BarkBox Review

  • Monthly toy and treat delivery for dogs
  • All-natural treats
  • Monthly themes
  • Free replacements
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Monthly toy and treat delivery for dogs
  • All-natural treats
  • Monthly themes
  • Free replacements
  • Satisfaction guarantee



Is your dog the perfect dog? Want to shower them with the best toys around? BarkBox is the monthly toy and treat subscription that will have your dog wagging into next year. When your dog is just always a good boy or girl, you can’t just give them one good day. Give them a never-ending supply of goodness with a BarkBox subscription — you can choose from a one-, six-, or twelve-month subscription to wholesome, creative, and entertaining doggy delights.

BarkBox is a monthly subscription for dogs that want the very best from their play time and snack time. BarkBox's number one goal is to make dogs happy, and they deliver that every month with a unique box of original toys and healthy treats, all of which are designed in-house and tested on the toughest critics (their own dogs).

But BarkBox is also for humans! Opening a BarkBox with your dog is like entering a whole new world of dog-ified delight. Each BarkBox is bursting with thoughtful toys, tasty treats, and fun activities designed to bring you and your dog together in new ways, every month.

Who Needs a BarkBox?

Your dog. Plain and simple. Can you imagine getting a box of your favorite desserts mailed to your door? Along with desserts, you’d also get the best games you’ve ever seen.

This is what your dog sees when you open up that BarkBox. They get all-natural treats loaded with goodness, toys that make their eyes open wide with joy, and themed gifts that will make you smile wide when you see how happy your dog is. Everyone wins with a BarkBox.

What Comes in a BarkBox?

You don’t get ten cute puppies delivered to your door, but you will get the treats and toys that make your puppy happy and waggy. You know that smile you see on your dog’s face when you come home after being gone for a few days? You’ll get to see that every single month when your BarkBox arrives. BarkBox is filled with treats and toys specific to your dog’s needs.

First, you enter your dog’s name, that way BarkBox can correctly address the prince or princess pup who will be receiving the BarkBox honor. Then you’ll pick the weight of your pup and the type of toys they prefer to chomp on. If your 10-pound chihuahua likes to gnaw on a bone suited for a pittie, then you can easily pick bigger toys for your pup.

Next, BarkBox will ask if your pup has any allergies that limits their intake of beef, chicken, or turkey. They have plenty of alternatives that your dog will love, so you don’t have to worry about them missing out on some goodies. BarkBox doesn’t just have secondary options for dogs with food sensitivities. Instead, they’ve fully incorporated allergy-free options into their boxes to give your dog a full, rewarding treat and toy delivery.

Each BarkBox is packed with two unique toys, two full bags of all-natural, USA-made treats, and one delicious chew. Every month’s box is an entirely new collection of toys and treats, inspired by a different theme and tailored to your dog’s size and preferences. The toys your pup gets are completely original—designed by the BarkBox team and made with thoughtful features and the best materials. For treats, they partner with American farms to create unique and healthy recipes that will help keep your pup happy and healthy. They’re nutritious, but also delicious!

Every month’s toys and treats are designed around a new theme, which means each box is a one-of-a-kind surprise filled with toys and treats you can’t find anywhere else. Some of our favorite themes from past collections have included: Chewrassic Bark; The Good, The Bad, and the Pugly; and Sniffs from the Abyss (a deep-sea adventure!).

Anything that goes into a BarkBox has been diligently designed, carefully curated, and vigorously tested by the BarkBox team's own dogs. They don’t put anything into your BarkBox that the BarkBox team (and their dogs) don’t love.

What if my Dog Doesn’t Like Some Treats?

No problem! The team at BarkBox knows that not every dog is the same, so that’s why everything in your box is tailored to exactly what your pup likes. While one dog might LOVE one chew toy, another pup might turn their snout up. BarkBox creators want you and your dog to enjoy your delivery without wasting time or money on toys that your dog doesn't like. The treats and chews included in each box are all-natural and sourced from American farms — they never contain wheat, soy, or corn. BarkBox also offers allergy-friendly options for pups with picky palates or allergies. The BarkBox goal is to make your dog happy, so their team works with you to ensure your dog gets the snacks that are just right for them.

That goes for toys, too! BarkBox lets you choose the size of your dog’s toys and what kinds of toys they want (some pups love soft plushies, while others are heavier chewers and need something tougher). Every month, you'll find toys that range in size from extra small all the way to large, so there’s a toy for practically every dog out there.

If your dog dislikes a certain product in their BarkBox, just contact the Happy Team, and they’ll work hard to find a replacement that your dog will truly enjoy. The integrity behind BarkBox’s hard-working team is just one of the many reasons they’ve earned a top spot in our pet toy subscription picks.

How Much is a Subscription?

BarkBox offers a few pricing options depending on how many months you want to subscribe. A monthly BarkBox subscription is $29/month; a six-month plan costs just $25/month; and a twelve-month commitment is a sweet $22/month. You save more per month if you choose a six- or twelve-month plan (plus your dog will be happier knowing they'll be getting a BarkBox for longer!). BarkBox offers free shipping in the contiguous U.S., so those prices are exactly what you pay if that applies to you.

With BarkBox, you can cancel a monthly subscription. You’d simply pay for any remaining months that you initially signed up for.

To boil down the costs, it’s easy to see just how much you’ll save with each BarkBox. Instead of paying $20 for each bag of high-quality treats, you’re getting a variety of treats, chews, and toys for under $30 a month. 

You’ll only receive an item that previous dogs have raved about. At BarkBox, pet parents are the ones preparing and designing the monthly goodies, so if their dog doesn’t approve, then it doesn’t make it into the box.

What Kind of Customizations Can I Make?

BarkBox's highly rated customer service team (known as the Happy Team) will work with you to find the right toys and treats for your pup. No matter what size, age, or breed your dog is, the BarkBox Happy Team is literally happy to ensure that your pup is getting the best play time and snack time every month. Whether it’s changing the size or type of toy, excluding certain ingredients from your dog’s treats, or something else entirely, the BarkBox Happy Team will help you out, 24/7.

Sign Pup With BarkBox

With BarkBox’s Happy Team consistently keeping true to their Scout’s Honor, it’s clear to us that they are devoted to making each pup’s day with a BarkBox delivery. They hand-pick their suppliers, vendors, and treat designers — they know exactly where each item comes from. Sourced from the U.S., it’s easy to trace each chew, toy, and treat straight back to where it was created.

Try BarkBox today and give your dog an experience that will have them smiling from ear to ear!