Eight Sleep Review

  • Responsive foam layers
  • Medium soft firmness
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Included in TIME Magazine's Top 100 Inventions of 2019
  • 10-year warranty
  • Responsive foam layers
  • Medium soft firmness
  • Free shipping and returns
  • Included in TIME Magazine's Top 100 Inventions of 2019
  • 10-year warranty

Eight Sleep


The first mattress on the market specifically designed to cool down sleepers, Eight Sleep is setting fire to the myth that foam beds are warmer. In a summer with record-breaking high temperatures and heatwaves in every region, sleepers are finding it more and more difficult to sleep throughout the night without waking up in a sweat. If this describes your typical summer night, then you need Eight Sleep’s revolutionary Pod mattress. 

The Pod is the first bed of its kind, infusing water-powered technology that can cool your mattress down by dozens of degrees. If this sounds like your cup of tea, The Pod will only keep sounding more and more appealing as you learn more about it. 

Named one
of TIME Magazine's Top 100 Inventions of 2019, The Pod is not just your typical mattress. Give it a try today and start sleeping on a bed that is changing the game.

How Does The Pod Work? 

On a hot day, have you ever felt the difference between standing next to a lake and standing next to an asphalt parking lot? There's a reason behind this. It takes a lot more energy to heat a body of water than it does a layer of solid materials. This same concept can be transferred to a modern-day mattress.

In a typical foam mattress, the soft, condensed materials absorb body heat quickly with no ventilation or air movement. Once foam traps this heat, it stays in your mattress, reverberating back to the sleeper, creating a nice little incubator while you sleep. 

This isn’t what you need in the summer heat. 

Water slowly absorbs heat, and then the technology associated with The Pod helps move that heat away from the mattress and away from you. And, what’s even better, is that you can easily coordinate this heat transfer with the help of a simple app. Using your smartphone, you just adjust the sleeping temperature you prefer, and The Pod works to maintain that specific preference. 

In cases where two people are sleeping on the same mattress, each person can control their own temperature with the use of The Pod app. Just because one partner sleeps as if they’re covered in twenty down jackets doesn’t mean you have to. 

Each side of the bed has a temperature range between 55° and 115°, so you’re sure to find the right temperature for you. 

Why is Temperature Control So Important? 

Because of this customization, Eight Sleep presents one of the most user-friendly, customizable sleeping experience in terms of temperature. Being one of the biggest driving factors in mattress purchases, the temperature continues to be a tricky subject when it comes to otherwise comfortable beds. 

If you’ve been searching for mattresses, you’ll see that heat ratings are one of the biggest priorities in user reviews, third-party reports, and mattress trials. In order for sleepers to experience the comfort of a memory foam mattress, they usually had to compromise on the heat rating. 

Foam materials don’t typically move heat well, so they transform into a warming plate for sleepers. Coil mattresses, on the other hand, provide more ventilation with their innerspring coils, but their comfort level is not ideal for everyone.

Before Eight Sleep, anyone looking for a foam mattress was going to have to sacrifice either softness or coolness.

Now, The Pod takes the heat out of the equation, allowing its foam beds to cradle users without insufferable sleeping temperatures. 

The Layers of Eight Sleep’s The Pod

Water-powered technology isn’t the only thing giving Eight Sleep's Pod a leg up on the competition — they still use only high-grade materials for their foam layers they've integrated smart technology into their products. Take, for example, their Active Grid, which connects to your Pod app.

Sitting just below the breathable knit cover, this grid measures your biometrics to give you proper insight into your sleeping patterns and habits. This allows you to adjust your sleep accordingly, giving you more power over your eight hours of sleep.

The Active Grid reads mattress temperatures and relieves pressure points, understanding what your body needs, even when you don’t. The Pod treats your sleep like a fitness routine, reading your vitals so you can get the most of your sleep.

