Nom Nom Review

  • Customized food plans for cats and dogs
  • USDA-certified meats and U.S.-sourced
  • Developed by a certified vet nutritionist
  • Free shipping to 48 contiguous states
  • Care-Grade Guarantee on all meal plans
  • Customized food plans for cats and dogs
  • USDA-certified meats and U.S.-sourced
  • Developed by a certified vet nutritionist
  • Free shipping to 48 contiguous states
  • Care-Grade Guarantee on all meal plans

Nom Nom


Why Nom Nom

Nom Nom was started with the idea that our pets deserve the same high-quality, nutritious food that we'd eat — after all, we read the labels on what we eat, so why don't we do the same for our pets? If you've ever taken a look at the back of canned cat or dog food, you'll notice a common theme: unrecognizable ingredients that you have a hard time pronouncing. Nom Nom aimed to change that. After seeing a huge need for high-quality yet easily available pet food, Nom Nom started looking at how they could connect pet owners with fresh food.

They partnered with a certified veterinary nutritionist to ensure that each recipe was balanced with the nutrients that cats and dogs need to be happier, healthier, and more energetic. Years later, you'll find a company that is the cross-section of care and convenience. With Nom Nom, you'll find recipes designed for your cats and dogs...all without the additives, fillers, and preservatives that you might find in competing brands. 

Nom Nom is committed to giving dogs and cats a diet that will help contribute to a longer life. By feeding your pets a well-balanced diet by Nom Nom, you're giving them healthy food that they'll look forward to day after day.

Want to give Nom Nom a try? Check out their variety packs to see which recipe will soon become your cat or dog's favorite dish.

Nom Nom recipe in a bowl next to bowls of vegetables and other ingredients

How It Works 

Nom Nom wants to make it easier to feed your pet a nutritional meal than it is to grab a bulk bag of dried-out kibble from the supermarket. Because of this, there are only a few steps you have to take before you receive fresh pet food straight to your door. 

  • Step 1: Create your pet's profile. This is done in a matter of minutes through a quick questionnaire that is easy to fill out. Each question relates to your pet's physical features, as well as their behavior towards food, any dietary issues, and your goal for their weight. 

  • Step 2: Pick your pet's recipes. Here, you can also add more pets to your profile. With more than one pet, you also qualify for the multi-pet discount. 

  • Step 3: Enter your name, email address, and confirm your shipping address. You'll also checkout with your choices and get an estimate on delivery times. You'll get an overlook at your pet's meal plan, including a serving size that is specific to your pet. 

  • Step 4: Wait a few days for delivery! Once you get your insulated Nom Nom box, refrigerate your pet's food. It's ready to serve with perfectly portioned sections for your cat or dog. 

Nom Nom offers a 2-week trial to make sure that your pet loves their new fresh food. Along with this, each order ships free to the 48 contiguous states. After your 2-week trial, and once you confirm that you'd like to continue, you can choose to receive 2- or 4-week deliveries.

Photo of Nom Nom box opened with ingredients showing

Nom Nom will auto-ship orders to make sure your pet always has food readily available. You can skip or pause at any time through your Nom Nom profile, and cancellation just requires contacting the Nom Nom team via email or phone. There's no contract or obligation, so your pet food delivery remains as low-hassle as possible.

Pricing for each plan will be based on the serving amount, delivery frequency, and the specifics of your household. You can easily reach out to the Nom Nom team to get a personalized quote, and if you're looking for a cost-saving option, the team will work with you so you can get whole foods without over-extending your budget. 

Homemade Pet Food to Your Door

To get the same high-quality attention built-in to your pet's food, you'd have to make each dish in your own kitchen. To add to that, you'd have to understand the complexity of their diet, knowing the exact nutrients they'd need and just how much to portion for your dog's body type. Sure, you can make a tasty meal that they'll love, but you'd need extra insight to know they're getting the right nutrition at each meal. 

Nom Nom has spent years perfecting their recipes and nutritional balance for their clients, turning to a board-certified veterinary nutritionist named Dr. Justin Shmalberg to ensure the healthiest approach to your pet's food. They've devoted their brand to calculating the perfect portion for your specific dog or cat, pre-measuring each delivery before it arrives at your door.

Because of this, Nom Nom recipes are an effective, convenient alternative to cooking up whole foods on a daily basis. Along with this, their experience and research into veterinary nutrition, thanks to their partnership with Dr. Justin Shmalberg, also contributes to a much more knowledgeable approach to your pet's nutritional needs.

The Nom Nom Process 

All ingredients are sourced in the U.S., with the Nom Nom team overseeing all parts of the supply process from cooking to delivery. There's no mystery behind where your pet's food comes from, especially since Nom Nom is traced back to two facilities that they oversee — both in the U.S.

Nom Nom exceeds the AAFCO Dog and Cat Food Nutrient Profile standards, using USDA-certified, human-grade ingredients in every recipe. Even the treats that they offer are comprised solely of restaurant-grade sirloin beef.

Each order is prepared right before delivery in small, carefully cooked batches that are designed for maximum nutrient retention. Nom Nom chefs use enough heat to destroy any harmful bacteria while being careful to maintain the nutritional qualities of the fresh produce in each meal. Once the food is cooked, your pet will receive pre-measured packs that you pop into the fridge until you're ready to serve. 

Close-up photo of Nom Nom's chicken recipe for dogs

Care-Grade Guarantee

Nom Nom stands by their food, and they want your pet to enjoy their new food as much as possible. Nom Nom understands that each cat and dog has their own preferences, so if you find that they don't love their dishes within 30 days, you'll receive a full refund.

Aimed to help picky eaters find their favorite flavor, Nom Nom offers sampling packs that your pet can try, or you can rotate recipes with each delivery at no extra cost. 

Nom Nom Health Kits and Supplements 

Other than dog and cat food and treats, Nom Nom also sells health kits and supplements to give you a comprehensive look at your pet's health. With their Microbiome Testing Kit, you can understand your pet's gut health without a pricey vet visit. Whether you're curious about your pet's microbiology or you just want a better look at any digestive issues, this is an affordable product to gain a better understanding of what your pet needs.

For pets who need a supplemental boost to their digestive or mobility health, Nom Nom also offers Probiotic and Joint and Mobility Support. You can add this to their food, consult with the Nom Nom team, or talk with your veterinarian to see how these additional approaches can benefit your pet.

The Pet Food Company That Cares 

The thoughtful approach to pet food and the intentional devotion to their mission of pet health makes Nom Nom one of our top picks for pet food delivery services. Their commitment extends past cat and dog food to pet care resources and guides. For pet owners looking at adoption from shelters around the nation, Nom Nom also offers discounts on their products as an added incentive to give a pet a loving home.

As an homage to their intentional operation, Nom Nom follows their food processing from A to Z, overseeing each step of the process to bring intentional, healthy pet food to your doorstep. This care and attention, along with their comprehensive spectrum of resources, earn our praises and those of thousands of reviewers.

Photo of different Nom Nom dog food recipes in labeled boxes

Try Nom Nom today and start feeding your pet food they'll love filled with the nutrition you can depend on.