Helix Sleep Review

  • $200 off plus 2 free dream pillows
  • Hybrid memory foam and coil
  • Soft, Medium, and Firm
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 100-night home trial
  • 10- and 15-year warranties
  • $200 off plus 2 free dream pillows
  • Hybrid memory foam and coil
  • Soft, Medium, and Firm
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 100-night home trial
  • 10- and 15-year warranties

Helix Sleep


Why Helix Mattress?

When science has perfected a mattress that keeps you cool, supported, and comfortable while you sleep, why not take advantage of that innovation? Helix has broken the mold and stepped into the mattress market with a new approach that smashes the one-size-fits-all competitors. Helix offers over six different mattress models that match up with your specific nighttime habits, body type, and sleeping positions. Because of this personalized mattress pairing, you'll find a bed that fits your sleeping style without breaking the bank.

Helix doesn't rely on pricey remote controls, a fancy phone app, or a complicated bed frame to bring you a personalized bed — their beds depend on structural integrity, high-quality components, and award-winning design to keep it simple, affordable, and dreamy.

Want to take the Helix quiz to find out which of their models best fits your sleeping style? Give them a try today and start sleeping soundly in no time.

Helix mattress on platform bed

The Helix Sleep Quiz

Have no idea what style mattress you should get? You're not alone. Even with free trials, free returns, and online research, it's exhausting to figure out which mattress is perfect for you. Rather than spend weeks trying out different beds, take the Helix Sleep Quiz to see what type of bed is most likely to suit you. They've built each of their models with unique specifications to match different sleepers. Your sleep quiz not only gives you a better sense of the bed you need, but it also matches you with the inner components of Helix. One mattress will be designed specifically for a side sleeper who weighs 150 pounds while another will be uniquely suited for a 120-pound stomach sleeper.  

You'll be asked standard questions about your age, height, and weight to first determine the type of comfort layer you might need. For heavier body types, you'll want a bed with denser foam to help give you more support, whereas a person with a lighter body type will find that same bed to be too firm. Because of this differential, Helix offers specific mattresses for different body types, understanding the different needs between individual body types.

Next, you'll be asked about your typical sleeping position, with the option to decide between side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or unknown. This can help Helix point you towards a mattress with the correct support for you.

From here, you'll continue on to answer questions about the preferred feel of your mattress, such as whether you like a firm or soft feel. Then, the quiz will ask you whether or not you have consistent back pain that requires some relief in your future mattress.

After answering these simple questions, you'll have a mattress match in a matter of minutes. No trial runs needed, no visits to a mattress store, and no complicated technology to set up.

You'll be matched to one of Helix's mattress types, where you'll also get a breakdown of why that specific mattress is right for you. For anyone who has no idea the type of mattress they should be looking for, the Sleep Quiz can unlock the perfect mattress for you.

A man and woman lying down on a Helix mattress

The Helix Mattresses

One of the biggest ways in which Helix stands out is their variety in mattress types and how they can personalize your choice according to your sleep style. They offer over six different mattresses which appeal to different sleep positions, body types, and support needs.

The difference between the mattress versions typically falls in the materials that are used. For instance, side sleeper mattresses use a comfort layer with different density than that in a back/stomach sleeper mattress. By purposely designing each mattress with a specific sleeping style in mind, Helix has curated the optimal choice for any type of sleeper.

