Fresh and Easy Review

  • $80 off first order
  • No prep, no mess meals
  • High-quality, fresh ingredients
  • Oven-ready, slow cooker, and more
  • Choose from 15 meals weekly
  • Skip or cancel anytime
  • $80 off first order
  • No prep, no mess meals
  • High-quality, fresh ingredients
  • Oven-ready, slow cooker, and more
  • Choose from 15 meals weekly
  • Skip or cancel anytime

Fresh and Easy


Fresh and Easy, Home Chef's easiest selection of meals, requires no pots or pans. If you're not used to cooking, these are the perfect meals that you can prepare in under 5 minutes, needing only one step until you're eating a healthy, delicious meal.  For fans of Home Chef, Fresh and Easy is still considered part of Home Chef, keeping the best parts of Home Chef while adding more convenience to your dinner schedule. Even if the kitchen isn't usually your strong point, you can enjoy home-cooked food in a short amount of time. 

Ready to give Fresh and Easy a try? Start enjoying quick meals in no time and sign up for Fresh and Easy today!


  • No pots or pans needed, making clean-up a breeze
  • Meals ready in 5 minutes or less
  • A variety of recipes each week
  • 15 choices to choose from weekly


  • Delivery is not free unless orders are over a specific amount
  • Not the largest variety of recipe choices we've seen

Complete Review of Fresh and Easy

Home Chef has one of the best user experiences and plenty of options for ordering your meals, and that doesn't stop at Fresh and Easy. With this new option, you now have the ability to choose pre-made meals that are ready to eat in a matter of minutes, requiring no cooking and no clean-up. As you sign up for Fresh and Easy, you choose your meal preferences to get a menu that is more tailored to your needs. From the initial sign-up, you can indicate how many times a week you'll be needing Fresh and Easy meals; anywhere from 2 to 6 per week. Here, you also get the choice to add more servings to your options. 

It's super easy to customize your meals by indicating dietary preferences like types of protein, foods you'd rather avoid, and special diets like low-carb, gluten-free or low-calorie. They include allergen categories like nuts, dairy, soy, and shellfish so you can be sure you don't end up with ingredients you can't use.

Every week you are provided with up to 15 meal options to choose from. This variety includes oven- and grill-ready meals, entrée salads, and express meals. Before you select your meals, you can click on the pictures to see nutrition facts, cooking needs, spice levels, and total prep and cook time. We love that everything is laid out for you so you can make an informed decision about your meals!

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First, What is Home Chef?

Home Chef is the company behind Fresh and Easy, and as we've seen with their stellar meal plans, they truly deliver on their promises. Thanks to the huge variety in servings, diversity for each week, and delicious meals, Home Chef has been reviewed as having a high user experience. Real reviewers are ecstatic about having so many options to choose from, as well as knowing that Home Chef is flexible, responsive, and ready to serve. They’ve listened to their users, and with a staff of over 1,000 throughout the U.S., they have the resources to focus on improving, growing, and always staying up to date with new recipes.

Because of how tuned in they are to their consumers, they've introduced Fresh and Easy as a way to serve up meals that are even quicker and easier to make, giving busy professionals the chance to enjoy home-cooked meals without sacrificing precious time.

Oven Ready Meals

Fresh and Ready offers a set of meals that busy chefs should be excited about. Their Oven Ready meals are a pre-made, no-prep option that any subscriber can choose. Oven Ready meals require no cooking, are taken care of in one step, and are ready in 5 minutes or less. Thanks to their hand-picked ingredients and recipes that have been pre-cooked before delivery, all you need to do is pop the meal in the oven, and you have a delicious gourmet meal in a matter of minutes. You don't even need to remove the meal from its tray, leaving your pots and pans clean and untouched. 

This takes all the hassle out of cooking, giving you more time to enjoy with your family or just a few more minutes to breathe and watch Netflix after a long day at work. With Oven Ready meals, you can enjoy the big flavor with little energy. Plus, since you won't be using any pots and pans to prepare, you won't be faced with a massive pileup of dishes to clean up. 

Home Chef as a whole is all about flexibility and giving you the control over your meals, and we can see this in Fresh and Easy options. When you're looking for the perfect Fresh and Easy meal, you can choose between a variety of options, including Slow Cooker meals that you pop into a slow cooker. Even though this method involves only one step, you're rewarded with homestyle flavors that taste like you've been in the kitchen for hours. However you want your meals "prepared," you'll be able to find the perfect meal to match. 

Fresh and Easy Special Diets

While Fresh and Easy does not offer specific diet plans that cater to largely used diet trends, they do offer such a large variety of options that it is easy for shoppers to find a meal that suits their tastes. For example, vegetarians always have an option on the menu to choose from.

Their recipes are categorized according to allergens, meat vs. vegetarian, etc. You can single out your favorite seafood recipes, find recipes without soy, and more. Along with this, as you order your Fresh and Easy meals, you can choose which ingredients you do and do not prefer.

While this service is optional, it gives the Fresh and Easy team a picture of which ingredients to include, or not include, in your weekly box. This way, you can avoid waste and find recommendations on which meals might closely align with your preferences.

If You Do Want to Cook

Fresh and Easy comes from a long line of innovative and delicious recipes and meal plans donned by Home Chef, so you can easily find a recipe to cook if that's the mood you're in. Signing up with Fresh and Easy gives you access to the Home Chef resources such as recipe books and step-by-step instructions on how to cook up their favorite meals. 

With the “My Cookbook” resource on the Home Chef website, you can add and subtract filters to find the exact type of meal you’re in the mood for. There really is nothing simpler. If you're really feeling the itch to cook, but don't want to buy ingredients, you can even pair up your Fresh and Easy option with one of Home Chef's multi-step recipes that are designed to be cooked. 

Fresh and Easy Cost

Fresh and Easy sits on the lower end of cost per serving, and they work hard to continually give you a variety that you'll love each week. They fill their meals with high-quality protein and fresh produce to create balanced meals that you'll love. They offer a student discount for first-time student chefs, and they provide gift cards and credit with participation. With all of these perks, as well as the high-quality of meals you receive, Fresh and Easy sits at a price point that yields high value.

Fresh and Easy Alternatives

As one of the most affordable pre-made options that is also high-quality, finding an alternative to Fresh and Easy would be tough to do. An alternative to Fresh and Easy would be to scour the grocery store freezer aisle while you're out on a grocery trip, but the delivery option eliminates this hassle altogether. Plus, with the chef-picked recipes that you receive with Fresh and Easy, you're eating delicious meals rather than bland TV dinners with no seasoning. Fresh and Easy follows the Home Chef principles of flexible subscription and cancellation policies, so it’s easy to try them out and see how Fresh and Easy works with your schedule. 

Fresh and Easy Buyer’s Guide

Fresh and Easy saves you hours of time by offering meals that are ready to cook in under 5 minutes. It would actually be more time-consuming to drive through a fast-food drive-thru than it would be to cook Fresh and Easy meals. Prices are reasonable, recipes are flavorful, and you can customize, rearrange or cancel your subscription at any time without a penalty. If you've been wanting to take a small step toward healthy eating without adding hours of cooking to your routine, Fresh and Easy is the perfect solution. 

Start eating simple, high-quality meals with Fresh and Easy!