The Farmer's Dog Review

  • Minimally processed, high-quality ingredients
  • Customized for your dog's dietary needs
  • Vet-developed meal plans
  • Ready to serve, pre-portioned packs
  • Change or cancel subscription any time
  • Minimally processed, high-quality ingredients
  • Customized for your dog's dietary needs
  • Vet-developed meal plans
  • Ready to serve, pre-portioned packs
  • Change or cancel subscription any time

The Farmer's Dog


Why The Farmer's Dog?

Created by two pet parents who wanted to give their dog a bowl of healthier food, The Farmer's Dog has entered the dog food industry with every intention of making dogs feel better and live longer. Rather than filling dog bowls with brown, burnt balls of kibble, The Farmer's Dog serves up whole foods that your dogs will be craving day after day.

With recognizable ingredients and essential nutrients, The Farmer's Dog is the go-to for pet parents who want their dogs to eat a healthy, delicious, balanced diet every day. The Farmer's Dog is food designed to make dogs feel 100%, whether that's through digestive balance, more energy, or just eating food that tastes good.

The Farmer's Dog comes pre-portioned and ready to serve, conveniently arriving at your doorstep based on your schedule. There's no prep and no cooking needed — with The Farmer's Dog, puppy parents can provide food that takes only minutes to serve while still being healthy and nutritious.

Want to see the difference that The Farmer's Dog makes? Create your puppy's personalized profile today and see how easy it is to serve up human-grade meals that your dog will love.

Bowl of Farmer's Dog food on table

How It Works

The Farmer's Dog is a new and custom approach to dog food; without having to cook and prepare fresh food yourself, you can still provide that high standard of dog food for each meal.

The Farmer's Dog works with reputable suppliers, cooking up each batch in USDA-certified kitchens. In lieu of churning out bulk bags of food in processing plants, The Farmer's Dog takes a much more homemade approach and only prepares, packages, and delivers on a subscription basis.

Each pack of The Farmer's Dog foods is frozen for shipment, ready to be thawed and prepared for your dog to enjoy. You'll find that each recipe comes without preservatives, additives, or fillers, meaning that you're paying for real ingredients that all contribute to the well-being of your dog.

So how easy is it to order delicious food from The Farmer's Dog? Take a look at the simple steps you need to take before you can expect a delivery:

  • Step 1: Create your dog's profile. You'll add physical information like weight, age, and breed, along with their personality quirks that might influence their eating habits. This determines the serving size and recipe that your dog will need. 

  • Step 2: You can choose the ingredients that you want to exclude from your recipes, such as turkey, beef, or pork.

  • Step 3: Confirm your order! Within a few days, you'll receive an eco-friendly box filled with fresh packs of your dog's new favorite food. Stick them in the fridge and recycle the shipping contents.

  • Step 4: Serve up some fresh, whole foods that your dog will love. Each pack is pre-portioned based on your dog's needs, so you don't have to worry about anything other than which bowl to serve the food in.

French Bulldog chows down on The Farmer's Dog food


For each new subscription to The Farmer's Dog, you'll get a reduced price on the initial trial as your dog discovers their new food. After all, you want to make sure that they love the food they're getting.

Once the trial period is over, you'll see that The Farmer's Dog is priced well above the big, shelf-stable supermarket bags of food. However, the trade-off is giving your pup food that will give them more energy, shinier coats, and A+ health reports at their next vet visit.

Personalized Food Plans

The Farmer's Dog understands that each dog is different, and their food habits and dietary needs are all unique. The nutritional needs of one active border collie look much different than that of a sedentary beagle. The Farmer's Dog goes steps further than just changing their serving size recommendations...they create custom food plans and recipes that go hand-in-hand with what your dog requires.

By creating a profile specific to your dog's breed, habits, and dietary needs, The Farmer's Dog is able to hone in on the number of calories, ingredients, and serving size that's perfect for your dog.

Bowl of Farmer's Dog food next to dog's snout

The Farmer's Dog Recipes

The Farmer's Dog was inspired by homemade meals made from fresh ingredients and whole foods. They've incorporated that same inspiration into their recipes while using veterinarian guidance to establish safe, balanced nutrition for every dog. Alongside veterinarian oversight, The Farmer's Dog also uses USDA meat, simple produce, and a blend of vitamins and minerals that are designed for your dog.

As soon as you create your dog's online profile, you'll have access to the nutritional information and listed ingredients written out on their specific recipes. Never again will you be in the dark when it comes to what's in your dog's food.

Special Diets

The Farmer's Dog takes into consideration any special diets that your pup might require, whether it be for weight loss, food allergies, and other health management requirements. While you can choose a food plan that focuses on these goals without requiring a prescription, it's recommended that you run a diet change by your veterinarians for any stricter health issues, like heart disease or digestive issues.

You can easily find The Farmer's Dog food plans that help your dog manage or lose weight. Depending on their breed, activity level, and love of food, The Farmer's Dog will able to assess and curate the perfect diet for your pup to keep them on track with their weight goals. 

The Difference in The Farmer's Dog

Reviewers love the results they've seen after filling their dog bowls with The Farmer's Dog. Dogs suffering from allergy-caused hair loss saw shinier, itch-free coats thanks to their new, human-grade food. Picky eaters who refused to eat their normal kibble now scarf down their favorite recipes of The Farmer's Dog. 

The best reason to switch your dog over to The Farmer's Dog? Helping them thrive with better, higher quality food. 

With that in mind, it's easy to see why so many dog owners are turning to The Farmer's Dog as a better option for dog food. The Farmer's Dog has made healthy, balanced food a convenient option for your dog, so why not take advantage of their formula that leads to a happier, healthier, more energetic best friend?

Packages of The Farmer's Dog food with dogs' names on each pack

 Create your pet profile on The Farmer's Dog today and see how much of a difference a fresh, balanced diet can make with your pup.