  • Helix Sunset: For side sleepers, the Helix Sunset gives you that "sinking in" feeling that people love about memory foam. You'll still get plenty of pressure relief thanks to the hybridity of every Helix mattress.
  • Helix Moonlight: Designed for back and stomach sleepers, or couples who have different sleep styles, the Moonlight contours to your body and uses proprietary Helix Dynamic Foam to offer more support for stomach and back sleepers. This mattress still gives you that soft feel without sacrificing support.
  • Helix Midnight: Sitting more in the middle between soft and firm, the Midnight is the most popular choice for sleepers. Its Memory Foam Plus Foam layer gives the perfect amount of support for side sleepers without being too firm.
  • Helix Dusk: The medium-feel choice for back and stomach sleepers, the Dusk uses Helix Dynamic Foam to provide the perfect give for a deeper sleep. Not too firm and not too soft, this is a popular choice for couples who have different sleeping styles.
  • Helix Twilight: Do you like a firm feel but also sleep on your side? You'll find the perfect combination of support and pressure relief with the Twilight. Rather than sinking into your mattress, you'll enjoy the benefits of sleeping on top of the Twilight.
  • Helix Dawn: The firm choice for back and stomach sleepers, the Helix Dawn contours to your body and offers the perfect amount of support for someone who doesn't want to sink into their mattress.
  • Helix Plus: One of the stand-outs from the Helix collection is the Helix Plus. A mattress designed for body types that are bigger and taller, this bed adds an additional layer of support and incorporates the highest density foam into their construction. With its hybrid design and breathable cover, you get a mattress that prioritizes air flow, adding more support materials without sacrificing temperature control.
Man sits cross-legged on Helix Plus mattress

Once you take the sleep quiz, you'll be matched with one of these standard mattresses. Or, if you decide to browse through the Helix Luxe options, you'll get the Luxe edition of each of these choices.

Helix Luxe

Helix also offers a premium edition of each of their standard mattresses. Their Luxe line adds more layers of comfort, as well as a premium quilted pillow top, to create a hotel-quality, luxurious bed.

In comparison to a standard Helix mattress, a Luxe adds 2 more layers and 2 inches of additional features. Adding lumbar support and a breathable Tencel cover to the equation, a Helix Luxe is the top of the line in terms of advanced sleep technology.

With these added features, you will see a heftier price tag when shopping for a Luxe. Thankfully, with Helix, you'll have several financing plans to choose from in order to keep your budget in line. Whether you choose a standard Helix or a Helix Luxe, you're investing in better sleep, plain and simple.

What Makes a Helix Mattress?

Every Helix mattress is a hybrid design with a mix of foam and innerspring coils, with the coils sitting on a high-density base foam. Between the different models listed above, Helix changes a part of the comfort layers to make the bed more beneficial for certain sleep positions, body types, and more. For example, the Sunset, Midnight, and Dawn all use the Memory Foam Plus Foam layer as the better choice for side sleepers thanks to its lower density.

Does the Helix Mattress Stay Cool?

Regardless of its foam components, Helix has one of the coolest mattresses on the hybrid market. Thanks to the 8-inch pocketed coils, air can move between the coils, keeping the mattress cool while you sleep. The proprietary foam used in each Helix mattress is less dense, so it absorbs less heat and allows for circulation.

If you find yourself on a memory foam bed that feels way too warm when you sleep, you can still get the same soft feel but at a cooler temperature with the help of Helix.

Little girl laughs and jumps on a Helix mattress

100-Night Trial

Once you find the mattress that suits your typical sleeping preferences, Helix will still work to make sure that you've found the right fit. After receiving your new mattress, you'll get 100 nights to make sure that you're getting a better night's sleep with your Helix.

Luckily, you won't have to wait long for your mattress to arrive with Helix's fast, free shipping. If you decide that it's not right for you, you get free returns, making the entire process painless and simple.


Helix stands by their products, which is why they offer a 10- and 15-year warranty for their mattresses. For standard Helix mattresses, your purchase is covered by a 10-year warranty. For Luxe and Plus mattresses, your bed is covered by a 15-year warranty to ensure you're protected against any manufacturing defects or physical flaws that were premature in the lifespan of the mattress.

A Mattress That Matches You

Don't settle for a mattress that just might work. Find a mattress that matches your needs and was built for your preferences. If you spend all night tossing and turning, there's no time to waste in waiting for a better mattress.

Woman sits on Helix mattress

What are you waiting for? Take the Helix sleep quiz and find the perfect mattress for you today!

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