Casper Review

  • 10% off any mattress
  • Hybrid and all-foam options
  • Firm, Medium, and Medium-Soft
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 100-night home trial
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • 10% off any mattress
  • Hybrid and all-foam options
  • Firm, Medium, and Medium-Soft
  • Free shipping and returns
  • 100-night home trial
  • 10-year limited warranty



There's no question that a Casper mattress is one of the most popular bed-to-your-door products out there, but why is that? Did they find the secret mattress formula, or are they just excellent at the art of bed-making? Thousands of reviews for Casper reveal something unique about this company and how they approach a good night's sleep: They listen to customers.

Not only do they use innovative materials for their mattresses, but they've also tuned into user feedback to engineer an overall better sleeping experience for anyone who uses a Casper mattress. Add this to a solid background of responsive customer service, a generous return policy, and price points fit for any budget, and you've got an award-winning company that is intent on helping you sleep better. 

Hey, you! Do you like having a great night's sleep? Give the Casper a try today.


  • Three mattress and firmness options
  • 100-night in-home trial 
  • 10-year limited warranty
  • Helpful customer service available 7 days a week
  • Eco-friendly manufacturing


  • Higher price than some competitors (for Casper and Wave models)

Complete Review of Casper Mattresses

Casper responds to feedback so quickly that reviews made from less than a year ago are already outdated. For example, in 2018, reviewers commented on the lack of variety when it came to firmness options. So, Casper rolled out two new Casper mattresses that spanned from firm to medium-soft. With this type of growth and understanding of their market, it's no wonder why Casper has earned the trust of thousands of sleepers, becoming one of the highest-rated beds in the competition. 

The Layers of a Casper Mattress

Casper has introduced three models to their line-up, two of which include hybrid or all-foam options. This gives buyers all the flexibility to choose the perfect mattress for their sleeping style, preference, and budget.

The Wave

Casper's newest mattress is designed for optimal comfort and support. The snooze specialists at Casper have incorporated gel pods into their foam layers, adding to the naturally cooling effect of unique perforated layers. For all Wave mattresses, Casper has combined a luscious recipe of bedding to include four foam layers, one of those with built-in gel pods. These targeted gel pods align your spine to give you restorative sleep, earning the endorsement of the American Chiropractic Association. 

In their Hybrid models of The Wave, coil springs are beneath the foam, made more durable by enhanced edge support for an overall sturdier perimeter. Hybrid models have improved edge support as well as more ventilation within the innersprings to take what you love about an all-foam mattress and improve on it. 

The Casper

The original bed to get Casper mattresses on the map, The Casper is hailed as the most popular design and sits at a reasonable price point for budget-savvy shoppers. The Casper uses Zoned Support in its third layer from the top to adjust to your body's positioning. For example, softer foam under the shoulders helps this part of your body sink in lower than the firmer foam at the hips, allowing for proper spinal alignment. This dynamic foam layer addresses the pressure points of your body individually and cushions according to your body's geometry. Above the Zoned Support layer lies a pressure-relieving foam layer as well as a breathable, porous foam layer for better airflow. 

In Hybrid versions of The Casper, coil springs and enhanced edge support are added to the equation. They sit at the bottom of the foam layers to give sleepers more ventilation and a more durable bed perimeter. 

The Essential

Worried about price? Mattresses can be expensive, especially when they're high-quality. Casper listened to reviewers and presented a mattress that is budget-friendly without compromising Casper's performance. The Essential holds a 2" height difference to The Wave, and that's due to an overhaul on engineering to revamp the price. Rather than just eliminate foam layers to lower production costs, Casper instead created a mattress that was altogether built differently.

The Essential is composed of three layers of premium, open-cell foam, all wrapped up in a durable, easy-to-clean zipped cover. Not only is the initial investment in this mattress more affordable, but the focus on its durability means it will last well past its small hit to your wallet. Three foam layers all work together to bring you comfort, support, and pressure relief. The Essential is more firm than its predecessors, so take that into consideration when making your purchase.

Snooze Specialists

Casper prides itself on a quick response time to any question you might any time of the night. If you find yourself tossing and turning after your purchase, a Snooze Specialist will be available to chat with you, or you'll only have to wait a few hours until they get back to you (that's for you night owls). From browsing to delivery, your Casper mattress is designed to be a simple process. You can chat with an agent 7 days a week on the Casper website, giving you access to a simple chat where you don't need to get the phone out. Or, you can give Casper Snooze Specialists a call to talk through your questions or concerns. 

100-Night In-Home Trial

You won't know if you love your bed during the first five minutes of lying on it — that's why you need more than a few nights to really test out your mattress. With foam layers, it could take a couple of nights to break in your bed and really show you what it's made of, so rather than give you just a few days for a trial, Casper offers a generous 100-night risk-free trial. 

