party with friends. Either way, Laithwaite's Wine fits the bill and sets you up for success. 

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