Cocoon by Sealy Review

  • 35% off cooling mattress
  • Premium memory foam for ideal support
  • Medium Soft or Extra Firm
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 100-night home trial
  • 10 year warranty
  • 35% off cooling mattress
  • Premium memory foam for ideal support
  • Medium Soft or Extra Firm
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 100-night home trial
  • 10 year warranty

Cocoon by Sealy


Why Choose The Cocoon™ by Sealy

Welcome to the coolest sleep of your life. The Cocoon™ by Sealy is a game-changer for anyone looking for a more supportive, peaceful, temperature-controlled sleeping experience.  The Cocoon™ Chill mattress features a premium stretch-knit cover infused with a proprietary phase change material, which absorbs and dissipates heat for a refreshing, cool-to-the-touch surface. Delivered free to your door in a maneuverable box with cooling Dreamfit pillows and luxurious Dreamfit sheets, overheating at 3am has become a thing of the past!

Ready to wrap yourself up in a Cocoon™? Choose your ideal bed, along with dreamy sheets, and get a new bed to your door in just a few days! 

Which mattress type should I choose?

The Cocoon™ by Sealy offers 2 mattress types: Medium-Soft and Extra Firm, and the description of each couldn’t be closer to the truth. We tested the Medium-Soft and it matched its name to a T. The Medium-Soft is firmer than say, a traditional pillow top mattress; however, the mixture of cozy and cool guarantee a comfortable, restful sleep.

  • Choose Medium-Soft if you like sleeping IN your bed; it feels cozy and more enveloping
  • Choose Extra-Firm if you like sleeping ON your bed; it feels sturdy and more substantial

Which mattress is best for each sleep position?

Perfect for those who like to be supported by their bed, but with a cushioned feel, choose the Medium-Soft if you prefer a plusher feel or are a side or multi-positional sleeper. For those that require a sturdier support with a denser, firmer feel or those that are primarily back sleepers, choose the Extra Firm. We tested the Medium-Soft and true to form, it offers the seamless support for back and body no matter the sleeping position. Both mattress types support up to 500 pounds.

What’s inside my mattress?

The Cocoon™ by Sealy consists of two basic parts: a Comfort Layer on top and the Base Support System underneath that. Surrounding them both is our Premium Fabric Cover. The Premium Fabric Cover is both breathable and durable, with stretch-knit construction so you experience the “cushion” of the top layer. The Comfort Layer uses Perfect Fit Memory Foam: A high-quality, higher-density foam that cradles your body as you sleep.

The Base Support System uses our Essential Support Foam, which is a heavier, more robust foam that’s engineered to be highly durable and resilient. Sealy mattresses incorporate reinforced Essential Support Foam for the Extra-Firm and Flexible Essential Support Foam for the Medium-Soft mattress.

The best part of all this? Both Medium-Soft and Extra-Firm memory foam options do a fantastic job at transferring minimal movement to your partner. Even when getting up in the middle of the night, your partner sleeps soundly without a clue that you're up. 

What is “Chill” and how does it work?

The Cocoon™ by Sealy Chill mattress is engineered with proprietary Phase Change Material (PCM) technology to deliver a truly refreshing night’s sleep for those who prefer to fall asleep cooler. The PCM technology absorbs body heat, leaving you with a cool-to-the-touch mattress experience.

The “chill” factor this mattress promises lives up to its name. For those that tend to run hot at night, the cooling, breathable, moisture-wicking material is a most welcome feature for a quality night’s sleep.

How do the Dreamfit Pillows and Dreamfit Sheets work?

Coolness and comfort are taken to the max when you combine the Cocoon with the Dreamfit Pillows and Dreamfit Sheets. The double-sided 100% Supima Cotton Dreamfit Pillows offer 2 distinct levels of support and comfort: firm comfort and support of foam clusters on one side, plush comfort and support of polyester fiber on the other. The Dreamfit 260-thread count sheets are soft on skin, durably constructed, and offer cool breathability.

To top it all off, both are free with your Cocoon Chill Mattress purchase.

How does Cocoon™ by Sealy compare to other cooling mattresses?

Cocoon™ by Sealy is one of the more affordable cooling mattresses. Available in 2 firmness levels and backed by the well-known Sealy brand, pricing currently starts at only $450 — falling at a significantly lower price point compared to other high-end brands.

Is the Cocoon™ by Sealy mattress easy to set up?

Yes, it is literally the easiest thing we have ever set up in our lives! Sealy also makes it simple by sharing an insert with 4 easy steps. All in all, set up was foolproof.

  • Unbox
  • Put the mattress where you want it
  • Set it free
  • Watch & marvel!

Will my mattress have a ‘new mattress’ smell?

Like a new car, there is a slight odor to the mattress upon arrival due to the cells in the foam opening; however, it dissipates within the first week and is not bothersome. Ventilating the room for a day or two is also helpful in speeding up the process.

Is there a non-cooling mattress option?

Yes! The Cocoon™ by Sealy classic mattress is the original Cocoon mattress, a non-cooling version of our premium cooling Chill mattress. So, if you already sleep cool or don't need the added cooling features, this one will do the trick. 

Does it need a special foundation?

While the Cocoon foundation is recommended as a complement to your mattress purchase, utilizing a standard box spring or existing foundation is also effective. Keep in mind however, the limited 10-year warranty may require proof of the quality of your foundation and may not cover your mattress if the foundation is deemed inadequate.

How do I care for my mattress? Can I remove the cover?

The best way to clean up spills is to dampen a cloth (do not saturate) with a mixture of water and delicate-friendly detergent. However, the cover is not meant to be taken off or washed. If you are trying to remove a stain, gently scrub the spot and let air dry so as not to damage the foam beneath.


Because the Cocoon is designed and built in the USA, shipping was immediate, free, easily trackable, and even comes with free returns or exchanges if you choose to send back after 100 nights. UPS will also leave the box at your door should you not be home for delivery. When it arrives, it is compressed in a plastic sleeve and rolled into a small(ish) box designed to be capable of handling by one person. 

We did find that the larger the mattress, the more likely you will need a second person to maneuver from doorway to bedroom.


Perhaps one of the coolest features Cocoon™ by Sealy offers is their Simple Returns policy. If you’re not in love with your purchase (they recommend sleeping on it for at least 30 days before deciding to return), they will happily exchange it for another firmness/plushness level. 

If it’s still not the right fit after 100 nights, they will give you your money back, no questions asked, and donate your mattress to an agency in your area without you finagling it back into the shipping box. That’s a company that believes in customer satisfaction!

Stay Cool, Stay Asleep

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better cooling mattress at an affordable price from a more reputable brand. From the ability to choose between two cooling firmness levels and a premium set sheets and pillows to the 10-year warranty, simplistic set up, and fast delivery, you can’t go wrong with the Cocoon™ by Sealy.

Ready to start sleeping soundly on your new Sealy mattress? Try the Cocoon™ risk-free and discover why this editor loves their mattress so much.