Experts recommend giving a mattress at least 30 days to break in the way you want it to. With Casper, you have more than enough time to determine whether or not their mattress is the right one for you.

Once the 100-night trial is over, you then have a 10-year limited warranty, with terms, to help you in the case of an unusually fast breakdown, a manufacturing error, or more. 

The Cost of a Casper Mattress

In comparison to the cheap college mattress that you found in your friend's basement, a Casper mattress will be quite a bit more expensive. However, the cost is matched in quality. The sliding scale of costs between The Essential and The Wave gives you the liberty to decide what amount you want to budget for with your new bed. With financing available for any of Casper's mattresses, you should start budgeting for the cost of good, healthy sleep. 

Which Type of Sleeper is Casper Best For?  

From The Essential all the way to the hybrid version of The Wave, you really can find a Casper mattress for any type of sleeper. If you're looking for a firmer option, you'll find that The Essential might do the trick for you. While The Wave and The Casper are both considered medium to medium-soft, the innerspring coils of both the hybrid Wave and Casper offer another substantial layer of support. 

Side Sleepers: You'll enjoy the spinal alignment of the gel pods in The Wave as well as the Zoned Support in The Casper. The hybrid versions of both of these will give you added support if your body type is heavier. Lightweight body types might find that the all-foam mattresses allow them to sink into the mattress more for that "in the bed" feel. 

Back Sleepers: Targeted support in both the gel pods and the Zoned Support of The Wave and The Casper will offer relief if you typically experience more back pain. With the endorsement of the American Chiropractic Association, The Wave will be the most in line for someone wanting better spinal alignment in their mattress. For anyone looking at their cost-effective solutions, the firmer composition of The Essential might be what you're looking for if you want an all-foam bed that you sleep "on" rather than sleeping "in."

Stomach Sleepers: Zoned Support in The Casper will give stomach sleepers a unique support system. Rather than implement a wholly firm or soft foam layer, Zoned Support will give stomach sleepers a more comfortable feel. 

Cooler Sleeping

Some people sleep cool, others sleep hot. All-foam mattresses notoriously trap heat without any way to ventilate and move air away from sleepers, but Casper targets this with perforated foam layers to help keep sleepers cool. These breathable layers, as well as a heat-wicking, wool-infused cover in The Wave, help the all-foam mattresses stay cooler than its competitors. If you tend to sleep especially warm and are really looking for a mattress that cools you off, the Hybrid version of The Wave will be your best option. With innerspring coils, the mattress is more ventilated, so hot air can move away from the sleeper and keep air circulating beneath you. 

Compare Casper to Its Competitors

It seems like there are so many bed-in-a-box options to choose from that it can be hard to keep your options straight. Each one stands out in its own way, so it's valuable to see how Casper stands up to its competitors. 

Casper vs. Nectar

Nectar falls at the low end of the budget for bed-in-a-box mattresses, being a favorite for consumers who want to spend less money. However, they only have a medium-firm, all-foam option, meaning that you have to be okay with that particular bed to make Nectar work. Their 365-night in-home trial is a bit heftier than Casper's 100-night trial, although both are generous for anyone who's on the fence about their mattress. With Casper, you'll be paying more for a more breathable mattress with layers that offer more targeted support. 

Casper vs. Saatva

Saatva hybrid competes closely with Casper hybrid mattresses with its amount of options and different firmness levels. Within Saatva's choices, you can actually choose your firmness level, which is something Casper doesn't offer yet. Whereas Casper has medium-soft options, Saatva is sometimes considered too firm for lightweight body types. Saatva typically is rated to have less of a "foam" feel, whereas Casper offers a range of choices for that all-foam luxury or a hybrid structure. 

Casper vs. DreamCloud

Casper falls at a more affordable price point than DreamCloud while still matching the lumbar support and spinal alignment that DreamCloud offers. While DreamCloud provides a more robust in-home trial period and warranty, Casper's terms are similarly fitting for anyone wanting to really give their mattress a try. Similar to Saatva, DreamCloud's hybrid mattress tends to be more firm than Casper's hybrid. 

Casper Keeps Innovating

The biggest thing we love about the Casper company is that they are willing to listen to the people who use their mattresses the most: the consumers. They've listened to feedback and have evolved tenfold from their beginning foray into the mattress industry. They have their pulse on their product, and they'll continue to make changes to ensure their product is the best for their users. With that in mind, we trust that the thousands of positive user reviews aren't just a glitch in the system. 

Take a look at the beds that Casper has to offer and give them a try today. With financing available, an in-home trial, and thousands of reviews to back them up, we feel like you could benefit from a Casper mattress.