IdealShape Review

  • Shakes, Snacks, Boosts, and More
  • IdealPlan workout guides and support
  • Meal replacement shakes for easy weight loss
  • Three IdealPlan options depending on your needs
  • Introductory 15 Day Challenge to get you started
  • Try risk free for 30 days with full refund
  • Shakes, Snacks, Boosts, and More
  • IdealPlan workout guides and support
  • Meal replacement shakes for easy weight loss
  • Three IdealPlan options depending on your needs
  • Introductory 15 Day Challenge to get you started
  • Try risk free for 30 days with full refund



Thinking about starting a new workout routine? Stepping back into the gym after years of couch time? Getting in shape doesn’t just require lifting weights and running miles, but it also includes a diet change and overall lifestyle enhancements.

You can’t just change your workout and expect your body to take it in stride. With huge changes, like added movement and expended energy, it’s imperative that you prepare your physiology accordingly. You’ll require recovery, more protein, and better nutrition to replenish your muscles.

With its protein bars, powders, shakes, and more, IdealShape boosts your confidence as you’re stepping into the gym for the first time. Because of the post-workout recovery and pre-workout energy, you won’t feel miserable after a tough workout, motivating you to go back again and again for more workouts.

IdealShape Snacks

One huge benefit behind IdealShape’s line of products are their on-the-go snacks that can go with you anywhere. This is a perfect addition to your daily diet, giving you a small boost as you’re driving to and from the gym or just walking to the office. Since it requires no prep, no stirring, and no added shakers, IdealShape snacks are a procrastinator’s dream.

Did you ever think you could treat yourself to some s’mores and consider it as part of your exercise regiment? IdealShape has introduced a line of deliciously flavored protein and hunger-reduction bars that keep your energy levels high. You can find s’more, strawberry yogurt, honey almond, and more flavors, all of which give you 22% of your daily protein intake with just one bar.

Packing one compact bar in your gym duffel can keep you from stopping at Taco Bell

on your way home, allowing you to curb your cravings until you can make a healthier meal at home.

As a unique addition to their snack line, IdealShape has also incorporated chips into their supplementary food items with IdealChips. Coming in three flavors, you’re sure to find a flavor that makes you feel like you’re munching on feel-good comfort food, when in reality you’re stocking up on protein-filled chips designed to help you with weight loss.

Meal Replacement Shakes

You just crushed your workout, and because you haven’t eaten the proper nutrition before your workout, you’re suddenly starving and don’t know if you can make it home without grabbing food on the way. Don’t compromise your healthy workout routine in the heat of the moment. Instead, prepare yourself a meal replacement shake that gives your body a rush of nutrients it needs for proper recovery.

IdealShape’s IdealShakes use high-quality whey protein that complement food allergies and intolerances, giving people more options when it comes to post-workout protein. Along with this, they serve as meal replacements when needed, serving as a convenient, delicious option for weight loss.

With flavors like mocha, cookies ‘n cream, chocolate cream pie, and more, you’ll never get tired of the huge assortment that these shakes come in. For new gym goers, this will help you ease into the world of protein and meal replacement shakes, making it easy to transition into proper workout management.

Save Money by Filling Out Your Workout Diet

If you decide to use the meal replacement shakes provided by IdealShape, you’ll end up paying less per serving than a meal out at a restaurant. In fact, you’ll find that the servings can be broken down to total less than a burger at the drive-thru.

Because of this low cost, replacing your meals with IdealShakes can save you loads of money in the end. Plus, the more you stick to a healthy, cardio-filled exercise routine, the less you’ll want to jeopardize your hard work with junk food and alcohol. IdealShakes are designed to keep you full for 3 hours with each serving, stalling your hunger so you don't just grab things off the shelf in desperation. Even if you're simply drinking an IdealShake before your next meal, this can be crucial in giving you more time to make planned, healthier decisions in your meal preparation. 


Have you considered weight loss but just don’t want to plan out every detail of your diet, workout, and calorie intake? IdealShape solves this through IdealPlan — a blueprint that will help you reach your ideal body quickly and healthily.

You want to take intentional steps in your workout routine in diet, ensuring that you don’t overdo it and injure yourself or cause you to burn out before reaching your goals. With IdealPlan, IdealShape provides a community of support that will help you understand exactly what your body needs.

A new workout and gym routine is hard, so don’t do it alone. IdealPlan serves as a virtual personal trailer, guiding you in the direction of what to expect, how hard to work, when to recover, and how to properly nourish your body. Getting to your ideal body doesn’t mean blindly lifting weights and hoping for the best. IdealPlan ensures that you take calculated strategies to reaching the level of peak fitness you’re looking for.

At IdealShape, they work hard so you don't have to when it comes to making healthy decisions and losing weight. It's more than just shakes and supplements, it's a group of people who are committed to seeing you succeed.

To start out, IdealShape welcomes you to join their 15-day challenge, where you’ll have access to free fat-burning exercises, you’ll be included in the IdealShape community, you’ll get delicious recipes, and more. With this 15-day challenge, you’ll be introduced to all the aspects that truly make IdealShape one of a kind in the fitness industry.

Weight Loss Bundles

IdealShape understands that lifestyle changes doesn’t just include one thing — you have to take steps in every part of your life to truly revolutionize your approach to fitness. While this might seem like a daunting task to take on alone, IdealShape introduces weight loss bundles that take care of every part of the journey.

IdealShape offers three weight loss bundles, all of which are determined based on their timeline. Option 1 is a 30-day start to your weight loss journey, offering a mix of IdealShakes, IdealSnacks, recipe guides, and more. With Option 2, you’ll see these same items, but they’ll be available for 60 days, giving you an added boost and longer look at your overall weight loss goals. Finally, Option 3 provides the longest-term quantities that will last you for 90 days, allowing you to truly fall in line with a new and revamped healthy routine. Once you complete 90 days of the IdealShape approach, you’re sure to stick to it.

A healthy habit is something that doesn’t happen overnight, and the longer you maintain it, the more likely you’ll keep with it.

IdealRaw and IdealFit

If you have dietary considerations like no gluten or soy, or are vegan, try their sister line IdealRaw. Their dairy-free products are all natural and taste great. You can choose between chocolate or vanilla organic protein. They also have a SuperFood powder that you can mix with fruit and water for extra vitamins and minerals.

If you're looking for a more disciplined path to weight loss and have a strong fitness background, you can also check out IdealFit. They offer free 15-day challenges, replacement shakes, supplements and clothing. IdealFit is a better fit for individuals who are currently active and need more specific help to meet their workout goals.

The road to healthy living can be hard and confusing. Trust IdealShape and their sister brands to help you pick the direction that is right for you.