Between four layers of premium foam, Eight Sleep provides plenty of support that falls into the "perfect medium" level of firmness. To achieve such a comfort level in a memory foam mattress is a testament to the durable, high-grade foam materials that are incorporated throughout the bed. 

Eight Sleep Smart Beds

Eight Sleep also offers beds without The Pod technology at a lower price point. While still able to read what your body needs while you sleep, the temperature regulation is less thorough than The Pod.

That said, Eight Sleep Smart Bed might be smarter than some people you know. When connected to your smart home device, like Alexa, you can program your bed to start the coffeemaker a few minutes before your alarm goes off.

Hate being woken upright in the middle of a dream? Eight Sleep knows when you’re in your lightest and deepest sleep, configuring a Smart Alarm to wake you up when your body will be most receptive. If you’re not a morning person, this could be your saving grace. 

Receive detailed sleeping reports to understand how well you sleep each night, helping you hone in on exactly which sleeping habits are best for you. Even though The Pod technology is not incorporated into an Eight Sleep Smart Bed, you can still regulate temperatures to cool down or warm up each side of the bed. While not as comprehensive as water-powered technology, Smart Beds are still equipped to give you precise comfort. 

Which Sleeping Position and Body Type is Best for Eight Sleep Mattresses? 

Eight Sleep’s The Pod and their Smart Bed mattresses both provide different levels of firmness, which can help you decide which bed is best for you. 

The Smart Bed is considered medium-soft in firmness, providing body conformity that can help relieve back pain and address pressure points. Side sleepers will enjoy the softer comfort level while back sleepers will find support in the high-density foam layers. For a wide range of body types, the Smart Bed has proven itself comfortable, supportive, and contributing to an all-around better sleep. 

The Pod is slightly firmer than the Smart Bed, being an optimal choice for both stomach and back sleepers. Side sleepers will also enjoy the added foam layers that are incorporated into The Pod’s hearty construction. Similarly to the Smart Bed, all body types are supported on The Pod. Warmer sleepers will find The Pod’s water-powered technology to hold a huge advantage to competitive mattresses. 

Eight Sleep Return Policy

Mattresses are an incredibly personal purchase, and you can’t find the perfect mattress after just a few minutes in a retail store. Because of the convenient delivery of Eight Sleep mattresses, you’ll get the mattress straight to your door.

Of course, with any convenient solution comes the caveat of not trying before you buy. Because of this, Eight Sleep has included a comfortable trial period that gives you enough time to really judge the quality of sleep you'll be getting on your new bed. 

You get a 100-night free trial with your Eight Sleep mattress. That means over 3 months of sleep in your own home, falling into perfect REM without a hovering salesperson asking how it's going. That gives you enough time to connect your mattress with your phone and even Alexa, so you can start reading your sleeping trends and proving that your sleep has improved in that short time. 

Eight Sleep’s High-Tech Engineering

By introducing The Pod to the mattress industry, Eight Sleep has pioneered a new look at temperature regulation. Using water power to move heat away from the mattress, sleepers have more control over their eight hours of quality sleep. 

Along with this, Eight Sleep uses the convenience of your phone to give you the feedback you might need to understand your sleep. Rather than visit a sleep clinic or undergo uncomfortable sleep trials, you can let Eight Sleep provide you with detailed reports on your habits. 

These two incredibly intuitive mattress models will change the way you sleep in the most positive way possible. If you’re waking up in the middle of the night, your mattress will tell you. Maybe your sleepy nighttime self doesn’t know that your cat is kneading your face in the middle of the night, but your mattress will. 

An investment in either Eight Sleep’s Smart Bed or The Pod is an investment in your nightly eight hours of sleep and ultimately your health. Understanding your body means waking up with more energy, tackling mornings, and taking back your day.

Find out why The Pod was one of TIME Magazine's Top 100 Inventions of 2019 with a risk-free trial. You'll soon understand why so many sleepers are making the change to healthy, restorative sleep.